Corporal Punishment Tradition: An Effective Deterrent No Matter the Age

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My Boy Might Have Thought That He Was Too Old for Our Corporal Punishment Tradition– Of Course, I Say Differently

My son had just come home for college, recently graduated. Naturally I was curious as to his prospective job opportunities. He proceeded to tell me he had some irons in the fire, and that he was sure that one of his leads would bring him that coveted job. In the meantime, my baby bird had flown back to the nest. But then I was getting reports about what my precious boy was up to whilst at college. Oh, the things I found out about him. The things that he had done. Well, I wasn’t going to allow such things to continue under my roof. Oh no, my boy was going to learn how different things were going to be. Not only that, but he was going to learn that one is never too old for our time-honored corporal punishment tradition.

With the decision was made, I called my son (let’s call him “R”) into my room before he was able to scoot out of my house. R was in for a rude awakening if he thought I was going to allow his reckless behavior to continue. Oh yes, we were going to have ourselves a little sit down as I explained how things were going to go while he resided under my roof.

Seems he was quite the hell-raiser on campus, indulging in so many illicit things. Drugs, drinking (and getting behind the wheel after that!), as well as his near addiction to internet porn and man whoring activities. Seems he was majoring in all things hedonistic. He might have thought that he had escaped my watchful eye, but he was going to learn otherwise. Oh yes, he was going to learn some very hard and painful lessons.

And I was going to drive my point home with my trusty paddle and with the reinstatement of our corporal punishment tradition.

Oh yes, that bottom of his was going to get the blistering of his life!

As he cautiously entered my bedroom, I instructed him to sit by me on the bed. As I laid out my rules to him, he tried to scoff, to deny, and finally whine. I thought to myself how nothing was going to get through to him that I meant business. Nothing that is, except an over-the-knee spanking.

It was then that I decided that I would have to take things firmly by the hand (so to speak) and give him his first lesson

Oh, he tried to argue with me, how he was too old to get a spanking, how he was an adult and he can do whatever he wanted. But it fell on deaf ears, and he knew it. I just let him know it didn’t make a difference what your age. That no matter who you are – be it a naughty baby, a naughty adult, or a naughty adult baby – the punishment for a naughty one was the same. Knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to dodge this humiliation, I had him pull his pants down, and drape his bare bottom over my lap for his over the knee spanking.

As the corporal punishment tradition commenced, I explained that he was to be given maintenance spankings twice a day.

I further explained that once his bottom was blistered but good, and glowed brighter than Rudolf’s nose, I was going to cage his cock in a chastity device. Then he was going to plant his nose in the corner for an hour with his bare and sore bottom out for any to see.

I continued to tell him that there were going to be many more changes to come. And if he wanted to survive his stay back home, he had better accept his new reality. That our corporal punishment tradition, as well as all his other punishments, were now his norm.

Laying over my knee with a throbbing bottom, he knew I meant business. And with that undeniable fact, he silently nodded his head.

So tell me, are you a boomerang kid that is need of some strict mommy phone sex parenting? To be shown the error of your wicked ways and to be put firmly on the straight and narrow?  Oh yes, I do believe you also could benefit from some humiliation phone sex. Don’t fight it.  It will only make things worse.


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Bridgette has always adored fetish play and finds them so erotically fascinating and just plain HOT. Being raised in a highly sexually curious environment, Bridgette has always thought that sexual awareness should begin at home. To that endeavor, she has sought to quench her thirst and appetites for not just fetishes, but for incestuous play as well. Being a phone sex MILF and Mommy has been one of the best ways to sate those desires. Bridgette was also introduced to the AB/DL world many years ago, and has been an AB/DL Phone Mommy for many years now as well.

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