Confession Calls: What Secrets Do You Have To Confess?

If you're lucky, I may just confess some of my sins to you. ;)
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Confession Calls

We all have secrets, some of us have more than others. Do you have a secret that is so naughty or embarrassing that you just have to tell someone? Well, babe, that’s what I am here for! I want to know all of your dirty little secrets. What sins will you reveal during your Confession Calls?

Do you have a weird fetish that you’re afraid to tell your wife or girlfriend? Trust me, sweetie, I’ve heard it ALL before. There is nothing too weird or too ‘out there’ that I haven’t already heard or experienced myself.

Did you just find out that your wife has been cheating on you with her coworker? You know, the one with the BBC. As pissed off as you may be to find out that you have a cheating wife, you can’t get the thought of his BBC out of your mind. I want you to tell me just how much you wish your wife would turn you into a BBC Cuckold! Forcing you to watch her tight pussy get fucked by that huge dick while you stroke your teeny tiny cock in the corner all alone.

Are you lusting after your hot neighbor? Or better yet, are you FUCKING your hot neighbor? Because that would be so fucking HOT! And I want all of the details! I want to hear what you do to her when no one else is around. I’ll bet that she’s the kinky little whore that you wish your wife would be! Does she crave rough sex just as much as you do? I want you to tell me about how you bend her over and fuck her pussy until she cums all over your dick. I hope that you force her to her knees and make that cum slut drain your balls when you throat fuck her!

If you’re lucky, I may just confess some of my sins to you. 😉

Confession Calls With Audrey 888.416.2401

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