Fucking my Physics Prof in the Library – My College Girl Sex Video Dare

Fucking my Physics Prof in the Library – My College Girl Sex Video Dare

College girl sex video and library are two words that you don’t often put together. If you like to fuck, then you probably don’t like the library. If you like the library, then chances are you probably don’t care much about fucking.

So it was funny when my best college girls dared me to make a college girl sex video during my senior year. Now, I had done a handful of college girls videos before but they had all been filmed in mundane, boring places.

The girls suggested the gym and in the back of the dorm (yawn!) before the word library slipped out.

“With our physics professor,” one of them giggled. “The perv who’s always checking you out.“

Prof C— was one those creepy guys who could undress a girl with a swoop of his leery eyes. It was fun to distract him in the middle of a lecture by uncrossing my legs and flashing him my my wet, delicious, shaven pussy. Spilling a bit of water on my white tank top was just as entertaining. No bra? Ooops. Silly me.

“Professor C—?” I replied. I thought for half a second. The final for that class was next week and I still had no idea how to differentiate between speed and velocity.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Sure. ” Then I smiled. “You’re on.”

“We’ll really have to get it on tape!” Katie screamed. “In high res!”

Katie had been fucking the dorky theatre technician student for a year and was looking for an excuse to blow him again.

For once her plan wasn’t that dumb. I laughed. “Then he’ll really have to give us all A’s…”

The girls carried on clucking and Katie grabbed her phone to text her technician dork.

A few days later I found myself in the library and “accidentally” bumped into Professor C—. I threw him a come hither look. As expected, it didn’t take him long to accept my silent invitation. A minute later, we were well on our way to filming Carmen’s College Sex Video in the Library, starring me, myself and the physics prof – who surprisingly gave 3 A’s to the laziest students of his class at the end of the semester. Go figure.

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Carmen PSK

Carmen is a classy yet kinky French Whore with perfect large tits and a filthy mouth. She’ll surprise you with her naughty mind, geeky/nerdy tendencies, perverse imagination and delicious roleplays. Sometimes nice, sometimes aggressive, she’ll tackle you from all angles and fuck your brains out with the perfect girlfriend experience. Don’t let her sweet side fool you – this horny no-limits bisexual French slut will stop at nothing to fulfill whatever fetishes, taboos and fantasies your wife or gf won’t partake in!

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