Cheating Sex Stories – Make Me Your Dirty Little Secret!

Cheating Sex Stories is all about how I’m about to become your dirtiest little secret, hotter than you’ve EVER had. Ready? Indeed, it’s time to realize that you NEED...
Cheating Sex Stories
Time to make me your dirty little secret, baby! Call Angel: 888-258-8591

Cheating Sex Stories is all about how I’m about to become your dirtiest little secret, hotter than you’ve EVER had. Ready?

Indeed, it’s time to realize that you NEED me as your dirty little secret, your sexy side piece. I will be the perfect, wild college girl slut for all your kinky fantasies. The first thing to remember is that only I can give you what that wife or girlfriend of yours, cannot, or will not provide. Furthermore, a woman like myself will never nag or plead, beg or bitch, as I am only here to serve your depraved sexual phone sex needs.

There will come a time, you will see, that you won’t be able to live without me. As I keep and collect your sordid little secrets, and you will come to depend on that amazing release that you can only experience with me. The first thing to remember is that this deliciously hot pussy of mine will drive you out of your mind. You and I will go places you have only imagined, lover. One taste of the forbidden pleasure I can give will have you running back to me every night.

Admit the truth, the sex you have with “the Mrs.” has become dull and routine. There is nothing like a sweet pussy on the side to get that bounce back in your step.

In other words, you need me. Cheating sex is the hottest sex! You require a woman that has no limits, no taboos. Equally important, you need a hot, imaginative college girl who encourages you to push past the boundaries of your body and mind. You need to be freed from that cage, baby. You know the one I mean; the humdrum of the everyday, that cage of your daily existence.

Cheating Sex Stories: I am the seductive phone sex Goddess who holds the key. Your key. Don’t worry, that wife or significant-whatever of yours will never, EVER find out.

Seize the day, my sexy lover. Or shall we say, carpe noctem? It’s time to seize the night without delay! Make our hot calls your most sinful secret. Each time you call me, we’ll build the sensual, erotic phone sex world that only you and I will share. With this in mind, it’s so easy to play smart. For example, purchase some prepaid cards with cash. Worried she’ll see my number on your phone? For this reason, you’ll want to delete it from your call history. Even smarter, get a prepaid AKA: burner phone. Purchase that with cash and hence there’s no trail. ~wink~

That’s right, baby, you’re almost there. To clarify, all that is left to do now is pick up that phone and dial my hot little number. This wet, tight young pussy of mine truly is all yours for the taking. Let the mind-blowing, unforgettable phone sex begin now.

You deserve some freedom baby, take it!

Waiting for you,
Your Wicked Angel
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