CEI Self Facial: Making You Stroke Till You Cum Everywhere!

CEI Self Facial

I know you want to be a good cum eating slut for me. You have been dying to have a woman get in control and make you do a CEI self facial. That’s why you’ve come to me, your Mistress, your Goddess. To make sure I get you to stroke that cock and make you cum all over your pervy face and then make you eat every last drop up! Oh, I will have great pleasure in making my cum eating slut do this for me.

Just like my pathetic cuckold husband I will have you doing whatever I tell you to. So while I sit in this chair and rub on my sweet pussy I want you to stroke that cock for me. Take your hand and wrap it around the base of your shaft. See you are getting so hard for me already. You really do want that CEI self facial, huh? I love seeing you stroke that cock for me.

Now take your hand and start slowing stroking yourself for me. We need to get those balls full of a nice big load of cum. I want it covering your face and then watch as you scoop it all up with a finger and eat it. It will taste so yummy and we both know it. Now grip that cock a little tighter and start stroking it faster for me. I bet it’s throbbing in that hand as you’re watching me slide two fingers inside my soaking wet pussy.

I want this CEI self facial to be the best you ever have, you nasty cum eating slut!

Oh, look at you stroking that cock even faster. You’re getting desperate for that cum now aren’t you? But we can’t have you cumming so soon, can we? I want you to slow down on that cock and watch as I finger this wet pussy. I’m going to bring myself right to the edge and then push over to squirt all over that face. This feels just as good as when I play with my tight pussy on my nasty fetish phone sex calls.

I start to finger myself harder and faster, my pussy starts to clench around them. My orgasm building and building before finally I squirted all over your face. Stroke that cock faster for me! Really work it hard, I want your balls aching to unload the biggest load of cum all over your slutty face. I know you will give me what I want. You’re such a good cum eating slut.

Really grip that cock for me now and stroke it like it’s deep in my tight pussy. I can see your cock pulsing in your hand now. You start to beg me to let you come for me. To make you give yourself a CEI self facial. Now when I tell you to come for me you come all over that face. Stroke yourself as fast as you can and get right on the edge Now hold it right there. Hold it…a little longer now…CUM!

Now be a good slut and eat all the cum off your face!


Paris PSK

Cheating wife Paris loves to gloat making almost every man she meets a cuckold. It gives her a special tingle to know that with her tight mature body she can do as she pleases. Though most of her fantasies involve BBC, don't be surprised if in here you also find just every other thing that turns her on. From the already mentioned cuckold to pegging, to even being the perfect girlfriend. Give her a call! 866-249-3146

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