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    THE BEST SEX POSITIONS FOR THANKSGIVING! Although the Best Sex Positions aren’t taught, I know they’re ACQUIRED with a SKILLED TEACHER, like me!  Somehow, I feel a need this week to share some of my all-time favorite sexual positions.  Thankfully, there is NOTHING routine about my sex-life.  Luckily, my lover treats...
  • Public Sex With Audrey

    Public Sex: I Fucked A Stranger At The Beach, Part Two

    Public Sex The next morning, I awoke just before dawn and decided to go for an early morning swim. Other than the hottie that I had spotted the night before, I hadn’t seen anyone on the beach, so I left my bikini top in the cottage and went for...
  • bbw sex stories

    BBW Sex Stories: My BBW Friend Gets Naughty with a Stranger

    BBW Sex Stories: More Jiggle, More Fun My best friend is a HOT BBW. She has the best BBW sex stories.  I finally got her to agree to let me share some of them! Here is one of Karen’s most recent stories. Karen gets hit on all the time....
  • Anal Sex Toys Are Adri's New Addiction

    Addicted To Buttplugs!

    I’m Addicted To Sex Toys Phone sex and sex toys go hand in hand. Everyone knows that! I love browsing my favorite sex shop and seeing what’s new. Recently I’ve been a naughty little anal slut. I started fingering my ass as much as possible, sometimes even during calls...


    NO SAFER SEX THAN THE PHONE-BONE WITH JOEY! Realistically speaking, there’s no safer sex than a phone-bone.  And what’s better than that? There’s NO WOMAN BETTER at it than I!  As a matter of fact, if there is such a woman, I’d Love to meet her!  Seriously, though, when you think...
  • sex

    Sex, Lies, And More Sex…The Cheater’s Playground

    My Pervs…let’s talk a little more about my favorite subject: CHEATING! Yes, yes I know I go in on cheating quite a lot but it’s just something I am so intimately invested in. Some people say that relationship sex is the best sex. Obviously, those people aren’t you and...
  • sex vids

    Sex Vids Promo This Week – Cum Watch Me (Or Me & A GF) In Action!

    Sex Vids Promo This Week – Cum Watch Me (Or Me & A GF) In Action! Sex vids promo this week! Since my sex video promo from last week was so popular, I decided to extend it for a little longer! You love getting sexy naughty pics from me...
  • cousin sex stories

    Cousin Sex Stories: Guess We’re More Than Kissing Cousins Now

    Janet Spills her Cousin Sex Stories I’m not sure if you remember my friend Janet-she’s a dog fucker-turns out, she’s also a cousin fucker! She told me some of her cousin sex stories and said I can write about them! So Janet’s first cousin is SMOKING hot. I mentioned...
  • cum eating

    Cum Eating. He Is Eating The Cum Right Out Of My Pussy.

    The cum eating that he is doing from my pussy isn’t my cum. Fast forward 10 hours. Earlier this morning I went to see my ex-boyfriend. With innocent intentions, I arrived so he could help me print a letter to my clients informing them about my upcoming vacation. The...

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