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  • funny sex stories

    Funny Sex Stories: Oh, Well, Doesn’t Matter, Had Sex!!

    Funny sex stories are still sex stories! I have so many sex stories. So many of them are funny sex stories! I just wanted to share a few here since I don’t think I’ve ever shared funny sex stories! Story 1: One time during sex, my boyfriend at the...
  • best sex stories

    Best Sex Stories: My New Neighbor Sure Can Fuck!

    Best Sex Stories: My New Neighbor Sure Can Fuck! Best sex stories… I have them! So, like, I got a new neighbor recently and had not met him. Well, until he was peeking at me over the fence. And things sure escalated quickly with him! I was tanning like...
  • crazy sex stories

    Crazy Sex Stories- Fitting room fingerbang with a special gift

    Talk about Crazy Sex Stories!  Saturday, I slept in, I knew I had a cook out to go to in the evening.  I woke up around 11. I wanted to get some shopping in before getting together with my circle of friends, so I hopped out of bed. A...
  • hot sex stories

    Hot Sex Stories With My Super Hot Next-Door Neighbor!

    With my newest neighbor, there are all kinds of new hot sex stories! I’ve been in my apartment for about 6 months and my apartment across the hall has been empty-until now. I have the hottest new neighbor and he and I have been getting to know each other very...
  • Adult Sex Stories

    Adult Sex Stories – A Kinky Camping Weekend Experience

    Adult Sex Stories – A Kinky Camping Weekend Adult sex stories are what I’m all about and this one takes the cake. If you want true sex stories then call my sex hotline because I’ve got a metric fuck ton of them. This guy I’ve been seeing, Jordan, decided...
  • teen sex

    Teen Sex: Your Naughty Secret Fantasy Comes True

    Teen sex is such a naughty fantasy isn’t it? Well, that certainly doesn’t stop me from thinking all about teen sex. You know I enjoy doing that kinky role play you thought of. I love being your daughter’s hot young friend. You know the one who wears really short...
  • cheating sex stories

    My cheating sex stories include a high school nerd

    cheating sex stories with a student Cheating sex stories with me tend to involve another woman. Every school has a school whore. The girl that seems like everyone in the school has gotten to fuck one way or another. It fortunately for me that school whore at the high...
  • sex quotes

    Sex Quotes: Don’t Crush Your Natural Sexual Gift!

    What are some of your favorite sex quotes? I know it’s not something you probably think about a lot, but I like reading and sharing sex quotes. One of my favorite sex quotes is one by Marilyn Monroe, in which she said “We are all born sexual creatures, thank...
  • teacher sex stories

    Naughty Teacher Sex Stories & Lessons: How to Calculate Breast Volume Part II

    Titty fucking can be oh, sooooo kinky but is always best done with nice, big firm jugs. In fact I consider it part of the ultimate sex therapy. If a girl has flat, shriveled raisins tits, why even bother? Teacher sex stories and lessons that revolve around firm large...

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