True sex stories

true sex stories

cute clit sucker

A New Type of Sensation With a Cute Clit Sucker!

I used a cute clit sucker for the first time the other day. I had a friend use the cute clit sucker on me. First, we indulged in her little fantasy. She…

Heaux Tales: Reaction to Bodies by Jazmine Sullivan

Heaux Tales: Reaction to Bodies by Jazmine Sullivan Heaux Tales is a new album by Jazmine Sullivan.  The Intro is entitled: Bodies.  This song plays, and it is as if I was…

japanese rope bondage

Shibari: The Erotic Beauty of Japanese Rope Bondage

Submitting to Shibari: Japanese Rope Bondage I’m not usually the submissive in a relationship but for the right dom, I’ll do just about anything. When I met Grayson he captivated me right…

daddys favorite pussy

Daddy’s Favorite Pussy Isn’t Mommy’s

Can you guess which is Daddy’s favorite pussy before the end of this blog?  Spending special time with him is so much fun. I feel so lucky to have a father who…

Lord of Lust

My Lord of Lust called me

Lord of Lust My Lord of Lust wanted me and set a rhythm. Gently, tenderly. He felt as if he was burning from the inside out. My breathing turned ragged, his labored.…

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