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  • food

    Food fetishes are a sticky spectrum of fun!

    Indulging in food fetishes was how I spent my most recent Valentine’s day. People who have food fetishes can choose many different kinky paths to follow and many different foods to use. Before Valentine’s day, I knew that I was without a doubt going to get laid that night....
  • Asian Sex Stories Lust

    Asian Sex Stories: The Steamy Affair That Lasted Long Time

    Spicy Asian Sex Stories Fresh off the Pan! I love Asian sex stories, especially true stories.   One of my good friends Sam and I caught up recently.  Sam lived the next city over.  He was always a hard working guy, mostly motivated by work.  I rarely ever heard of...
  • sex stories freea

    Sex Stories Free: Cum Soaked Panties From My Dresser Drawer?

    Sex Stories Free: Cum Soaked Panties From My Dresser Drawer? Sex stories free! I know you want some free sex stories. So, listen up… here’s a little story about how I kept finding my panties gooey with cum. And come to find out, my man had been using them...
  • anal sex

    Anal Sex Makes Me Cum Like Like A Nasty Little Slut

    Anal sex is amazing! How any woman could refuse anal sex is beyond me. Even when it hurts it still feels so good! In fact, I get more turned on if it hurts a little…Or a lot. But the important thing is feeling your cock gliding past that strong...
  • kinky-sex-stories

    Drunk car sex after the punk show, pt. 1

    Last night I added another hot, opportunistic fuck to my kinky sex stories “archives.” Kinky sex stories were the last thing on my mind when the power went out in my neighborhood right before I would usually log in to Phone Sex Kingdom last night. “Damn it!” I joke-shouted at...
  • best sex stories

    Best Sex Stories – Doggy Style with Schoolmate’s Husband

    Everybody knows that the best sex stories include your ebony goddess and this hot story is no different. First, let me tell you, I went out this weekend and had a good fucking time. A couple of days prior, I ran into my old schoolmate, Kim. Even in high...
  • cum fetish gif

    Cum Fetish: Dirty whore loves to swallow strangers cum

    I have always had a cum fetish. The idea of men shooting their big load on my face, down my throat, or different parts of my body. Just drive me fucking insane. I need cum like i need air to breathe. I just get the urge and i know...
  • Sex machine

    During some fetish play, I got to try out a sex-machine!

    I love to try out new fetish scenes. I have yet to find a fetish that I will not indulge in. My friend had this cool little playroom like fifty shades. It had an x board and a horse and many toys. Amongst these toys was a dildo machine. ...
  • Panty Fetish

    Panty Fetish: A Boyfriend’s Panty Fetish is Discovered!

    Do you have a panty fetish?  If so, get those silky panties or stockings out and slip them on for my little story. A panty fetish or pantyhose fetish can be oh, so sexy.  Whether you love seeing a pair of silky or lacey panties on your partner or on...

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