Latest in: Teacher sex stories, and students confess their sexy stories too.

  • Young sex stories

    Young sex stories Lessons with my student and my Lord of Lust

    Young sex stories Lessons in Lust Young sex stories are some hot phonesex. I adore helping people cum. I really do. LOL, I even love creating orgasms when the person is NOT ready for them. OR expect them. Like using my phone controlled sex toys to randomly cause a...
  • teacher sex stories

    Nerdy Teacher Sex Stories: The Cock and Ball Experiment

    Nerdy Teacher Sex Stories: The Cock and Ball Experiment Teacher sex stories – yes it’s time for another one of my geeky jizzicist lessons! Are you UP for the challenge (UP being the operative word)? So take your cock out and let’s begin! Nerdy Teacher Sex Stories: Part I...
  • college girl sex video

    Fucking my Physics Prof in the Library – My College Girl Sex Video Dare

    Fucking my Physics Prof in the Library – My College Girl Sex Video Dare College girl sex video and library are two words that you don’t often put together. If you like to fuck, then you probably don’t like the library. If you like the library, then chances are...
  • Dana was a kinky college girl

    College Girl; Kinky College Girls Make Money

    As A College Girl I Was Always In Need Of Some Extra Money When I was in college, I was really strapped for money, as many other students were. My professor at the time heard me bemoaning this fact and asked me to stay after class. And that he...
  • USA sex guide

    USA Sex Guide: Katrina’s Guide to the Hottest Sex Clubs in the Country

    USA Sex Guide: Exploring the Kinky Side of Traveling My USA sex guide is your first step to getting kinky when you’re on the road. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is sampling the patrons of the swingers clubs in the area. There is no...
  • teacher sex stories

    Geeky Teacher Sex Stories: A Kinky Naughty Trig Lesson

    Geeky Teacher Sex Stories: A Kinky Naughty Trigonometry Lesson  Teacher sex stories are super hot! Mine often involve geeking out while teaching all of you horny men some kinky math-orgasmic lessons! So take your cock out and let’s dive into another one of my super nerdy and super hot...
  • teen sex

    Teen Sex Confessions About How Shameless I Was In High School

    Teen sex flashed across his cell phone screen when I waited for him to notice I was behind him. Teen sex porn was apparently what Mr.Sammers was in the mood for. Was kinda surprising since the classroom was full of students. “Good video Sir?” I ask. Mr.Sammers blacked out...
  • Call GENIE (888) 643-2055 for EROTIC SEX STORIES and PHONE SEX


    EROTIC SEX STORIES MILF WHORE FUCKS TEENAGE NEIGHBOR: written by Genie (888) 643-2055 Call for PHONE SEX Margo was the kind of neighbor that everybody liked. She was fun, helpful, crafty, witty and would always do whatever she could to help out in the community. She was a retired...
  • Sex Position

    Sex Position Practice For My Physical Education Class

    Sex position practice with my sexy Physical Education teacher was the only thing that would solve the little problem. It was my last year of high school and I was going to fail P.E. It was not that I wasn’t any good at sports either. After all, I had plenty...

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