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  • Cuckold BBC Phone Sex 866-391-3835


    “Cuckold Fuck-tober-Fest.” Fall is the most awesome time of the year. Especially when my fuck buddies and I get together for our yearly “Cuckold Fuck-tober-Fest.” Can you say galore of creampie for cuckold boyfriends and husbands to enjoy? It’s late on a Friday even when I arrive with my...
  • threesome sex

    Threesome Sex Story First Time with Two Bi Guys

    It all started with an innocent game of truth or dare. I know you’re thinking what game of truth or dare has ever been innocent, right? Well, it was my boyfriend, Luke, his best friend, Nate, and I playing just to pass the time. It took a naughty turn...
  • cuckold sex stories

    Cuckold Sex Stories – Forcing My Husband to Take Dick

    As our cuckold sex stories continued, I upped the things I would require of my husband. I loved being fucked by many different partners and making my husband watch. One day I decided we were going to try something new with the next playmate I brought home. When we...
  • swinger sex stories

    Swinger Sex Stories – First Time at the Swing Club.*

    When people find out I’m a swinger, they always want to hear my hot swinger sex stories. I’ve been swinging for a while and have lots of swinger sex stories, but I always think about the first night I went to a swing club. Out of all my swinger...
  • Sex 3333

    A Unicorn in a Polyamorous sex world

    Polyamorous sex world Being in a Polyamorous sex lifestyle bring many fun yet exciting adventures. I was introduced by some friends. Well a group of them. Steve, Deanna, and Mike all showed me the way. Deanna and Mike were a married couple who loved playing with others. Steve was single but...
  • Live Sex With Audrey 888.416.2401

    Live Sex: Dinner And A Show

    Sex can be thrilling and mind-blowing, but live sex elevates your sexual experience in an indescribable way. I learned this whenever I really started getting into sex while on the phone. I’ve been dating a lot lately and this new guy, Isaac and I have been on a lot...
  • USA sex guide

    USA Sex Guide: The Queen’s Guide to the Kinkiest Clubs in the Country

    The Ultimate USA Sex Guide USA Sex Guide: Every now and again I like to pop in and see what’s going on in sex clubs around the country. Now that summer is here all of the clubs in this edition of my USA Sex Guide will keep you hot,...
  • USA sex guide

    USA Sex Guide: The Queen’s Guide to the Hottest Sex Clubs in the Country

    USA Sex Guide: Exploring the Kinky Side of Traveling My USA sex guide is your first step to getting kinky when you’re on the road. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is sampling the patrons of the swingers clubs in the area. There is no...

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