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  • sneeze fetish stacy

    Sneeze Fetish: A Short Story With A Happy Ending

    Read About My Blind Date With A Man Who Had A Sneeze Fetish! Do you know anyone who has a sneeze fetish?  I’m sure you have encountered this subject while surfing the numerous phonesex sites.  One day i received a phone call from a girlfriend asking me if I...
  • funny sex stories with Dana

    Funny Sex Stories; Fun With The Coworker With The Baby Dick

    We Thought He Was Just Shy But There Was A Reason Why A couple of my work friends and I were discussing one of the guys that works in the office with us. He’s nice enough, but he’s painfully shy and a bit of a geek. Some of the guys...
  • sex game

    The Sex Game. Yes I Play It and Yes I Love It

    Sex game. What is this sex game you ask? Michael had to work one Saturday morning early, so I was on my own the Friday night before. Having no plans I decided I would keep it that way. Grabbing some popcorn and turning on Netflix was my plan. While...
  • Adult Sex stories

    Adult Sex Stories : Shower fun with my new toy in public

    Adult sex stories about me in a public shower with my new toy, just read for yourself. Here is one of my many adult sex stories I want you to read that happened a  couple days ago. I went to the local adult store and bought a new colours...
  • public sex

    Public Sex Would Have Cumpletely Made My Week

    I wanted to have public sex so bad on Monday.  Sure it might have gotten ruined but I’m not so easily deterred. Public sex can be a ton of fun, but sometimes it doesn’t go just the way you want, but we can dream up our own fantasy sex...
  • public sex stories

    Public Sex Stories, The Carnival Ride Wasn’t The Only Ride I Rode

    Public sex stories, this is my favorite one of them all. It is from my hometown. Every year the town puts on a big festival. Lasting the whole weekend with rides and food tents and fireworks every night everyone and anyone was there. Being a big deal I never...
  • cheating sex stories

    Cheating Sex Stories: Camping and Sleeping with His Best Friend

    Cheating sex stories are usually acts done on purpose but this one wasn’t really intentional. My boyfriend and I had planned on going camping with his best friend and his girlfriend. At the last minute his girlfriend cancelled and it ended up just being my boyfriend (Kenny), his best...
  • Hot Sex Stories

    Hot Sex Stories. Wam Bam Sex Bent Over The Back Of A Cop Car!

    Hot sex stories and cop cars oh my. Yes, you read that right, I got fucked over the back of a cop car. I have a lot of hot sex stories. This one has to be one of the riskiest hot sex stories I have. I was at my...
  • Public Sex Stories At The Mall

    Dressing Room Vibrator Fun

    Public Sex Stories At The Mall You guys know I love to tell you all about my public sex stories. Though I don’t have many I have been pushing myself lately. It is just so hot doing something you are not supposed to. So this weekend I did something crazy....

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