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    Your surprise anniversary present

    You wanted to experiment; you’re getting a coerced bi cuckold. What says “Happy Anniversary” like a (“forced,” if you INSIST on calling it that) bi cuckold? Nothing! You had no idea how much it excited me when you confessed in a moment of (oh-so vulnerable, aroused) passion last week...
  • BBC Cuckold

    BBC Cuckold: Calling All BBC Cuckolds… Sweet treats for you!

    I just love a BBC cuckold. Nothing is hotter to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting my ebony pussy pounded by a nice hard cock. But you know what turns me on even more than getting my pussy pounded?  Watching a sweet tiny dick cuckold take BBC...
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    Cuckold Wife: Lee’s Juicy Revenge on His Whore Wife!

    Lee loved watching his cuckold wife getting her pussy  stretched by thick, throbbing cocks!  But tonight, it was his turn to get his cock wet in something new!   My friend at work, Lee approached me about his cuckold wife.  He didn’t know what to do, she was out...
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    Cuckold Relationship: 3 Reasons to Always Keep a Cuck in Your Life

    Benefits of being in a cuckold relationship Being the lead in a cuckold relationship is one of the best things a woman can experience. Having a man that dedicated to serving my every whim and having the freedom to explore all of my sexual desires with whoever I want...
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    Telltale signs (and stages) of a cuckold relationship

    “Help, I’m in a cuckold relationship!” Are YOU “trapped” in a cuckold relationship? Whether you were (unwittingly, no doubt) part-catalyst or whether this whole thing your wife is doing really is all “forced,” I know you’re looking for cuckold phone sex advice. And I’m sure you want a (sympathetic?...
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    Cuckolded Slut Bends Over And Takes The BBC For A Show

    What a little cuckolded toy.. A cuckolded little slut is good for only one thing: taking cock. I mean, of course their prime fantasy is being forced to watch me take a big, black cock right in front of them.. but where’s the fun in that? I like making...
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    Embarrassing Sex Stories: My Leaked Sex Tape

    Embarrassing Sex Stories I used to love reading about Embarrassing Sex Stories. They are all fun and games until you are the lucky one involved. 🙄 My embarrassing sex story involves me, a hot guy with a beautiful cock, my ex-husband, and a leaked sex tape. My pathetic ex-husband has been bound and determined...


    AMATEUR CUCKOLD SEX STORIES…UNBELIEVABLE SEX! Amateur Cuckold Sex Stories are my faves, but not because I’m dealing with newbies.  Oh, no.  My Baby and I are ALWAYS looking for ways to spice up the sex life.  With that said, we’ll try anything and by anything, I MEAN ANYTHING!  Okay,...
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    Cuckold Party: A Special Treat For My Husbands Birthday

    Cuckold Party: How the Basketball Team Cuckolded My Husband I couldn’t ask for a more loving husband. He adores me, and works very hard to provide for me. He even picks up extra hours (rather frequently) to finance my hefty shopping needs! There is one area that we’ve both...

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