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    Ever wanted to Fuck a Nun making God Cuckolded

    Who is cuckolded when you fuck a nun? The impact of his hand slapping on her bare ass sent a shot of pleasure thru her. “Hold those ass cheeks apart” His voice further thrilling her body. Sister Mary was always obedient. She lowers her shoulders till she was resting...
  • Size Fetish

    Size Fetish: Hey, Dicklet! Are You An Innie, Or An Outie? Confess!

    Size Fetish – Are YOU a member of the “teenie weenie peenie” club? Then you should read THIS! Size fetish is super fun! Fun for ME, that is! You? Perhaps not so much. Or wait! In reality, what I just said up there probably made your “one inch destroyer”...
  • cheating sex stories

    Cheating Sex Stories: Now I Have To Find A New Thrill!

    Cheating sex stories have become a little less exciting now that my boyfriend likes being a cuckold. Dear Perverts, you know the saying – the grass is always greener on the other side? Never is it truer than when I conduct my sexual business.   No matter what I...
  • Cuckold CreamPie


    PART 1: CUCKOLD CREAMPIE THE EX BBC IMPREGNATION OF YOUR WOMAN Your woman always thinks about the BBC that got away.  She almost gave up being fucked by a cock that took her breath away with each and every pump.  She needed and wanted more of her ex monster...
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    First-Time Cuckold Experience: My 1st Cuckold Part 3

    This is part 3 of First-time Cuckold Experience: My 1st Cuckold.  If you have not gotten a chance to read Part 1 and   2 please read Part 1 and Part 2 before continuing this blog.   If you have already read them both then let’s continue with my naughty cuckold...
  • Cuckold CreamPie


    Cuckold creampie is every cuckie’s favorite flavor.  You are a cuckold lover that lives for the excitement. Maybe you are a closet cuckie that fantasizes about his wife or girlfriend being fucked and impregnated.  (Wicked LiL Laugh) Knocked up by BBC big black cock. Most of the men you...
  • Cuckold Humiliation Phone Sex

    A Cuckold Humiliation Surprise For My Little Dick Husband

    I decided to surprise my husband with some cuckold humiliation. My husband was due back from a business trip over the weekend. I thought that would be the prefect time to spring a cuckold humiliation surprise on him. It had gotten to the point where I was tired of...
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    Sex Games: My Favorite Games for Edging, Tease and Denial

    Sex games that make edging hotter I love playing naughty sex games. Especially, when they involve edging. I love playing sex games that tease, tempt and test every last ounce of your willpower. Here are some of my favorite edging sex games. Cock Hero– There are a ton of...
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    Cuckolds: A Wife’s Sick and Twisted Little Fantasy Come True!

    I Found Tons of Cuckold Porn on My Husband’s Computer and I was Going to Give Him Exactly What He Wanted!   Cuckolds were always a huge turn-on for me, and I found out, my husband has fantasized about it, too.  I snuck into his porn account and found...

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