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  • oral sex

    Oral Sex Appetizer: A Thanksgiving to Remember

    I wasn’t hungry for turkey or stuffing.  No, I was hungry for oral sex! Who doesn’t love oral sex?  Nobody, that’s who.  So much fun to be had, and I’ve got a story from last Thanksgiving with the in-laws.  Now, I’ve told you quite a bit about my marriage...
  • Cuckold Party Phone Sex With Alex

    Thanksgiving Is The Perfect Time For A Cuckold Party

    Thanksgiving is the perfect time to plan a cuckold party. I’ve been wanting to plan a cuckold party for some time now. You see, my husband has started to become quite comfortable in his role as a cuckold. Now I’m ready to step it up and let him see...
  • sex

    Sex, Lies, And More Sex…The Cheater’s Playground

    My Pervs…let’s talk a little more about my favorite subject: CHEATING! Yes, yes I know I go in on cheating quite a lot but it’s just something I am so intimately invested in. Some people say that relationship sex is the best sex. Obviously, those people aren’t you and...
  • cheating sex stories

    Cheating Sex Stories Your Wife Doesn’t Have to Know About

    Let’s make some naughty cheating sex stories… You know sex with the wife doesn’t happen or doesn’t cut it.  Give in to temptation. I’ve been a naughty girl, you know, and I’ve got quite a few cheating sex stories.  Cheating is a funny thing, though. It’s all about what...
  • forced sex

    Forced Sex — My Tits Are Bound And Toyed With Until I Cum

    Forced sex — binding and punishing wife’s udders. Forced sex ain’t forced sex without rope and you knew exactly how you were going to use it on me, your poor wife.  All week, you’d noticed that I had been wearing extremely revealing tops, even though you’ve warned me about...
  • cuckolding my husband by Bridgette 1.866.355.8176

    Cuckolding my Husband is About to Go to a Whole New Level (Part II)

    I’ve Been Cuckolding My Husband with My Neighbor for Months Now – Behind His Back, but That’s All About to Change… Previously from Cuckolding my Husband is About to Go to a Whole New Level (Part I) . . . “Contrary to popular belief, I’m not completely unaware of...
  • bdsm sex stories

    BDSM Sex Stories — A Big Cock Craving Takes Hold of Pain Slut Wife

    BDSM sex stories — tiny husband’s cock can’t even compete with a teenagers so wife takes over a dozen at once to punish him for it. BDSM sex stories.  I’m the kind of wife who loves pain.  Actually, I don’t just love it.  I need it.  The only thing...
  • cuckolding my husband

    Cuckolding my Husband is About to Go to a Whole New Level (Part I)

    You Wouldn’t Believe the Path that Cuckolding my Husband Is About to Take Remember how I told you about how I’ve been cuckolding my husband with my naughty neighbor Bob? (You can read about how I’ve been cuckolding him here and here as well). Well, I have another update for...
  • cheating sex stories

    Cheating Sex Stories With Crystal!

    Cheating sex stories — your wife is acting suspicious Cheating sex stories about girlfriends and wives who stray aren’t always grim tales of absolute betrayal.  Sometimes they end up getting getting little cocks all hot and bothered, too.  Let’s face it.  If you’re someone who knows they have a...

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