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  • Cuckold Porn Phone Sex With Alex

    My Husband Was The Unsuspecting Star Of A Cuckold Porn

    My husband had no idea he was the star of a cuckold porn. Cuckolding my husband was nothing new, but making him the star of a cuckold porn was! He thought it was a night with one of my black studs as usual. Little did he know that I...
  • cheating sex stories

    Cheating Sex Stories: No Vibrators At The Dinner Table!

    Dear Perverts, as I’m writing this, I’m shaking my head at myself. You know I gloat about my cheating sex stories, but god damn have I been pushing the limits. My poor, clueless boyfriend.   And Vic. Vic, Vic, Vic…   I know Vic gets excited the closer he...
  • incest sex story

    Incest Sex Story — Mom Is Just TOO Hot To Resist!

    Incest Sex Story — Son can’t take it anymore! Ever since Andy found out about mommy’s little camming hobby, something has been growing inside of him.  He’s wanted her for so long.  Those big tits.  That round ass.  Those beautiful lips.  He wanted to taste them all.  It drove...
  • Cheating Sex Stories

    Cheating Sex Stories – Fuck me Like You Hate ME!

    Cheating sex stories on your mind? Wanna really piss that cunt off? Be a Part of THE HOTTEST Cheating Sex Stories. Anna’s Cheating sex stories are of the filthiest kind, and guess what?!?!? They’re are RULE to follow with this Racy Redheads Cheating sex stories! Your cunt girlfriend cheated?...
  • cheating sex stories

    Cheating sex stories of a neglected, horny BBW slut

    Cheating sex stories of a neglected girlfriend Cheating sex stories aren’t usually my thing, however, this was too good a phone sex call to pass up writing about. My boyfriend was totally being a fucking asshole because he wasn’t paying me any attention. One night I got all dressed up...
  • Cheating Sex Stories

    Cheaters Are Bound To Have Plenty Of Cheating Sex Stories

    Cheaters Are Bound To Have Plenty Of Cheating Sex Stories Cheaters are bound to have plenty of cheating sex stories, of course I am no exception! It’s official, if there is a hell I’m definitely going to be spending some time there. Hahaha! And I love it! I’ve done...
  • first time cuckold

    First Time Cuckold on a Weekend Getaway With My Boyfriend

    I turned my boyfriend into a first time cuckold on our night of celebrating! We were out celebrating our first year together. He took me to dinner, a movie and then to a hotel to get away from the normal everyday stuff. When we arrived at the hotel we...
  • cuckolding husband by Bridgette 866.355.8176

    Cuckolding my Husband During Neighborhood Street Party (in the Neighborhood Bitch’s Bed)

    My Neighborhood Street Party Turns into A Perfect Cover for Cuckolding My Husband You might remember me telling you about my neighbor Bob – my very handy neighbor that fixes all sorts of things around my house (including me, hehehe). And you might recall how I’ve been cuckolding my...
  • wife sex stories

    Wife sex stories- He wants to watch his wife get fucked

    Wife sex stories- when your husband wants you to fuck another man Wife sex stories. My friend is married to a hot woman. He is totally happy with their relationship. He wanted to make that clear to me as he told me his story. “I just always had this...

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