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  • list of fetishes vii

    The Complete List of Fetishes- Volume VII Dirty Fetish #61-70

    List of Fetishes – Volume VII #61-70 There are 103 recognized fetishes and here at the Kinky Kingdom we have phone sex operators that specialize in every single one.  In this ten part series I will define all 103, as well as highlight those that are personal favorites.  This...
  • Threesome Sex Stories

    Threesome Sex Stories I Had The Best Threesome Ever!

    Not all Threesome Sex Stories involve two girls and a guy. Sometimes Threesome Sex Stories are with a girl and two guys. I had the best threesome ever last night! Oh my God, I’m still horny and wet because I can’t stop thinking about it and really wished we...
  • anal sex

    No need to be shy about your secret pegging fantasy

    Why is anal sex so taboo for men? Anal sex in the form of pegging = perfectly heterosexual, if you ask me. So why do so many guys have hangups about it? And straight ladies, too? I just don’t get it. There are few things that turn me on...
  • anal sex

    Anal Sex: My Favorite Positions for Pegging

    It’s time to explore the joys of anal sex Last week I met a  guy that was curious about anal sex and pegging. He told me that thinking about anal sex gets him rock hard, but he’s not sure how he would react with another cock in the room....
  • oral sex stories

    Oral Sex Stories: I Love Milking His Giant Sperm Tanks

    Dear Perverts, I hope you survived the holidays! Whiskey, Xanax, shemale porn, whatever got you through. You know what always gets me through the holidays? Cum. Yes, delicious, illicit cum. Sneaking away and milking a giant load out of my homme du jour (my man of the day, for...
  • Anal Sex

    Road Trips, Boyfriends, Strap-Ons And Anal Sex – Part II

    Road Trips, Boyfriends, Strap-Ons And Anal Sex – Part II Road trips, boyfriends, strap-ons and anal sex, continued. His ass was so tight and so fucking perfect. I grabbed his hair and fucked him nice and deep. Finally, he said, “Pound me Veronica! Pound me!” I fucked his tight,...
  • Anal Sex

    Roads Trips, Boyfriends, Strap-Ons And Anal Sex – Part I

    Roads Trips, Boyfriends, Strap-Ons And Anal Sex – Part I Road trips, boyfriends, strap-on and anal sex. It was the summer of 2014 and I was driving across the country to visit my family back in FL. I decided to bring my then boyfriend Stanley with me. We were...
  • sex toys

    Sex Toys and Phone Sex – What Should You Use And Why?

    Sex toys are really a big part of phone sex here at Phone Sex Kingdom. Sex toys go hand in hand when you wanna make that fantasy feel legit on a bigger level. Recently, my team, The Kinky Crew announced their partnership with a small online XXX company to...
  • Anal Sex Stories

    Anal Sex Stories And Pegging His Ass Publicly By The Window

    Brad loves pegging and Anal Sex Stories. He’s a businessman in town for a week and wants Anal Sex Stories and I’m just the girl to give it to him. Brad’s in town for a week for work and his wife’s back home looking after the kids. He’s been...

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