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  • Anal Sex Stories

    Anal Sex Stories And Pegging His Ass Publicly By The Window

    Brad loves pegging and Anal Sex Stories. He’s a businessman in town for a week and wants Anal Sex Stories and I’m just the girl to give it to him. Brad’s in town for a week for work and his wife’s back home looking after the kids. He’s been...
  • sexual fetishes

    Sexual Fetishes: These are a Few of My Favorite Things

    Sexual fetishes that always make me cum Exploring the world of sexual fetishes has always been fascinating to me. Exploring sexual fetishes with my partners always leads me to a new way to cum. From mild to wild, these are a few of my favorite sexual fetishes. Wrestling-Like a...
  • best sex stories

    Best Sex Stories: Your Annual Exam With Naughty Nurse Ramona

    Best Sex Stories:  I couldn’t have them leaving the exam room in that condition. Best Sex Stories: After I got my Master’s Degree in Nursing, I opened my own practice. I started doing a lot of annual physical exams on both men and women. I found many men coming...
  • Sex Toys

    Which Sex Toys Are Hot And Which Sex Toys Are Not

    Which Sex Toys Are Hot And Which Sex Toys Are Not Which Sex Toys Are Hot And Which Sex Toys Are Not! Here are eight of my favorite sex toys. Let’s Talk SEX TOYS!!! If you haven’t experimented yet, you’re missing out! Get on that shit, have fun and...
  • best sex position

    Best Sex Positions You Might Be doing Wrong! Let Me Teach You.

    Best sex positions for you to learn if you wanna get your girl/guy off are pretty similar since both pleasure spots are in relative locations inside the vagina and anus. Best sex positions differ from person to person, these are my favorites and the best way to do them....
  • Wife Sex Stories

    One Of His Favorite Wife Sex Stories – First Prostate Massage

    Wife Sex Stories about coaching a wife to give her husband his first prostate massage. I enjoy encouraging couples to push their limits in the bedroom. There’s nothing I won’t do to make a wife drive her husband crazy. (Wicked LiL Laugh) One of the wife sex stories I’d...
  • anal sex stories and Gisele

    Anal Sex Stories-Prostate Massage Gave Him Deep Orgasms

    Prostate Massage Was His Real Passion This guy I’ve been seeing recently, he asked me after a couple of dates how I felt about anal stimulation. He told me he had been reading some anal sex stories.  I of course assumed he was asking about anal sex and if it...
  • kinky sex stories

    Ass Fisting And An Anal Sex Story By Bella He Begged For More

    Kinky sex stories are the best and there’s nothing like Ass Fisting a guy when he’s hard while he moans and begs for more. Yes, I have more kinky sex stories for you. It’s so hot and I love the way his tight asshole squeezes my wrist during Ass...


    HE LOVES THAT SWEET DICK! Sweet dick has ALWAYS been MY thing.  Who would EVER guess it’s also my man’s thing? LOL.  So, let me start where I found out about it, shall we?  Trina is one of my besties from back home in France, but, let’s just say...

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