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    The best sex positions for anal sex

    Kelsey’s knows all the best sex positions I have been trying out all the best sex positions for anal sex. Its hard to say which is my favorite at this point because I like them all for different reasons. If your into pegging then give these sex positions a...
  • Anal Sex

    My Fuck Buddy Gets Anal Sex After He Fucks Me Hard

     I was thinking Anal Sex as we laid there in a hot, sweaty mess while cum and juices leaked out of me. Feeling dirty the sheets were wet under me as we tried to calm down. I wasn’t ready for the night to end so I rolled onto my...
  • fetishes

    Fetishes. Everyone Has Them, Now Its Ok To Talk About Them.

    Fetishes were learned while I was in college. I had to make some extra money. Dreading becoming a waitress I was going to apply anyway. Tips in my pocket every shift was what I was looking for. That’s when my resident advisor pulled me over to the side and...
  • aunt phone sex

    Aunt Phone Sex: Long Time Passionate Affair Uncovered

    We All Have Aunt Phone Sex Fantasies About Our Favorite Aunt! Do you have an itch to have taboo aunt phone sex?  Well after reading this story, you just might be ready for that hot fetish phone sex.  My father’s youngest sister Aunt Caroline was always around while we...
  • Fetishes

    Age Play! One Of Princess Bristol’s Favorite Fetishes!!

    We all have our very own favorite fetishes we like to explore! Age Play just happens to be one of my favorite fetishes of all times! It’s so much fun playing with super naughty old men! Showing them how amazing hot young girls can be!!! HAVE YOU HEARD MY COTTON...
  • sex video

    Sex Video Starring Kelsey’s Bitch Brother And A Big Strap On

    Bitch brother blackmailed into a sex video Remember earlier this week when my spy cam caught my brother jerking off to my lesbian sex videos? Tonight, we made a whole new sex video starring Kelsey’s bitch brother and a big strap on. I told you I was going to...
  • sex toys

    Sex Toys – Let’s see what you’ve got!

    Sex Toys – tell me what you love Sex toys can enhance sex so much. Do you use sex toys? What are your favorites? My go to sex toy shop is called Babeland in New York City. The people who work there are so friendly and helpful (and hot)....
  • best sex position

    Best Sex Positions You Might Be doing Wrong! Let Me Teach You.

    Best sex positions for you to learn if you wanna get your girl/guy off are pretty similar since both pleasure spots are in relative locations inside the vagina and anus. Best sex positions differ from person to person, these are my favorites and the best way to do them....
  • Sex Stories

    Sex Stories : First time Glory hole exp that turned me onto public sex

    Sex Stories xxx this one will be sure to make you rock hard.  Here is one of my first Sex Stories that will make you learn how I came to love public sex. This is one of those sex stories that I have to put out here, because it...

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