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  • Figging phone sex

    Turning The Root Of All Evil Into A Dildo For Figging Ass Play

    Figging and Playing with food can be lots of fun but I tend to stick with things like whipped cream and chocolate sauce. I just feel more playful when I’m doing it, kind of like a naughty girl who’s misbehaving. Figging Phone Sex is naughty but Figging for real...
  • doggy style

    Doggy Style ♥ Make Me Be Your Naughty Phone Sex MILF ♥

    Doggy Style Do me doggy style baby! In fact, turn me into that fuck doll that dick of yours has been craving! Bend me over that bed and go to town. Roxy wants it hard and fast, making this MILF beg you never to stop. Use my big tits...
  • pussy humiliation

    Pussy Humiliation! We Used His Wife As A Bed To Fuck On!

    Pussy Humiliation – Like SPH, But For a Cunt! This pussy humiliation is a continuation of my previous story. “Yes, I’ll stay” I uttered as he pressed his hard cock, still glistening from the juices from my moist opening, against my lips. Just as I opened my mouth to...
  • dom lacey

    High Heels and BBC Domination with Vulgar Lacey

    BBC and High Heels – Dom When you were in prison, you watched all those BBC‘s glistening in the shower.  I know you thought about them while you jerked off in your cell later. Get on your fucking knees and suck my pussy.  Get my pussy really fucking wet for...
  • Ass play anal phone sex

    Bouncing On His Dick with My Ass Like An Anal Phone Sex Whore

    John loves Anal phone sex and my round firm Ass and he can’t keep his hands off it for real. He always squeezes it when we’re making out and he gives it little smacks when I walk past him. Last night when I was showing off for him I...
  • sissy boy

    Sissy Boy Pussy is the Best Pussy Because its Perfect for Pegging

    Tonight I’m going to reward my sissy boy with pegging Sissy boy are one of the greatest things in life. They comfort you when you’re sad. They help you relax after a long day, and their sweet boy pussy is always ready for pegging. After a long day, I...
  • forced anal

    Forced Anal Accident – Wrong Hole? Too Bad I’m Fucking It

    Forced anal stories are more fun when it’s about a guy on the end of my strap on. Not so much when it’s me! Forced anal is just what happened to me not too long ago though. I was in the middle of passionate sex with a close male...
  • Ass Sniffing Pervert

    Press Your Nose Here.

    You Are Nothing But An Ass Sniffing Pervert Have you ever walked behind a sexy girl and just couldn’t take your eyes off of her behind? Ever thought about pressing your nose in between her bum cheeks and just taking deep breaths into her panties? If you have, let...
  • strap on

    My Strap On Is Ready For You, Are You Ready For It?

    Closely it sits on me. It is like my best friend. Warmed from my hand stroking up and down every inch of it the silicone glides easily in the palm of my hand. It is hungry. However, struggling to find one who can take it. After all, watching me stroke...

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