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  • Family Sex Stories Part I

    Family Sex Stories- Slutty Daughter Seduces Daddy Part I

    Family Sex Stories Part I “Hi Dad” I cheerfully say as I bounce in the room. “Hi Baby” my Father says as his eyes immediately fall on my perky tits. At 13 I already have perfect C cups. And Daddy can never resist ogling them.  I smile mischievously as...
  • Hardcore Sex Stories

    Hardcore Sex Stories: Daddy Sold My Anal Cherry To Uncle Tony!

    Hardcore Sex Stories: What happened when Daddy gave Uncle Tony a very special birthday present; his (mostly) innocent babygirl! Hardcore Sex Stories – This erotic birthday party experience happened when I was MUCH younger than I am now. Can you guess just how young? Hint: My hair was still...
  • family sex stories

    Family Sex Stories – Daddy’s Little Slut Caught on Camera

    Family Sex Stories – Daughter Caught on Camera Family sex stories are so hot and kinky, especially when one family member is oblivious and one knows every dirty detail. This age play phone sex story will get you so hot and horny. Daddy was over at his friend’s house...
  • Incest Sex Story

    An Incest Sex Story Saying Goodnight To My Daddy

    I always have an Incest Sex Story to tell. This Incest Sex Story is about me and my Daddy. There’s nothing better than ending the night with a good fucking then snuggling up to Daddy as I drift off to sleep. He’s been really busy lately with work and...
  • Family sex stories

    Family sex stories, We had to do what Daddy told us to.

    Family sex stories, We had to do what daddy told us to. Family sex stories, We had to do what daddy told us to. My sister and I were being very bad. We were out back in the yard smoking cigarettes and weed just joking around and having some...
  • Fetishes

    Age Play! One Of Princess Gracies’s Favorite Fetishes!!

    We all have our very own favorite fetishes we like to explore! Age Play just happens to be one of my favorite fetishes of all times! It’s so much fun playing with super naughty old men! Showing them how amazing hot young girls can be!!! HAVE YOU HEARD MY COTTON...
  • family sex stories

    Family Sex Stories: Playing With Daddy’s Big Cock

    Daddy loves his family sex stories. Family sex stories are always so much fun to tell! I mean, I always thought I was a good girl, I didn’t think anything my family did was really out of the ordinary.. Until I started figuring out that it was such a...
  • family sex stories

    Family Sex Stories: My Daughters Love To Show My Friends A Good Time

    Family Sex Stories: We certainly are the best little hostesses! Me and my girls know how to have a good time… Family Sex Stories: Who doesn’t love a little family fun? Especially when there’s so many kinky and fun things to do. There are certain things that me and...
  • Forced Sex

    Against my will, forced sex with a very Stern Daddy

    Forced Sex – the best sex! It had been an awesome day I had no idea that later, I would be on the catching end of hard forced sex. I spent the day shopping with my girlfriends at the mall, trying to find the hottest little outfit. I found...

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