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  • Spank

    Spank me daddy i have been a bad girl! Punish me!

    Spank me daddy! Spank me daddy i have been a bad girl i need you to punish me. I was out back hiding behind the bushes and was smoking a joint i was completely hidden form everyone or so i thought… When i got caught by my neighbor. “What...
  • Barely Legal Slut

    Masturbating to naughty thoughts late at night!!

    I just love Masturbating late at night when everyone’s asleep! It’s so naughty thinking about Daddy laying in the next room with his cock aching for me! I KNOW he wants me so bad, you should totally see the look on his face when I walk around in my...
  • Home Invasion

    Home Invasion Fantasy Phone Sex With No Limits London

    Home Invasion Phone Sex With No Limits London Home invasion fantasy with London. You all know I’m fun and flirty, but you also know that I have a darker side to me. Scott and I decided to try something a little different this weekend. Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday,...
  • Daddy

    Daddy Caught Me Touching The Boy From Next Door. Pt 2

    Daddy was fuming and wasn’t sure what to do when I asked him to show me how to make myself feel good. “Daddy can you please just show me? Looks like you have the same tent in your pants as Joey did.” I whined. Now, I could be a...


    DADDY’S BABY…MAKES US THREE NOW! Daddy’s Baby makes us three now!  Ever since Dad lost his job, my Mom has had to take longer and longer business trips for work.   But, this made Daddy turn into a Mr. Mom; doing the cleaning, cooking, shopping, and laundry. And, lately,...
  • Breeding Phone Sex With Sophia

    Daddy’s Little Breeding Slut

    Being daddy’s little breeding slut is so much fun! Daddy just loves that I’m such a good little breeding slut for him. As soon as I had my very first period, daddy told me that I was his special girl. Now I could do what mommy couldn’t do for...
  • cj babysitter

    This Babysitter Made Great Tips

    I Remember Being The Busiest Babysitter In Town Men can be so easy to manipulate, it’s funny. I’ve been a babysitter for as long as I can remember almost, always wanted to make extra money. And some of the fathers, I’m positive their wives were keeping them in a...
  • school girl

    Sexxxy School Girl CuriousMissMia wants to Hook up With You

    I want to be your naughty school girl. I’ve always been a little naughty. For as long as I can remember. I lost my virginity at 14 but I know I’d seen and touched a cock before that. So I can be your age-play queen;). A naughty little school...
  • Seducing

    Seducing My Catholic School Teacher To Prove A Point

    I love being the little slut. Hell, I was the biggest slut in Catholic school. I guess I enjoyed teasing the male teachers with my sweet body. Seducing my new young Catholic teacher James was the bet at hand. Something about his good boy charms and strict ways had me...

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