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  • young sex stories

    Young Sex Stories About How I Began Stealing My Mom’s Boyfriends Pt.1

    Young sex stories are something that I have always really enjoyed! I have always been such a promiscuous little shit. Whenever my mom would go out at night I would always find myself digging through her bedroom drawers. However, after a while that became a little bit boring for...


    GRANNY SEX STORIES. I AM OUT OF CUNTrol! Okay, I know I’m out of CUNTrol…Here begins my Granny Sex Stories!  Buckle in.  So, it all began when my boyfriend, Bear broke off with me.  Or, should I say GOT CAUGHT fucking another girl?  Either way, I went for the...
  • Call Momma Genie at (888) 643-2055 for PHONE SEX and Babysitter Sex Stories

    Babysitter Sex Stories by Sexy MILF Momma Genie

    Babysitter Sex Stories by Sexy MILF Momma Genie CALL (888) 643-2055 for Phone Sex. Tommy’s parents had decided they were going to make time to have a weekly “date night” to rekindle their marriage. They wanted the freedom to stay all night at a hotel if they wanted to...
  • Family Sex Stories

    Family Sex Stories: Daddy Sneaks into My Room to Have Some Fun

                  Want to hear one of my hot family sex stories? I have so many to tell. Family sex stories are my absolute favorite. One in particular makes me very hot about how it all began. You have been out late at the...
  • BDSM Sex Stories With Sophia

    BDSM Sex Stories Courtesy Of Daddy And His Dark Desires

    Thanks to daddy’s dark cravings, I have lots of bdsm sex stories to share! My daddy can be super sweet sometimes, but other times he has these really dark cravings. I don’t like to be punished and hurt the way daddy likes it. So, I do what any good...
  • how to have sex with sister

    How To Have Sex With Your Big-Titted Sister

    How to have sex with your tease of a sister! She’s such a slut, isn’t she?  She goes to school everyday wearing that plaid skirt that’s way too short.  Based on the rumors, seems like your sister gives it to everyone but you.  Not anymore.  I’m here to tell...
  • Anal Sex

    Hot Young Bristol Loves Anal Sex With Daddy!!

    Anal Sex Is The Best Kind Of Sex!! I love having super naughty Anal Sex with Daddy! Have you ever imagined what it would be like to bend your pretty little slutty daughter over and rail her ass until she is begging you to stop!? Come let me show...
  • family sex stories

    Family Sex Stories, Daddy Touched My No No Spot

    Family sex stories, I was 13 years old the day I became daddy’s little secret. Never forgetting that day, I had just arrived home from school. Attending Catholic school I had to wear a uniform. A uniform that drives men crazy. My Daddy was in the living room, on the...
  • crazy sex stories

    Crazy Sex Stories: Babysitter Seduces Raise & Hot Ageplay Phone Sex!

    Warning: The following crazy sex stories may make you want to nut your pants and have hot ageplay phone sex! Hello, Mr. Johnson. I know you’ve been at work all day and the last thing you went to deal with as a silly babysitter like me. No, don’t worry...

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