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  • sex games

    Sex Games: Fucking Him In The Closet, While Everyone Listens

    School life was full of sex games for me. Sex games were a mandatory when it came to any school party, whether it was high school or college. My girls were absolutely crazy! They loved living it up and seeing who could be the sluttiest one. After all, we’re...
  • Teasing Sex Offenders

    I Love Teasing Pervs!

    Messing With Sex Offenders Is My Past Time! I love to mind fuck perverts. It’s one of those talents that just comes naturally to me. You see I love looking for sex offenders in my area and to my surprise, there was one living right in front of my...
  • teen sex story

    Teen Sex Story Part 2 – Blackmailing My Teacher

    Teen sex story continuation part 2! Teen sex story or stories are not really my forte since I mainly do phone sex calls around sissy boys and I love feminization phone sex. However, I do love to write about high school sex because there is something so fucking naughty...
  • Gisele has a diaper fetish

    Diaper Fetish; Such A Good Sexy Baby

    He Had A Diaper Fetish But It Had A Twist This boyfriend I used to have was into diaper fetish. It was odd, most guys into that fetish are into wearing them themselves. But he wanted his ladies to be doing it in front of him, watching a girlfriend...
  • Babysitter sex stories

    Babysitter sex stories ~ True stories of a young tiny tight pussy

    Babysitter sex stories with Dawn Why I love age play phone sex and telling my Babysitter sex stories. I remember when I started babysitting kids younger than me, I was only 12. By then I had already learned MANY life lessons from my babysitters. I must admit I am...
  • family sex stories

    Family Sex Stories: The Best Lovers Are Closest To Us

    Family Sex Stories: My father became my lover When I was 12, I started getting tits-that was when I learned how much family sex stories can be fun, too. I remember lying in my bed one night, playing with my little budding tits and my little bald pussy when...
  • Blackmail Sex Stories

    Blackmail Sex Stories: Daddy Got Caught Red Handed!

    Blackmail Sex Stories where Daddy is involved tend to be some of the best phonesex stories! Have you ever sat back and thought about how truly amazing Blackmail Sex Stories are? I mean, so risque and dangerous, yet so thrilling and totally exhilarating! Something that will make your cock...
  • sex pics

    Sex Pics My Brother Wasn’t Supposed To See

    Sex pics have landed me in hot water a time or two but never like it did with my brother. Sex pics were and are my thing. I guess I like to keep them as trophies. Nothing like seeing all the hot cock/pussy you’ve fucked. I had been hooking...
  • miley cyrus sex tape

    Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Roleplay – He Got The Best Of Both Worlds

    Miley Cyrus sex tape scandal does not really seem like that big of a deal these days. However, it tends to bring out the perverts ready to play with not only the brunette beauty of achy breaky standards. After all, there is her blonde bombshell counterpart who loves to...

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