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  • Submission, A Short Phone Sex Story To Tell You about!

    Submission, The Act Of, Part Two! A Kinky Tale and Story to Tell!

      Submission was inevitable as I stood naked in the cold snowy night. The submission was what Sir looked forward to. While walking up to his car, naked and cold, I looked forward to the warmth of the vehicle. But, I knew he had different plans. Submission was but...
  • Cock Sucking

    Cock Sucking Whore Likes Loud Audible Sloppy Blowjobs!

    I know exactly what you are looking for from your cock sucking whore. Sure, you want me to describe the way that I am going to go down on you. However, you really want to hear the sounds that my pretty little whore throat. The Sounds it makes as...
  • Gisele's panties

    My Panty Thief Became My Pussy Licker On Demand

    My Panties Were Disappearing I had started to notice some of my panties going missing. I thought I was going nuts as I looked for pair after pair. And came up with nothing. They didn’t disappear into thin air. Then one day I was in my step brother’s room...
  • Self pleasure is sexy

    Self pleasure is sexy, has no side effects, and feels so good!

    Self pleasure is sexy, has no side effects, and feels so good!  Self pleasure should be a routine activity that you work into your daily life. Masturbating every day might seem like a lot to some people, but it’s not. Self pleasuring should be done often. Now I know...
  • Forced sex gang bang

    My gentle Dom once gave me a gift of a forced sex gang bang in Europe

    I went to the most interesting place a few years ago. It was in Europe and my lover/ gentle Dom took me to the Glory House for a forced sex gang bang. You see what people did was to buy a ticket to enter. That allowed you fuck anything...
  • sexy

    French Whore Carmen’s Encounter With a Sexy Stranger

    Sexy lacy stockings, black heels, tits pouring out of my satin corset, I lean on a wall, watching a sexy stranger walk up to me in the seductive shadows of the night. He leans in to whisper a few words. He needs to fuck. I catch of strong whiff...
  • Big Black Cock

    Daddy Loves to Deep Throat Big Black Cock For His Little Girl

    Introducing Daddy to Big Black Cock Through the years, Daddy couldn’t get enough of my sweet young pussy. Adding the flavor of big black cock and cum simply drove him insane. You know what I’m talking about. The thought of sucking big black cock makes your cock throb with...
  • Boss's slut

    Boss’s Slut Sucks His Cock Under The Desk During A Meeting

    The dirty title of being the Boss’s Slut.. A Boss’s slut should always be readily available, and ready to get down on her knees! My boss has a little addiction to me, he used to dread coming early to work like the rest of us, but we found a...


    DADDY’S BABY…MAKES US THREE NOW! Daddy’s Baby makes us three now!  Ever since Dad lost his job, my Mom has had to take longer and longer business trips for work.   But, this made Daddy turn into a Mr. Mom; doing the cleaning, cooking, shopping, and laundry. And, lately,...

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