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  • smoking fetish phone sex erotica

    Follow the white smoke

    Smoking fetish erotica written by a very special caller. I have a smoking fetish, and so does one of my favorite voices on the other end of my sex phone. Sometimes we explore that kink (while chain-smoking, him enjoying another type of smoke as well), sometimes we have cuckold...
  • fetish goddesses

    Fetish Goddesses of PSK At the Pool Party Blogathon Chapter 12

    Fetish Goddesses at the Pool Now that the rest of the girls had arrived at the hotel, it was time to get down to business! The fetish goddesses of Phone Sex Kingdom were all around the pool, many with bikinis on, a few with, well, a little less! As...
  • Masters Of Sex

    Masters Of Sex – A Virgin Sacrifice is Needed

    Masters of sex aren’t show stopping porn actors! Really? In fact, it is my belief, that the REAL Masters of Sex never even knew WTF Porn was. Why? Because they are our ancestors. Think about it. It may creep you out to know that your Great Grandad to the...
  • teacher sex stories

    Geeky Teacher Sex Stories: A Kinky Naughty Trig Lesson

    Geeky Teacher Sex Stories: A Kinky Naughty Trigonometry Lesson  Teacher sex stories are super hot! Mine often involve geeking out while teaching all of you horny men some kinky math-orgasmic lessons! So take your cock out and let’s dive into another one of my super nerdy and super hot...
  • Sex Stories

    Sex Stories: Sexy Mystery Man Behind the Mask Chapter Two

    Read the Second Part of My Sex Stories Blog About the Man in the Mask! I opened my eyes as I concluded my date flashback and hot sex stories adventure of that night with the mysterious masked man.  The girls were breathless with anticipation.  Caren sighed and said this...
  • rough sex

    Rough Sex: I Need My Pleasure With a Little Side of Pain

    Rough Sex is the best sex When I’m getting fucked, I need it to be rough sex. I want to feel the cock slamming inside me. I want to hear the slap of our bodies against each other. My sexy friend and his hard BBC came over to give...
  • girls having sex

    Girls Having Sex – Scary Movie Double Date Turned Nasty

    Girls Having Sex During a Scary Movie Girls having sex is always hot and this girl loves her phone sex. But this is about real sex, not cheap phone sex. My friend wanted to go over to her boyfriend’s place for Halloween and watch a scary movie. She insisted...
  • Casey has crazy sex stories

    Crazy Sex Stories; Wild Sex At The Halloween Party

    Wild Sex At The Halloween Party I’ve got lots of crazy sex stories, I’m sure most of us do. But I went to this early Halloween party this weekend and had a fabulous time. The hostess had requested all guests dress as some sort of animal. I went as...
  • Amateur Cuckold

    Amateur Cuckold Loves My Barely Legal Baby Doll Voice!

    Amateur Cuckold Found Incapacitated After Young Teen Adventure… Todays News Headline. Last night, I went to my neighbor’s house… I saw him standing in his window watching my boyfriend and me, and I knew that it was time to finally confront him. Grabbing my boyfriends hand I slowly lead...

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