Blackmail Sex Story: Secret Cross-Dressing Slut Gets Caught

My Blackmail Sex Story Reveals How I Turned My Best Friend’s Closet Cross Dresser Husband into My Bitch

My best friend doesn’t know it, but she’s married to a cross-dresser. Moreover, a cross-dressing slut to be more precise. Now, this isn’t a tidbit that I sought to find out, but let me tell you, I know how to exploit such a delicious piece of intel when it falls into my lap. Let me tell you how I came in possession of this scrumptious morsel in my blackmail sex story.

You see, my best friend and I have been friends since high school. We’ve also been neighbors for years now. So, when she asked me to water the plants while she was out of town (her husband would kill them if left to his own devices), I said no problem. She also asked that I check in on her husband as well. You know, just to make sure he hasn’t burned the house down and all. She always says he would shrivel up and die without some sort of supervision, and knowing what I know about him, I had to concur.

I decided to stop by before going to the office. Knowing where the spare key was outside (one of those hidden key rocks), and thus helping myself to it, I proceeded to walk in like it was my own home. I guess I was quiet about it because I don’t think her hubby heard me, or maybe it was because he was engrossed in what he was doing. What I saw left my mouth gaping. There he was, this “man of the house” in a slinky little outfit.

I couldn’t believe it – he was dressed to the nines in full slut-wear. And the makings of my blackmail sex story was born

Sheer black panties, matching demi bra, garter straps holding up a sheer black pair of thigh highs, complete with that sexy seem going up the back. He was balanced on a pair of 4-inch fuck-me heels.

The only thing that was going through my head was Oh. My. God!! My bestie is married to a crosser dresser! And by the looks of it, he’s a cross-dressing slut to boot!! The second thing that went through my mind was, oh I am going to have SOOOO much fun with this.

The little crossdresser only turned around when he heard the distinct sound of my phone clicking away, gathering the incriminating evidence of his closet slut identity.

“My my, oh my. What do we have here?” I taunted.

I swear, the slutty crossdresser went ghost white as he started to stutter as his little world crumbled around him.

“Now now, little sissy, no reason we have to make this go any further than between us. Well, or maybe a few choice friends of mine. Not if you do whatever I say. We wouldn’t want these pictures to find their way to your wife? Or your Boss? Or your family, would we?”

That’s when my closet crossdresser knew he was my little bitch now, and he would be doing whatever I say, whenever I say, and in front of whomever I say.


Care to be the star of a blackmail sex story of our own? I can turn you into MY little cross-dressing bitch as well!

You know my phone sex number.

 Now start dialing for a delicious heaping of a humiliation phonesex session!


Your Free Sex Story & Blackmail Sex Story Guru,

xxx sex story starring Mama Bridgette 




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Bridgette Psk

Bridgette has always adored fetish play and finds them so erotically fascinating and just plain HOT. Being raised in a highly sexually curious environment, Bridgette has always thought that sexual awareness should begin at home. To that endeavor, she has sought to quench her thirst and appetites for not just fetishes, but for incestuous play as well. Being a phone sex MILF and Mommy has been one of the best ways to sate those desires. Bridgette was also introduced to the AB/DL world many years ago, and has been an AB/DL Phone Mommy for many years now as well.

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