Big Bouncy Boobies – They’re Why I Get What I Want! Part-4

big bouncy boobies
But did I feel bad? Goodness no!

Big bouncy boobies keep getting me what I want! I finally let him stop his amazing tongue acrobatics after about 5 orgasms. I have no idea how long he was eating my pussy but I could tell he was exhausted. But did I feel bad? Goodness no! Before he lost interest, how many times did he shove his cock down my throat until I was a gagging, limp mess? Not that I minded, but still…

But I still wanted more orgasms! First, I needed to make my boyfriend’s cock rock hard. I started to stroke it and he looked really hopeful, but I decided to try something else. What if I just told him to make his dick hard for me? This would be interesting because I had told him not to touch himself without my permission. I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t let him touch.

As if by magic – which I guess it was…

So I told him that he needed to make his cock hard for me to use to enjoy myself with. I saw him move his hand as if to start making it hard but he immediately put it down again. What a good boy, obeying my big bouncy boobies… Then, as if by magic – which I guess it was, his cock started getting hard immediately, all on its own! I really did not think that would work, but I was delighted to see that thanks to my big titties it did.

When it was at maximum hardness, I straddled my boyfriend and guided his hard cock into my very wet pussy. I heard him sigh in pleasure along with me as I slid my warm, wet cunt down his hard shaft. It wasn’t necessary, but I didn’t mind if he enjoyed this too. I leaned over and put my big bouncy boobies right in his face. He obediently started licking and sucking my nipples without me even asking. I guess I must have asked him to do that at some point.

When your pleasure is all that matters…

I rode that hard cock to several more orgasms – bouncing up and down on it and grinding on it. I could feel it so deep inside me and it felt so good. It’s amazing what you can do with big bouncy boobies and a cock when your pleasure is all that matters. I realized that I could feel his cock twitching and his balls getting tight. I thought about telling him not to cum but I had a much better idea!

My boyfriend and I had never been able to agree on whether we wanted babies. I wanted one so badly but he emphatically did not. Therefore, ever since I went off birth control he was adamant about using condoms. And he would not even think about cumming inside me. But he had already let me ride his cock without a condom. And I wondered if he would also obey me if I told him to cum inside of me and get me pregnant.

Next up – will this big bouncy boobies story become an Impreg story? Who knows!

My Big Bouncy Boobies

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Big Bouncy Boobies



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