I know. You immediately think of the original sitcom series by the name, Bewitched…cute little blonde, mischief and mayhem ensued…I got it. I’ve seen them all too. But, what we’re talking about today, is the kind of loving that has no place for the likes of one Gladys, or Abner Kravitz! This Beauty is Bewitched and you will be too! Cum into my world of sloppy wet pussies, and stiff cocks. Join in the magic and sexual depravity that is my everyday world. CUM! You’ll never regret it! LOL

So, of course I have the usual problems…nosey neighbors…Always asking so many questions – “Where did you get that fancy sports car?”, “How much do you make?”, “How can you travel so often and still work?” blah, blah…Charlies Brown’s teacher anyone? LOL   So I have a penchant for niceties…is that a crime?

When I was a wee one on my Grandmother’s knee, she told me of our lineage…The Way Of The Witch…And how it held sway over, dicks, pussies, asses, mouth and everything in between. It took years to hone my craft, but by the end of high school, oh yeah…I had my shit down pat! With a simple tilt of my head, a bite on my lower lip, the way I look up into your face with your fat cock shoved down my throat…all part of the “Magic” of my family.

I have taken men who were as straight as the proverbial arrow into the dick in the ass type of boy that originally made them cringe. Haha  I made them get all wet mouthed as they sucked those dripping cocks and swallowed the thick, creamy cum. Everything you might think of as; belonging in the category of sexual depravity was to be found within the walls of my home. And to think it was one of the nicest homes in this nicey, nice neighborhood. Oh, if they only knew!

As they say, “The Freaks Cum Out At Night”. Well…..  I held weekly BDSM parties and alternated them with my Family Fun involving blackmail and my Grand Mistress/Slave soirees. Those were a fan fave! But, tonight? Oh, tonight is going to be far different! I will be the merciless Mistress to my slave minions and take them to the brink of sanity.  There will be those whom I choose to inflict sexual blackmail…that is, if I find them sexy enough for a return engagement. Giggle

I’ll use my strap-on and take the asses of tight young teen boys in my endeavor to rule supreme over all the men and boys in my neighborhood; and I’ll stop at nothing to achieve that goal.  Will there be talk amongst the neighbors? Of course there will! But, they’ll never be able to prove a thing! Some consider this Bewitching ability to be a curse. Not me! I will always be grateful to the strong sexy women of my clan…For giving me the gift of witchcraft.

So, I’ll be planning more parties for a select few outside the neighborhood. Want to make the cut? Call me and I’ll share with you what it will take. But, you won’t remember a thing afterward…Haha