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Serving The Brave Men And Women That Gave To All Of US
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Best Sex Positions For Anal Phone Sex Alyssa On Veterans Day as a tribute to the brave.

Seeing all the amazing service men and women at a special event downtown was humbling to say the least. Having the incredible job of having sexy conversations while modeling products couldn’t have been more fun. Talking about all the Best Sex Positions got the attention of everyone for sure. Some of the older vets told me I was going to give them a heart attack. They made me laugh and I got to pose for tons of pictures with men and women I respect and admire. It is such an honor to be under the same roof as these brave souls let alone hook up with a hero.

Telling you the steamy Anal Sex Stories of my encounter with a Vet gets me hot all over again. Spotting him in a crowd was electric. The current of electricity shot through my pussy like the thrill of deep penetration. I got so excited when he asked me what time I got off while shaking hands. I couldn’t wait to meet him around the corner for a drink at his hotel later. Finishing up the day while feeling hotter and hotter under my little military uniform. Flashes of having incredibly Hot Phonesex with him made the wait feel even longer.

Meeting up with this man was exhilarating. In the presence of a real warrior lights me up inside every time. Telling my new warrior after only having a couple of drinks how I would do anything may have been early. Guess I became a little star struck. To me this man was so fucking hot and powerful. I wanted to feel the Anal Phonesex sliding in and out of my tight ass while he kissed me. I needed to be naughty…


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Offering 5 free mins on any paid call for anyone who has served, or is currently serving this great nation on 11/11/17. Thank you for your courage. xxx


Best Sex Positions

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