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Hey guys… I’m Stevie. You know that good girl next door you’ve always thought was cute but fantasized that behind closed doors might be a hidden sex freak? Well, you were right - that’s me! I can’t get enough of finding out what turns you on, what makes your cock rock hard and what makes you have the most amazing orgasms. You can tell me anything and I’ll never judge. I promise you, I’m just as kinky as you are - maybe more! I can’t wait to play with you and get to know all your sexual desires - you’ve never known a girl next door like me!

college son huge cock

Naughty Mommy’s College-Age Son, Part One – His Huge Cock

College son huge cock Something completely different! Hello my sexy perverts!  I know what you’ve been thinking…  You’ve been wondering, “how is Stevie ever going to follow the endless story exciting tale…

basement captive

Basement Captives – The Conclusion

Basement Captive Hello my sexy perverts! This week, both of our captive related series are coming to an end. I’ll be wrapping up both my advice for your own basement captive and…

basement captive

Having Fun With Your Own Basement Captive

Basement Captive Again this week we take a break from the world’s worst Stepdad and his Stepdaughter sex slave.  Because, again this week you had questions.  So many excellent questions!  And I…

basement captive

Selection and Care of Your Own Basement Captive

Basement Captive Well, I must admit that the overwhelming response to my last post about managing your own basement captive was quite a surprise! And so many of you had questions. I’m…

basement captive

How to Tie Up Your Own Basement Captive

Basement Captive This week we take a break from perverted stepdad and his stepdaughter sex slave for a lesson in staying in control. Since I started that series of blog posts, I…

stepdaughter sex slave

Stepdaughter Sex Slave’s Plan Backfires – Part 7

Stepdaughter sex slave Now, let’s hear from the former Stepfather pay pig The next morning I sat in my office right next to the doors that led to my stepdaughter sex slave’s…

stepdaughter sex slave

Stepdaughter Sex Slave Fights Back – Part 6

Stepdaughter sex slave keeps fighting back. He knew that I didn’t really like him or want him. And that he was having to force me to allow him or his cock anywhere…

stepdaughter sex slave

Stepdaughter Sex Slave Fights Back – Part 5

Stepdaughter sex slave fights back. His anal assault seemed to last forever, and he seemed to be enjoying it immensely. I could tell from his loud grunting and hard pounding. He had…

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