Stacy PSK

Meet Stacy, your sweet yet twisted extreme role play specialist! Stacy has had many sexual adventures and has had a booming practice as a gifted massage therapist. Ready to go an exciting ride exploring all of your kinkiest dark desires?
  • Burp Fetish Stacy

    Burp Fetish: Embarrassing Date Turns To Sexy Bubbly Fun

    Cute Guy With A Burp Fetish Requests More Soda! Have you ever met or heard of anyone with a burp fetish?  I have to admit before my date with this individual I had never heard of this particular fetish.  Before my married days, I was set up on a...
  • Hard Sex Stacy

    Hard Sex: Lusty Naughty Neighbor Pays A House Call

    How Naughty Would It Be To Have Hard Sex And Fuck That Hot Neighbor Right Now? Have you ever had a hot neighbor that you could imagine yourself having hard sex with?  When you look at him all you could think about was getting to the good stuff and...
  • Lesbian Sex Story Stacy

    Lesbian Sex Story: When Husband’s Away, the Girls Cum to Play

    Take A Peek Inside My Lesbian Sex Story of Raw Uncensored Wild Girls Only Fun! Everyone  loves a sexy lesbian sex story that gets our juices flowing.  Perhaps you’re a horny guy who loves hot girl on girl action or perhaps that desperate housewife who has pent up desires that...
  • High School Sex Stories Stacy

    High School Sex Stories: Making The Difference With the Best Medicine

    High School Sex Stories Weren’t Really So Innocent, Were They? Even the most seemingly innocent high school sex stories contained their own special mischief filled with horny teens exploring one another, raging hormones, and new discoveries that were hidden from us by our parents.  This story takes place near...
  • Impregnation Fetish Stacy

    Impregnation Fetish: How Far A Wife Went To Stay Married

    How Far Will A Wife Go To Appease Her Husband’s Impregnation Fetish?   How far would you go to appease someone with an impregnation fetish?   In my friend Sarah’s case almost anything.  Sarah and her husband Mark married almost three years ago.  One of the conditions of their marriage is...
  • bi cuckold Stacy

    Bi Cuckold: He Made A Better Cock Sucker Than Lover

    Is There A Little Bi Cuckold In All Men? I have come to the conclusion there is a little bi cuckold in more than half of the men I’ve run across.  Let’s take my sister Renee and he sissy of a husband Pat.  Sometimes, we call him Patty because...
  • cousin sex stories

    Cousin Sex Stories: Bratty Cousin Caught, Punishment Administered

    A Hot Cousin Sex Stories Blog Shows What Happens To Nosy Boys Who Get Too Curious! I wanted to tell you a cousin sex stories little teaser today about my nosy cousin Luke.  Luke paid frequent visits to the house especially in the summer.  My mother adored Luke.  He...
  • Cuckold Blog Stacy

    Cuckold Blog: The Husband Who Was In It To Win It

    Read My Cuckold Blog About A Greedy Man Who Had Thought He Had It All! This is my sexy cuckold blog about a man who was playing a game that got him caught for life.  Was this a win win situation or a win lose situation or…what?  Our friend...
  • Best Sex Positions

    Best Sex Positions: Going the Extra Mile To Get Some Cock

    Experimenting With My Best Sex Positions To Get Some On A Bus! What are your kinkiest best sex positions that you have experimented with?  There are tons of books on this very subject with explicit diagrams of couples engaging in almost impossible poses.  When it’s all said and done,...