Stacy PSK

Meet Stacy, your sweet yet twisted extreme role play specialist! Stacy has had many sexual adventures and has had a booming practice as a gifted massage therapist. Ready to go an exciting ride exploring all of your kinkiest dark desires?
  • free sex story

    Free Sex Story: Enjoying Tasty Treats At the Grocery Store

    Today’s Free Sex Story Takes Us to the Grocery Store? What the heck, free sex story… store?  You may think the grocery store to be a pretty bland place where we go to buy this necessary thing called food.  Back in my college days,  I went home to visit...
  • Hardcore Sex Stories Stacy

    Hardcore Sex Stories: The Man Who Became A Sex Star

    Check Out the Erotic Hardcore Sex Stories Performance! What comes to mind when you think of hardcore sex stories?  Do you think of major gang bangs, cheating wives, swingers having no limits fun?  My friend  Evan always dreamed of being an actor.  He never dreamed that he would be...
  • Group Sex Stories Stacy

    Group Sex Stories: The Wife Who Wanted More Than One Man

    Does Marriage Allow for the Occasional Group Sex Stories Adventure? Did someone forget to include group sex stories trysts in their wedding vows?  Well, Candy certainly thought so.  Ray and Candy’s wedding was nothing short of elaborate.  All the most affluent society was present.  Ray spared no expense to...
  • Incest Sex Story Stacy

    Incest Sex Story: Brother Endures Punishment to Seduce His Hot Sister

    A Hot Incest Sex Story of Punishment and Seduction! Do you have a hot incest sex story you think about when you’re alone?  Perhaps it’s about your very sexy mommy that even your friends admit they look at when they would visit your house.  Maybe it’s your hot cousin...
  • fetishes

    Fetishes: Desperation Forces Shy Girl to Think Outside of the Cubicle

    Exotic Fetishes Cum Out to Play! What are your darkest unspoken fetishes?  Come on, we all have them!  Perhaps they only surface once in a while.  Regardless of the fetish we all long to indulge in what turns us on.  Like in the case of my sister Renee.  She...
  • cuckold

    Cuckold: Gold Medal Winner Puts Small Boyfriend in Last Place

    Cuckold Gold Medal Winner Puts Loser Boyfriend in Last Place! I was once first in her life, now I’m the last place loser cuckold.  The cheers from the crowd, the illustrious Gold Medal, the pride within knowing you won not only a Medal for you but for your country...
  • xxx sex story

    XXX Sex: Fun Party on the Lake Turns to Wicked Games

    The Ultimate Vacations Turns Into Wicked Forced Bi XXX Sex Experience! Have you ever had hot xxx sex?  I think we all have at one time or another.  Have you ever been forced to do something naughty and ended up liking it?  My Uncle Mario married a lady named...
  • how to have sex

    How to Have Sex: Neighbor Teaches A Lesson in the Birds and Bees

    I’ll Show You How to Have Sex My Pretty One! Remember the awkward days of wondering how to have sex?  When will we have sex?   I hope I don’t mess up when I finally do get laid!  My younger sister Vanessa was the last of us to have sex. ...
  • Lipstick Fetish with Stacy

    Lipstick Fetish: Applying Your Makeup On My Cock

    The Eccentric Star With the Lipstick Fetish Wants More Than A Touch Up! You have to have a serious lipstick fetish to work as a makeup artist.  In fact you must love makeup, have creative artistic passion , and love to make people look their best.  A true makeup...