Sara PSK

Let me help you with your throbbing urges with my sweet sexy young phone sex voice & my creative dirty mind! I want to explore you with my tongue and feel you get harder until we both cum! I love to play dirty and I am up for almost anything! I am a college student, I have a rocking bod & I am always ready and wet for you! My fav calls are Edging, Age Play, Taboo Role Play, Incest, Mutual Masturbation & Tease & Denial! Call me! 888-736-2511 ($20 for 10 minutes Credit, debit & Gift Cards accepted!)
  • wedgie fetish

    Wedgie fetish- do you get off on getting or giving wedgies?

    Wedgie fetish- another strange but hot fetish Wedgie fetish – first I actually had to look up to make sure I knew what a wedgie was. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone get one in school, but apparently it is a thing.  Here is a description I found: an...
  • Erotic sex story with Sara

    Erotic sex stories-Mom teasing Son gets Nasty!

    Erotic sex stories- Sara plays the dirty MILF Erotic sex stories- Guys that call me can get so creative! This caller loves when I play his ex on the phone. He actually sends me a script and then I go off on it when I get so wet I...
  • safer sex - phone sex with Sara

    Safer sex- Self love is as safe as it gets!

    Safer sex -why phone sex rules Safer sex – it sucks to have to think about how safe having sex is. I mean it is usually a wonderful healthy activity for a million reasons. But if you don’t want to take a chance on getting germs or a disease,...
  • What is a Fetish

    What is a Fetish – Blogathon Chapter 9 Sara loves Cum

    What is a Fetish – Taboo & Kinky – Blogathon Chapter 9 – Sara brings Special Sauce What is a Fetish – Taboo & Kinky – Blogathon Chapter 9 -girls dripping in CUM! Have you been reading this hot blogathon? Start with London’s sexy chapter one. Follow our nasty fetishes and find out why...
  • Miley Cyrus sex tape

    Miley Cyrus Sex Tape-Dirty Nasty and Hot

    Miley Cyrus sex tape- I want to make one with her! Miley Cyrus sex tape- Have you seen one? I haven’t. I have seen some of fake Mileys but none with the authentic Miley fucking hot Cyrus. I love her. I love her long tongue and hot tight body....
  • sex and the city

    Sex and the city- NYC is full endless sexual adventures for Sara

    Sex and the city- Sara and her dirty city sex day dreams Sex and the city. I am in love with this city. And I have had the best sex in my life in NYC. Of course I moved here when I was 22, so most my sexual life...
  • tongue fetish

    tongue fetish – long, sexy and wet

    Tongue fetish – I love that squishy wet exploring organ Tongue fetish- I am obsessed with tongues. I love the  moist, pink tissue and the tiny bumps that gives it rough texture. A tongue is such a sexy part of the body. I always take note of people’s tongues as...
  • interracial sex stories

    Interracial sex stories- Sara’s multi-color 3-some was red HOT!

    Interracial sex stories with Sara. Interracial sex stories- I have been with quite a few black guys. I also love my latino lovers. When it comes to sex, I think variety is best! I am so turned on by people who are different than me.  When I took a...
  • Milf Sex stories

    Milf sex stories-

    Milf sex stories- My friend Justin has a big cock. He has a big cock and is also tall and pretty hot. He doesn’t have much trouble convincing girls to fuck him. He also has great sex stories to tell me. I get so wet when he describes each...