Sara PSK

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  • fucking college girls

    Fucking college girls- Sara’s professor fucks his students

    Fucking college girls Fucking college girls-Sara’s professor finds it hard  to resist. I noticed something was going on with my research professor for a while. He would unapologetically gaze at girls asses, and many times I would see him brush up against their bodies. I didn’t know why they...
  • sex in the morning

    Sex in the morning is the best

    Sex in the morning Sex is best in the morning. I think its because we are waking up in each other’s arms.  The soft smooth sheets feel so god against my naked body. The smell of you in the morning turns me on. You can feel my warm breath...
  • Hot sex stories

    Hot sex stories-fucking in Daddy’s office chair

    Hot sex stories Sara’s fantasy about fucking in her Daddy’s office chair Hot sex stories- One of my favorite callers told me that he loved a photo I sent him of me, masturbating in an office chair. That made me think of a hot role play for us. I...
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    college girl creampie- Sara gets Cream pie for art project

    College girl creampie College girl creampie – my friend had a crazy idea for an art project. She wanted to take pics of cum on various parts of her friend’s bodies. We met for coffee one morning and discussed what she was trying to do. “I love my idea...
  • Stories about sex

    Stories about sex- Another dirty script that will make you hard!

    Stories about sex with Kinky Sara Stories about sex- I love when guys share their hot fantasies…here is a good one Jim sent me to act out on the phone with him. Jim calls me and off we go! My friend Kelly is just leaving. We were laying out...
  • free erotic sex stories

    Free erotic sex stories- written by Sexy Dirty Girls!

    Free erotic sex stories – Sara and the other sexy girls tell all here! Free erotic sex stories and so much more from the sexy girls at Phone Sex Kingdom ! I am pretty sure the guys reading this right now are already fans of our blogs. If you are new-...
  • babysitter sex stories

    Babysitter Sex Stories- the ultimate temptation

    Babysitter sex stories- Sara is your babysitting dream girl Babysitter sex stories- why are they so hot? I think we can figure that one out. You hire a cute girl to babysit your kids. You go out with your wife for a date, and all you can think of...
  • lesbian story with Sara

    Lesbian sex story-Young Sexy Girls in NYC are hard to resist

    Lesbian sex story – Sara meets a sexy girl who she had to have Lesbian sex story- I have a few. I love men but occasionally I go all out on girls. If I meet a woman that I am attracted to, I must have her. I think about...
  • fetish goddesses with Sara

    Fetish goddesses-We

    Fetish goddesses have been controlling men throughout the ages Fetish goddesses will make you weak and always have controlled men. I am busy working on my art history classes. So many papers due! I would rather just turn on the phone and play with my boys- but Monday is...