River PSK

River may be young and sweet but she isn't naive. She knows how to tease and please men like you. In fact, her favorite past time is collecting men. She enjoys ageplay, and very detailed role plays. She will become your favorite plaything! No matter what the game is. CALL RIVER 877-430-6626

Young Cheating Bride

Young Cheating Bride Challenge: Fuck Everybody!

Most girls don’t grow up thinking they want to be a young cheating bride. A lot of girls know when they’re in high school exactly who they’re going to marry. Some of…

Family Fun Roadtrip

Family Fun Roadtrip Causes Backaches for Everyone!

My favorite kind of family fun roadtrip is a lot dirtier than the common comedy trope you’re used to. You know how they are written. First, families feud but pile into a…

Big Cock Cartoon

Big Cock Cartoon Creates Unreal Expectations? Fuck No!

Does a big cock cartoon create unreal expectations in the real world? I’ve set out, in this very scientific blog post, to dispel common concerns around this topic. Porn is supposed to…

Real Girlfriend Sextape

Real Girlfriend Sextape Taken Without My Knowledge

Nothing hits as hard as the real stuff as far as I’m concerned. Scripted porn can be entertaining to downright hilarious, but for my money, I’ll take real amateur every time. If…

Cock Teasing Babysitter

Cock Teasing Babysitter Always Gets What She Wants

Babysitting kids has always been one of my favorite things to do, because who doesn’t love kids? Wait, don’t answer that. haha I should rephrase; I have a lot of fun babysitting.…

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