Ramona PSK

If you want to have some Taboo Hot Phone Sex fun, call me.... Ramona. I am that no limits MILF you have been aching for. I will always give you an Expert Detailed Role Play.
  • BBC cuckold

    BBC Cuckold : You Will Never Measure Up To My Big Black Bull

    BBC Cuckold: From the first kiss to my last orgasm he fills all my needs completely BBC Cuckold: I need to tell you all about my beautiful big black bull. He has an amazing muscled hard body and a very pretty, long and very thick   strong cock. Just the sight of him...
  • sex toys

    Sex Toys : He Calls Me While Fucking Himself With His Wife’s Dildo

    Sex Toys: He Imagines it is my Big Strap On fucking him, pounding, pegging his hot sexy ass. Sex Toys : I love to hear him on the other end of the phone moaning in pleasure. When his wife is out he takes out her Big Black Dildo. He works it  and puts...
  • pantyhose fetish

    Pantyhose Fetish: Silky, Soft, You Love The Look and The Feel

    Pantyhose Fetish: Your eyes haven’t left my pantyhose encased legs since you walked in here Pantyhose Fetish: What is it about those shiny tan pantyhose on a sexy pair of long legs like mine that make your cock twitch? I love getting all dressed up to go out on the town with my silky...
  • bdsm sex stories

    BDSM Sex Stories: He is a pathetic slave and lives to worship his Mistress

    BDSM Sex Stories: He learned at a young age that women are superior, we need to be served and worshipped. BDSM Sex Stories: He is inferior in so many ways and he knows it. He is a pathetic slave and lives to worship his Mistress. He has a tiny cock, puny little balls...
  • erotic sex stories

    Erotic Sex Stories: I Know You Have Been Watching Me

    Erotic Sex Stories: As you watch me you imagine that it is you touching me, feeling me, pleasuring me Erotic Sex Stories:I know you have been watching me from your bedroom window. You must know by now that I love to put on a show. You watch me as I undress in front of...
  • Cum eating

    Cum Eating: I Will Make You Eat Your Creamy Load

    Cum Eating: Try It You’ll Like It Cum Eating: I know you have thought about it. You have probably always wanted to do it. I  You have always wanted a taste of your creamy load but never had the balls to do it. Well it is time we made it happen....
  • anal sex stories

    Anal Sex Stories: My Boyfriend Loves It Deep Inside His Ass

    Anal Sex Stories: He went bat shit crazy and came immediately Anal Sex Stories:  We have always had great sex but recently we have taken it to a whole new level. It all started when I was giving him a blow job and he was eating my pussy, I...
  • femdom fetish

    Femdom Fetish: Spanking Phone Sex Turns Me On

    Femdom Fetish: It is so hot to see your bottom all striped, red, bruised and even welted. Femdom Fetish: I have to admit that when I want to let off some steam, nothing is better than a Spanking Phone Sex call. To have a Submissive, Sissy, ABDL , or a naughty...
  • Sex Offenders

    Sex Offenders: Your Nasty Thoughts Are Safe With Me

    Sex Offenders: I will give you a very detailed and realistic naughty role play Sex Offenders: Don’t let the sweet smile fool you. Some of my favorite calls are with dirty perverts just like you . Do you have secret desires that you don’t dare mention to anyone? Thoughts so...