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Hi, my name is Mallory. I have been a naughty girl since my early years. I learned at a young age that I can seduce, please, and/or control a cock with just the sway of my hips. I am very open-minded and love to explore. Now I'm online and doing the kinkiest and naughtiest things in phone sex. Read my naughty stories about, masturbation, cuckold, foot fetish, accomplice phone sex, Age play phone and much more. 1-877-729-7626
  • teen sex stories

    Teen Sex Stories: Teen Party Just For You

    Your cock seems to get extremely stiff at the thought of hot teen sex stories. I’ve noticed the uncanny affection for those cute bratty teens.  You are well aware that I love nothing better than to use those little teen cunts.  I cant wait to teach them what their...
  • family sex stories

    Family Sex Stories: Behind Mommy’s Bedroom Door

    Family sex stories are always hot if you have a mommy as sizzling as me. Imagine coming out of your room to get a drink of water. You pause because you hear sounds. You began walking down the hall, continuing to follow the unfamiliar the sounds. They lead you...
  • Taboo Phone Sex

    Taboo Phone Sex: Tell me all of your naughty desires!

    Welcome to the perfect place to fulfill your taboo phone sex fantasy! I trust what you’ve enjoyed the view thus far. I know you have searched day and night for the perfect kinky phone slut to satisfy your wicked desires.   You are constantly lured in by sexy and attractive...
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    Cuckold Phone Sex: Finding Use for Your Tiny Dick

    Cuckold Phone Sex is all I have to offer you and your belly button penis. I sure you have figured out that you will never enter these pussy lips with that small dick of yours. Let’s be honest, you don’t deserve this perfect pussy. A body this perfect, the...
  • Impregnation fetish

    Impregnation Fetish: On the Prowl for My Breeder!

    I have such an impregnation fetish. So tonight I am a tigress on the prowl when walking into the bar. I know exactly what had gotten into me, the need to be knocked up.  Yes, I have a hunger, and it’s a hunger for big a hard throbbing cock. Just thinking...
  • taboo phone sex

    Taboo Phone Sex: Walked in on you with the babysitter!

    Everyone loves taboo phone sex stories.  I personally think that babysitter sex stories are one of the hottest. Today’s naughty tale is all about me being your sexy hot wife and catching you with your hands in the young cookie jar. Our naughty teen babysitter has managed to put you...
  • first-time sex stories

    First-Time Sex Stories: Taking My Brother’s Virginity

    I just love the sharing of first-time sex stories.   This one today is all about my innocent little brother. Well, let’s just say he is not so innocent anymore. I have definitely fixed that. He is now my new little toy in training. I am sure you’re wondering how...
  • Crazy sex stories

    Crazy Sex Stories: I fucked Santa at the Christmas Party

    I really enjoy sharing crazy sex stories. These stories always make me wet, as I share the kinky details. My best friend works for a huge law firm. She takes me every year to her annual Christmas party because we know how to get the party started. We were having a great time....
  • young sex stories

    Young Sex Stories: Tales of Accomplice Phone Sex

    I just get so turned with hot young sex stories. One of my favorites is accomplice phone sex, it’s something I can never get enough of.  I love being able to help my naughty men, with their kinky sex stories and fantasies.  Yeah, I know some think we are naughty...