London Psk

Hey guys, London here. Ever since I was little I’ve always been one of the boys. Rough, dirty, and shameless. I’ve also been adventurous, and not just in the nerdy D&D sense. I absolutely love trying new things, learning about new fetishes, and expanding my creativity. So, here I am at the Kingdom and I’m eager to explore this kinky castle. My other interests include rock music, Marvel, gaming, and anime.
  • Adult Sex Stories

    Adult Sex Stories – A Kinky Camping Weekend Experience

    Adult Sex Stories – A Kinky Camping Weekend Adult sex stories are what I’m all about and this one takes the cake. If you want true sex stories then call my sex hotline because I’ve got a metric fuck ton of them. This guy I’ve been seeing, Jordan, decided...
  • funny sex stories

    Funny Sex Stories Kinky Mad Lib Style With Google Home

    Funny Sex Stories Mad Lib Style With Google Home Funny sex stories always seem to get to me. I know, it seems like I’m coming up with a lot of them lately and I think it’s pretty epic. So, if you like any kind of phone sex then you...
  • family sex stories

    Family Sex Stories – Daddy’s Little Slut Caught on Camera

    Family Sex Stories – Daughter Caught on Camera Family sex stories are so hot and kinky, especially when one family member is oblivious and one knows every dirty detail. This age play phone sex story will get you so hot and horny. Daddy was over at his friend’s house...
  • bdsm sex stories

    BDSM Sex Stories Continued – The Kinky Night Gets Intense

    BDSM Sex Stories Continued BDSM sex stories continued to part 2. You can read the first part here. If you’re into some kinky phone sex and you liked the first part then keep reading. I’m tied to the chair and completely at your mercy. With a grin, you start...
  • BDSM sex stories

    BDSM Sex Stories – The Beginning of a Hot, Kinky Night

    BDSM Sex Stories – Beginning of a Hot, Kinky Night BDSM sex stories are my specialty and this one is no different. Well, maybe this one is because it wasn’t my fantasy brought to life. You know who you are and this BDSM phone sex story is for you....
  • babysitter sex stories

    Babysitter Sex Stories – XXX Age Play Fetish Fantasy

    Babysitter Sex Stories – XXX Age Play Fantasy Babysitter sex stories with London with yet another twist. I could do the cliche teen babysitter fucks the daddy of the kids she’s watching, however, this is so much better. If you’re into age play phone sex then stick around for some...
  • forced sex stories

    Forced Sex Stories – Abducted and Raped by a Clown

    Forced Sex Stories – Raped by a Clown Forced sex stories usually mean rape and that’s exactly what happened. So, if you like rape fantasy phone sex then you’ll love this free sex story! I went to the circus with a group of my friends, however, a few short...
  • Funny Sex Stories

    Funny Sex Stories – We Built a Minecraft Sex Dungeon!

    Funny Sex Stories -Minecraft Sex Dungeon Funny sex stories are some good times especially if they aren’t planned. If you like the girlfriend experience phone sex then give me a call and let’s see what we can come up with. When my boyfriend came over we never thought we’d be...
  • BDSM Sex Stories

    BDSM Sex Stories – Choking Fetish & How To Do It SAFELY

    BDSM Sex Stories – Choking & How To Do It Safely BDSM sex stories are my favorite type of erotica, however, this is a real-life topic I’ve had a lot of experience with. It’s so much fun but also comes much danger. I’m writing this to help you have...