London Psk

Hey guys, London here. Ever since I was little I’ve always been one of the boys. Rough, dirty, and shameless. I’ve also been adventurous, and not just in the nerdy D&D sense. I absolutely love trying new things, learning about new fetishes, and expanding my creativity. So, here I am at the Kingdom and I’m eager to explore this kinky castle. My other interests include rock music, Marvel, gaming, and anime.
  • fantasy sex stories

    Fantasy Sex Stories – The Second Day of XXX-Mas

    Fantasy Sex Stories – The Twelve Days of XXX-Mas The Second Day of XXX-Mas Fantasy sex stories are so much fun, especially when a bunch of us get together. To know what happened on the First Day of XXX-Mas, click here. When I woke up the next day, I...
  • Pantyhose Fetish

    Pantyhose Fetish – How I Dominate & Control Daddy

    Pantyhose Fetish And How I Control Daddy Many people have a pantyhose fetish and Daddy is no exception. This is an incest phone sex fantasy I’ve been thinking about because I can’t get it out of my mind. So, if you like age play phone sex and some sensual...
  • Rough Sex

    Rough Sex at the Altar of My Home Church – Religious Play

    Rough Sex & Religious Play Rough sex is something I can never get enough of because I know I’m a bad girl. This fantasy isn’t for the light-hearted. It’s about taboo phone sex and about hardcore, intense phone sex. My phone rang and when I heard his voice on...
  • adult sex stories

    Adult Sex Stories – I Fucked My Ex in a Hot, Steamy Shower

    Adult Sex Stories – Shower Sex With My Ex Adult sex stories are the erotic kind. So, if you’d like a naughty adult chat and some steamy hot phone sex then this blog will make your cock stand up. My water went out one day and there was just...
  • anal sex stories

    Anal Sex Stories of the Messiest Variety – Scat Fetish

    Anal Sex Stories – Scat Fetish Anal sex stories are something I don’t think I’ve done much of recently. Just so we’re clear, yes, I do love some good, hardcore anal phone sex because, well, who doesn’t? And, because I’m one kinky bitch, I like it messy. One day...
  • family sex stories

    Family Sex Stories – Threesome With Brother & Daddy

    Family Sex Stories -Threesome With Brother & Daddy Family sex stories are always fun, especially when it’s a threeway. If you know me, you know I love being sandwiched between two throbbing hard dicks. Everybody knows I’m a big incest phone sex whore. I’ve been fucking around with my...
  • impregnation sex stories

    Impregnation Sex Stories – Knocked Up by a Dead Man

    Impregnation Sex Stories – Knocked Up by a Dead Man Impregnation sex stories are seriously hot, however, this blog is in the spirit of Halloween and is based on the fake article written by Dead Serious News in 2010. This is supposed to be fun and isn’t meant to...
  • girlfriend cuckold

    Girlfriend Cuckold – I Got Gangbanged as Slave Leia

    Girlfriend Cuckold – Gangbanged as Slave Leia Girlfriend cuckold is what I’m very good at. You could say it’s one of my many talents. I love doing it so if you like cuckold phone sex then you’ve come to the right place. Grab your pathetic baby dick and read...
  • MILF sex stories

    MILF Sex Stories – Reverse Ageplay Roleplay for Halloween

    MILF Sex Stories – Reverse Ageplay Roleplay Fantasy MILF sex stories as a reverse ageplay roleplay fetish fantasy for Halloween! Who doesn’t like a little mature phone sex and I know I’m not old enough to be a MILF just yet. However, I can be sophisticated. I was home...