Kali is a sexy, young latina raised in Los Angeles.. She uses all her gifts to tease the guys, making them melt in her hands just from hearing her sweet, silky voice. Seducing men double her age, or more - the older, the better. She'll use her soft lips to whisper little temptations to you in Spanish. You'll find yourself daydreaming, aching for the way she moans your name and pulls you into the darkest of your fantasies. No one has to know.. It will be your secret. Come indulge in the bad girl that you've always secretly wanted.. Want to see more of me? » Click here to go to my page.
  • Impregnation sex stories

    Impregnation Sex Stories: No Condoms With Daddy Means More Fun

    Dirty little impregnation sex stories to fuck to.. Some impregnation sex stories can be so naughty. It’s easy to talk about not using condoms, and playing around raw-dogging it. Something about it being my naughty Daddy makes it all much more fun, though. He treats me like his little slutty princess....
  • Dirty quickie

    Dirty Quickie Punishment For A Bratty Girl.. He Takes My Ass!

    A dirty quickie to keep a bratty girl in check.. Dirty quickie never fails.. I love being a little brat, a little spoiled, and a big tease. My ‘friend’ went on a bar crawl with me and we got unbelievably drunk off our asses, it was so much fun. The problem is,...
  • amateur cuckold

    Amateur Cuckold Gets Caught Off Guard By A Giant Cock

    My poor, little amateur cuckold.. An amateur cuckold slut should always expect a big cock on the first date, right? I mean, it just makes sense that if I go out of my way to find a guy to play with, it’s gonna be a huge one. I’m talking...
  • oral sex

    Oral Sex & The Lips He Craves: I Drive Him Wild All Night

    Oral sex might be a treat..but for me, it’s a weapon. Oral sex and deepthroating.. Every guy craves it. Sometimes women use it as a treat that men only get when they’re good, and I’m totally guilty of doing that too. But lately, I’ve been using it like a...
  • pantyhose fetish

    Sexy Stockings To Tease His Pantyhose Fetish All Night

    My, my, my, what a pantyhose fetish does to a man.. A pantyhose fetish is what’s driving my boy toy insane. I’ve previously written about how I learned about my boy toy’s long list of kinks. He’s not the best at hiding his fantasies from me, or his porn...
  • sex stories

    Sex Stories I Played Out To Tease My Boyfriend’s Fantasies

    I love making our own sex stories.. Sex stories were all over my boyfriend’s internet history! What a little amateur, right? Who doesn’t wipe their internet history anymore? I wouldn’t have even snooped, but I wrote something into the search bar and a very well-known erotica site popped up…...
  • pantyhose fetish

    Pantyhose Fetish Boyfriend Sits, Licks, And Kisses My Stockings

    Some pantyhose fetish ideas turned my boyfriend’s world upside down.. Pantyhose fetish boys are so much fun to play with. Really, I could completely drive him wild with just the way I’d wear a shorter dress, that let the edges of my stockings peek out. He loved seeing the...
  • panty fetish

    Panty Fetish Dreams Keeping You Up At Night? Come Sniff Mine.

    The sweet little smell of my pussy will bring your panty fetish dreams to life. A panty fetish, huh? You just love the thought of being able to get your nose into a sweet pair of my lacy thongs. Well guess what? I’m not going to make it easy...
  • anal sex

    Anal Sex Adventures When He Gets Rough, Fast, and Mean.

    I fucking love it rough, but anal sex was always a softer point.. Anal sex can be ridiculously fun in the right situation. When I first started getting curious about it, I’d play with a little butt plug. A few times, I even managed to lube up the head of...