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pushing pain limits

I Had so Much Fun Pushing Pain Limits With my Sub!

A little vibrator always helps with pushing pain limits and scene play. My littl...

public shame

I Was Involved in a Fun Little Public Shame Scene at a Party!

My little sub learned a hard lesson through a little bit of public shame at a pa...

diaper humiliation

The Ultimate Dose of Helplessness and Humility Is Diaper Humiliation.

I have been seeking new and taboo ways to make my subs feel extra controlled or ...

forced wetting

The ultimate humiliation and control scene is some forced wetting!

I can come up with a sexy little forced wetting scene that will turn you on and ...

girl daddy

A Cute, Tiny, Little Girl Daddy Can Really Execute a Power Exchange.

Many big strong men want a tiny little girl daddy to peg them into oblivion. Man...

feminine power

True Worship of Feminine Power in the Rawest Form!

I led a devout and trustworthy sub into the depths of feminine power. We had dis...

complete sex marathon

Cumming to the Point of Total Exhaustion at the End of a Complete Sex Marathon!

My complete sex marathon was topped off with a rocking orgasm. After already cum...

total surrender

Letting Her Draw Me Out and Please Me With Total Surrender!

After getting teased into oblivion, my sexy little sub edged me into total surre...

sweet reciprocation

Getting Teased and Getting Some Well Due Sweet Reciprocation.

After edging and torturing my sweet little subject for half a day, I was in for ...

meaningful sensual experience

Mindful Sex and Connective Orgasms Give You a Meaningful Sensual Experience!

As I kissed up and down her soft thighs, I knew that this was a meaningful sensu...

2 months ago
female form

Loving and Appreciating Every Part of the Female Form.

After removing her bra, I really started appreciating every part of the female f...

mindful sex

Taking the Time to Fully Appreciate Women Through Mindful Sex.

Having mindful sex is hard. You are not having mindful sex if you find yourself ...

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