Gracie Psk

Hey there! My name is Gracie! I love age play! I have NO limits; say whatever you want to me! I'll say whatever you want me to. I can be your bratty teen who you take shopping for an ounce of attention. I also love to be your sweet little girl who is VERY curious. Will you teach me naughty things? I can be a bad, bad girl! I bet I'm naughtier than you are... Give me a call at 888-231-9349 or cum find me on


I can still remember my first lesbian experience!

My first lesbian experience goes way back. I wouldn’t count it as my first lesbian experience fully because we didn’t do all that much for the purpose of being attracted to each…

Riding it

My favorite kind of fucking is hate fucking!

By far, the most satisfying sex is hate fucking! Hate fucking can be therapeutic in many ways. My ex-boyfriend dumped me for this stalky. bimbo in the grade below me. It was…

little bitch

I love a little feminization punishment to show a man his place.

Sometimes a mistress needs to engage in a little feminization punishment in order to assert her dominance. For my subject’s feminization punishment, I turned him into a full-fledged girl! I had been receiving…

fucked my boyfriend's dad

Last New Years, I fucked my boyfriend’s dad!

One of my biggest secrets is the time that I fucked my boyfriend’s dad! I was still in that current relationship when I fucked my boyfriend’s dad. It occurred right after my town’s…


When santa raped me at the community mall!

When my parents left me alone at the mall, santa raped me. When santa raped me, my parents had to conveniently leave me with him to go grab the camera out of the car. My…

spit fetish

Have you ever had a rinsing fetish?

A rinsing fetish involves one person spitting on the other! Often with a rinsing fetish, the submissive holds his mouth open to receive the saliva of the dominant. My older brother used…


My daddy had me be a kidnapping accomplice for him!

As a young child, my daddy made me his kidnapping accomplice. I didn’t know that I was a kidnapping accomplice at the time; I was just trying to please my daddy! As…


I came last night to a wild little hentai porn session!

I was watching porn and I stumbled across some hentai porn. I decided that I have been relatively judgmental against hentai porn. I was under the assumption that because it was animated,…

sex with a furry

Have you ever had sex with a furry?

You may have heard of bestiality, but sex with a furry is a little bit different than that! Having sex with a furry is just having sex with a person dressed as…

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