Gisele PSK

I am Gisele Kinky GFE phonesex with the sexiest voice and dirtiest mind . Sexy sweet and ready to play ANY role you'd like.No exceptions! I am the girlfriend with a heart of gold and a great listener. But I have a very dark side that craves the sickest kind of calls. GFE - Extreme Taboo - Age Play - Mutual Masturbation - K-9 - Daddy/Daughter - Mommy - Cuckold - Humiliatrix - Small Dick Giggler-snuff-
  • anal sex stories with Gisele

    Anal Sex Stories ; Kiss My Ass Some More

    This Is The Start Of One Of My Anal Sex Stories A good friend of mine that lives a couple of hours away often invites me to spend the weekend. Since they live at a beautiful lakefront property, and it’s lovely there, so I do go every couple of...
  • Gisele tells real life sex stories

    Real Life Sex Stories ; They Watched Me Masturbate To Phonesex

    Real life sex stories can often be way hotter than any fiction Real life sex stories can often be way hotter than any fiction. Recently I had a couple of plumbers working on my bathroom doing some upgrades. And I told them if they needed me for anything I’d...
  • Gisele watches cum eating clients

    Cum Eating ; My Yummy Cum Eating Client

    One Of My Clients Loves To Eat His Cum On Food One of my callers likes to show off on Skype and masturbate for me. He has a special little kink though, he doesn’t just masturbate, he like to cum on food and then eat it before the call...
  • Gisele can tell a hot brother sister sex story

    Brother Sister Sex Story ; Sibling Tag Team

    I Had Read A  Brother Sister Sex Story Before But.. I had read a brother sister sex story or two in my time, but never thought I’d ever actually meet anyone into that. Or at least I never thought they’d reveal such a taboo secret. This friend of mine...
  • Gisele has hot threesome sex stories

    Threesome Sex Stories : Cross Country Cumming

    I have a few threesome sex stories under my belt I have a few threesome sex stories under my belt. All different and fun in their own way. But last summer I went on a fun cross country road trip with a couple of male friends of mine. And...
  • Gisele has hot sex stories

    Hot Sex: Hot Sex With My Lawn Boy

    I had a thing for the lawn guy ever since I hired him I had a thing for the lawn guy ever since I hired him. He’s a college student from down the street that does yard work for extra tuition money. And many in the neighborhood use his...
  • Gisele tells babysitter sex stories

    Babysitter Sex Stories ; Watching The Babysitter Masturbate

    Lots Of Us Have Various Babysitter Sex Stories Lots of us have various babysitter sex stories of one kind or another from our youth. This one single dad I used to babysit for was a really good looking guy. He was a widower and never saw any ladies, he...
  • Gisele lhas sexy college sex stories

    College Sex Stories ; Sucking Cock At Camp

    Some College Sex Stories Can Be Very Wild Most of us that went to college have some college sex stories. But some are more ridiculous than others. Every summer I was in college I worked as a camp counselor during the summer to earn tuition money. And it was...
  • blackmail stories with Gisele

    Blackmail ; Blackmailing My Pervy Brother In Law

    No Doubt My Brother In Law Hid That Camera  In The Bathroom I was staying at my older sister’s house for a few weeks when my condo was undergoing some renovations. And it got a lot more interesting than I’d anticipated it w ould. I spotted something in the bathroom...