Gisele PSK

I am Gisele Kinky GFE phonesex with the sexiest voice and dirtiest mind . Sexy sweet and ready to play ANY role you'd like.No exceptions! I am the girlfriend with a heart of gold and a great listener. But I have a very dark side that craves the sickest kind of calls. GFE - Extreme Taboo - Age Play - Mutual Masturbation - K-9 - Daddy/Daughter - Mommy - Cuckold - Humiliatrix - Small Dick Giggler-snuff-
  • Gisele tells hot teacher sex stories

    Teacher Sex Stories : My Teacher’s Sex Slave

    He Said He Had A Solution For My Failing Grades When I was in high school, I wasn’t sure for a while if I was going to have to repeat my senior year. I was failing a couple of different classes and my parents were very disappointed in me....
  • Gisele tells hot teen sex stories

    Teen Sex Stories ; Step Dads Whipping

    As A Teen I Would Always Take My Boyfriend Home To Fuck I know of many naughty teen sex stories. But one I actually lived out, and with my step dad. I never imagined events would unfold as they did, but things happen sometimes we’d never have imagined. This...
  • cheating sex stories with Gisele

    Cheating Sex Stories ; My Little Secret

    Sometimes Cheating Sex Stories Unfold Differently Than We’d Imagine They Would. Sometimes cheating sex stories unfold differently than we’d imagine they would. Recently I needed to make some money rather quickly and I thought stripping might be a way to make a few bucks easily. But my town was...
  • fantasy sex stories

    Fantasy Sex Stories ; The Stripper

    I’m big on fantasy sex stories I’m big on fantasy sex stories . I often read them when I masturbate on erotic short stories sites. Last night I went to a bachelorette party and they had a male stripper as one of the entertainment features. He was really good...
  • Gisele made her boyfriend a cuckold

    Cuckold ; A Cuckold Surprise

    I Was Snooping On My Boyfriend’s Computer And Was In Shock So I found out when I was snooping on my boyfriend’s computer browsing history he has quite a thing for cuckold. Which he’d never mentioned to me before. So I thought I might give him what he was...
  • Gisele loves hot sex

    Hot Sex ; Phone Sex Fun And Masturbation

    I Love To Masturbate On My Calls I really do love my job as a phone sex operator. I’ve always had a high sex drive, and this job lets me combine working with that, what could be better? I have lots of hot sex with my boyfriend and he...
  • Gisele has some embarrassing sex stories

    Embarrassing Sex Stories ; Secret Admirer Wasn’t What I Thought

    I Thought I was Being Stalked I have several embarrassing sex stories , not a doubt every single one of us does. But not too long ago I thought I was being stalked, but it wasn’t what it seemed like. I like to walk around in the nude. And...
  • gisele's blackmail sex stories

    Blackmail Sex Stories ; Private Cam Show With A Familiar Stranger

    It Seemed Like A Good Way To Make Quick Money Many of us have read blackmail sex stories, but you never think it can happen to you. It did to me, recently. I’d been really short on money lately, since my boss cut back on my hours. And I...
  • crazy sex stories are hot

    Crazy Sex Stories ; Two Of Us Wanted The Same Guy So We Shared Him

    Crazy Sex Stories And An Unexpected Threesome My girlfriend and I have tons of crazy sex stories between the two of us. And we add a few more each year, like last weekend when we went clubbing. There was this very good looking guy we both spotted on the...