Gisele PSK

I am Gisele Kinky GFE phonesex with the sexiest voice and dirtiest mind . Sexy sweet and ready to play ANY role you'd like.No exceptions! I am the girlfriend with a heart of gold and a great listener. But I have a very dark side that craves the sickest kind of calls. GFE - Extreme Taboo - Age Play - Mutual Masturbation - K-9 - Daddy/Daughter - Mommy - Cuckold - Humiliatrix - Small Dick Giggler-snuff-
  • Gisele babysitter sex stories

    Babysitter Sex Stories : Babysitting For The Kinky Couple

    This Is One Of My Babysitter Sex Stories Many of us that babysat over the years have a few babysitter sex stories about things that either happened on the job. Or with the man in the family that hired us. When I was in college I used to babysit...
  • Gisele tells hot incest sex stories

    Incest Sex Stories ; Playing With My Stepbrother

    Incest Sex Stories  Can Be Very Hot I’m sure many of us with step brothers and sisters have some fun and exciting incest sex stories. I know I do! My step brother is a really sexy guy, and although we haven’t gone all the way yet, I’m pretty sure...
  • Gisele has a size fetish

    Size Fetish ; I Couldn’t Resist His Great Big Bulge

    I Have Always Had A Size Fetish I have always had a size fetish, what can I say? Big dicks are better, it’s as simple as that. I work as a nurse’s aid in a clinic, and I get to see lots of guys in various states of undress....
  • Gisele loves public sex

    Public Sex ; A Walk In The Park Started Our First Public Sex Story

    This Was Our First Public Sex Story My boyfriend and I were out for a walk after dinner recently in a nearby park. And as we were walking along hand in hand we started to talk about some of our favorite sexual encounters together. We were getting horny as...
  • Gisele tells great babysitter sex stories

    Babysitter Sex Stories ; Sexy Babysitter And The Horny Dad

    Babysitter Sex Stories Are Something That Many Girls Have Babysitter sex stories are something that many girls have. If not fucking their boyfriends in the house they are sitting in when the kids are upstairs sleeping, to fucking the dads of the kids they are sitting for and getting...
  • Gisele Loves the diaper fetish

    Diaper Fetish : My Very Own Diaper Boy

    I never thought I would have a boyfriend into diaper fetish I never thought I would have a boyfriend into diaper fetish. But a few years ago, I did. I was a few years older than him and I think that may have been what attracted him to me...
  • Gisele has hot college girls stories

    College Girls ; The Sorority Girls Take A Hostage

    College Girls Can Be Some Of The Sexiest Girls There Are College girls can be some of the sexiest girls there are. I ought to know, since I well recall being one of them. It was the time of my real sexual education, finally away from home and under...
  • anal sex stories with Gisele

    Anal Sex Stories ; Kiss My Ass Some More

    This Is The Start Of One Of My Anal Sex Stories A good friend of mine that lives a couple of hours away often invites me to spend the weekend. Since they live at a beautiful lakefront property, and it’s lovely there, so I do go every couple of...
  • Gisele tells real life sex stories

    Real Life Sex Stories ; They Watched Me Masturbate To Phonesex

    Real life sex stories can often be way hotter than any fiction Real life sex stories can often be way hotter than any fiction. Recently I had a couple of plumbers working on my bathroom doing some upgrades. And I told them if they needed me for anything I’d...