Gisele PSK

I am Gisele Kinky GFE phonesex with the sexiest voice and dirtiest mind . Sexy sweet and ready to play ANY role you'd like.No exceptions! I am the girlfriend with a heart of gold and a great listener. But I have a very dark side that craves the sickest kind of calls. GFE - Extreme Taboo - Age Play - Mutual Masturbation - K-9 - Daddy/Daughter - Mommy - Cuckold - Humiliatrix - Small Dick Giggler-snuff-
  • Gisele tells crazy babysitter stories

    Babysitter Stories;Caught Partying All Weekend Long

    It Was A Slamming Party Until We Were Busted One of my hotter babysitter stories I have was when the guy I was babysitting for came home early. And he caught me using his house for a party he never agreed to. He’d gone to this out of town...
  • Gisele and teen sex stories

    Teen Sex Stories; Sex Toy Surprise And Masturbation Addiction

    This Is One Of My Teen Sex Stories We all have some teen sex stories in our past. But one of my more amusing ones that comes to mind is when I was in my teens and at a friends for a sleep over. My friend and I were...
  • gisele has a secret lesbian sex story

    Lesbian Sex; Making New Friends With Benefits

    I Didn’t Plan To Have Lesbian Sex Recently I went out on a double date and it turned out a lot differently than I thought it would. And in the best possible way. My boyfriend said this coworker of hi s was fairly new to the area. And was...
  • I can suck my own cock Gisele

    “I Can Suck My Own Cock”; Self Cum Sucker On Skype

    He Told Me “I Can Suck My Own Cock” The other night I was talking on the phone to this client and he was boasting about the length of his cock. And of course many men seem to greatly exaggerate t   he length of themselves. But this guy...
  • Gisele has a diaper fetish

    Diaper Fetish; Such A Good Sexy Baby

    He Had A Diaper Fetish But It Had A Twist This boyfriend I used to have was into diaper fetish. It was odd, most guys into that fetish are into wearing them themselves. But he wanted his ladies to be doing it in front of him, watching a girlfriend...
  • Gisele and hot sex threesome

    Hot Sex; Happy Birthday Baby! Let’s Have A Threesome

    I Suggested That We Could Give Him  A Birthday Surprise Of Hot Sex My friend asked me a few weeks ago what she could do to make her boyfriends birthday extra special. Did I have any ideas. I grinned and she asked what was I thinking. I told her...
  • Gisele tells incest sex stories

    Incest Sex Stories; My Summer With My Pervert Uncle

    This Was  A Kinky Summer Vacation Some of us have incest sex stories in our past. And sometimes they can be fun ones to look back on, a bit inappropriate at times, but amusing at others. This one summer in my teens, my parents went on a cruise and...
  • Gisele has hot babysitter sex stories

    Babysitter Sex Stories; Catching The Babysitter Playing With Her Pussy

    Babysitter Sex Stories Can Be Pretty Naughty Lots of us that have babysat over the years have some hot, babysitter sex stories. But mine is pretty hot, or I always thought so, you tell me. This man I babysit for sometimes, he was very nice and he had this huge...
  • gisele is cuckolding her boyfriend

    Cuckolding; My Cuckolding Fuckfest With His Friend

    My Boyfriend Had A Little Problem Of Cumming Too Quickly I love my boyfriend, and his cock isn’t that small or anything. But he doesn’t last as long as I’d like him to. And I want someone that can last. Not too long ago, I overheard a conversation he...