Gisele PSK

I am Gisele Kinky GFE phonesex with the sexiest voice and dirtiest mind . Sexy sweet and ready to play ANY role you'd like.No exceptions! I am the girlfriend with a heart of gold and a great listener. But I have a very dark side that craves the sickest kind of calls. GFE - Extreme Taboo - Age Play - Mutual Masturbation - K-9 - Daddy/Daughter - Mommy - Cuckold - Humiliatrix - Small Dick Giggler-snuff-
  • Gisele has hot babysitter sex stories

    Babysitter Sex Stories; Catching The Babysitter Playing With Her Pussy

    Babysitter Sex Stories Can Be Pretty Naughty Lots of us that have babysat over the years have some hot, babysitter sex stories. But mine is pretty hot, or I always thought so, you tell me. This man I babysit for sometimes, he was very nice and he had this huge...
  • gisele is cuckolding her boyfriend

    Cuckolding; My Cuckolding Fuckfest With His Friend

    My Boyfriend Had A Little Problem Of Cumming Too Quickly I love my boyfriend, and his cock isn’t that small or anything. But he doesn’t last as long as I’d like him to. And I want someone that can last. Not too long ago, I overheard a conversation he...
  • crazy sex stories with Gisele

    Crazy Sex Stories;The Raunchy Reception With Gisele

    Weddings Were Usually Boring But I Made The Best Of This One Weddings aren’t usually known for their crazy sex stories. The wedding night maybe, but the actual wedding? Well I was at a wedding last weekend, I was a bridesmaid and it was kind of dull. I was...
  • Gisele's true sex stories are hot

    True Sex Stories; Playing Filthy Games For The Boss

    My Boss Had  Some Kinky Ideas This is one of my fun true sex stories that I have that I like to share with special callers. My boss has kind of a thing for me. And not long after I started to work for him he asked if I’d...
  • sex games with Gisele

    Sex Games; Wicked Sex Games And Sex Slaves

     I Was Invited To A Sex Party Lots of us have played some kind of sex games with a former boyfriend or fuck buddy. But recently I got involved in something I wasn’t expecting. I went to this sex party this woman I knew was having. But I didn’t...
  • cheating sex stories for Gisele

    Cheating Sex Stories; Meet Your New Young Uncle

    Meet Your New Uncle I went this summer for a few weeks to visit my aunt, who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. And I met her new, younger husband. My new uncle lol. She’s sort of a cougar and the guy she married is closer to...
  • Gisele hot sex in public

    Hot Sex; A Dream Vacation And Hot Sex With The Naughty Neighbor

    Hot Sex On Our Dream Vacation My girlfriend and I rented a house to vacation in that was quite secluded and private recently. It was a beautiful property and it was so secluded. We were able to walk aroun d in the nude the entire time we were there....
  • teen sex stories with Gisele

    Teen Sex Stories; Unexpected Threesome

    I Couldn’t Resist My Friend’s Boyfriend There’s lots of fun teen sex stories out there, but one that happened when I was a teen. I was staying at my girlfriend’s house and she had her boyfriend over. But her mom called and she had to go out for a while to help...
  • blackmail sex stories with Gisele

    Blackmail Sex Stories: Blackmailing The Coach

    We Had A Plan To Blackmail Our Coach I have a few blackmail sex stories in my life, but this one will be most entertaining. When I was in school another friend of mine and myself decided to blackmail the coach. Since he was threatening to kick my boyfriend...