Emma PSK

Emma is fun, flirty and ready to share her kinks with you! She considers her mind a NO LIMITS fantasy play ground! She has a rich imagination and really loves to let her words rub you in ALL the ways you crave! Find a fetish, or a fantasy, and have fun!
  • fetish

    Fetish Queen: I’m Going to Have so Much Fun Humiliating You

    So you’ve got a humiliation fetish. Is there really anything worse? Wanting to be debased by others to get you off, craving for someone to force you into things you’d never do of your own free will. Having that intense desire to become aroused by thoughts and situations that...
  • girls having sex

    Girls Having Sex on Spring Break: She Ate My Ass Part One

    Is there anything better than spring break? Well, I can think of one thing: Spring break girls having sex! My sophomore year of college, while on spring break in Tampa, I got to do just that! Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about my friend Kelsey and how...
  • blackmail sex stories

    Blackmail Sex Stories: How I Became My Step-brother’s Personal Slut

    When I think of blackmail sex stories, the only person who comes to mind is my step-brother Leonard, because he has been blackmailing me since I was in college! The summer before I turned 24 I was home for Spring break and wanted to have a big party so...
  • Funny Sex Stories

    Funny Sex Stories: That Time I Met A Stranger From Craigslist For Sex

    When it comes to funny sex stories, I have a few! But for right now, I want to tell you about the time I met a stranger from craigslist for a booty call.  So go ahead and sit back;  you’re in for a real great and humorous treat!  Most of...
  • Erotic Sex Stories

    Erotic Sex Stories: He Came All Over Mommy’s Hand

    Mommy’s erotic sex stories combined with mommy stroking his cock had Jimmy paralyzed with pleasure. My young son Jimmy loved every second that I tortured his poor dick that morning. I’d snuck in, after my shower and before he woke up. I knew he’d have some morning wood for...
  • Exploited college girls

    Exploited College Girls: Men Can’t Resist Tight Pussy [Part 2]

    Exploited college girls: Isn’t it always more fun when they are young and inexperienced? Check out Part 1 where I got a bit too drunk at a new year’s eve party and found out what happens to exploited college girls; because men can’t resist a tight teen pussy. Here is Part 2, where...
  • tight teen pussy

    Tight Teen Pussy: When Men Can’t Help Themselves

    Can you imagine just how amazing tight teen pussy is? How tight, untouched, and inexperienced it is. Now I want you to imagine MY tight teen pussy, completely plastered on New Years’ eve. I had gone to a party with a friend of mine, but she had ditched me...
  • cuckold party

    Cuckold Party: A Special Treat For My Husbands Birthday

    Cuckold Party: How the Basketball Team Cuckolded My Husband I couldn’t ask for a more loving husband. He adores me, and works very hard to provide for me. He even picks up extra hours (rather frequently) to finance my hefty shopping needs! There is one area that we’ve both...
  • Anal Sex

    Anal Sex Is What I’ve Been Craving. Hot and Nasty!

    I love hot and nasty anal sex. Obviously, I don’t get the chance to get my booty plundered quite as often as I would like. I am still a bit picky about anal sex.  It has to be the right dick. The mood has to strike me. Well, it...