Emily PSK

Emily has always had the best of everything and it started with her education at her stuffy English boarding school, where she learned how naughty girls always got what they wanted. Sophisticated and intelligent, she has a Bachelor's in Fucking and a Masters in Sucking. She is well-travelled and well-read and combined with her exciting background, vivid imagination and her desire to shock, you cannot fail to be gripped by her tales of filth and debauchery... especially when you hear that English accent

Dogging And Piking

Dogging and Piking: Doing The Dirty Deed in Public

Dogging and Piking: How Very Naughty Indeed! Now, I am going to talk about something that certain naughty Brits engage in – an activity called dogging and piking. But it has absolutely…

devilishly dirty dreams

Devilishly Dirty Dreams: My Dalliance With The Devil

Devilishly Dirty Dreams Were Just The Start Have you ever woken from a dream believing what you were experiencing was real? Even though it might have been dangerous, debauched, and just outright…

Tasty Teen Temptress

Tasty Teen Temptress: Giving Head To The Grimy Gardener

Jemima, The Tasty Teen Temptress School summer holidays brought all kinds of surprises. My best friend, Jemima, another tasty teen temptress, called me one summer’s day. She was very excited and by…

Best Orgasm Ever

Best Orgasm Ever: Washing My Dirty Linen in Public

Little Did My Cheating Boyfriend Know I Was About to Have My Best Orgasm Ever… There is a saying in England: “don’t wash your dirty linen in public”.  Well, little did I…

Dirty Doggie Fun

Dirty Doggie Fun: Horny Maid Takes Care of the Hounds

Dirty Doggie Fun In The Woods Growing up, I often spent weekends and school holidays in our large house in the beautiful English countryside. Green woodlands and open fields, just perfect for…

Innocent Schoolgirl Fun

Innocent Schoolgirl Fun: Getting Caught Was Even Better!

Innocent Schoolgirl Fun Started at Home… My girls’ boarding school was boring and missing one thing that intrigued me: boys!  I was soon to discover innocent schoolgirl fun! During the holidays, my…

Sexy Office Tease

Sexy Office Tease: How I Earned My First Pay Rise

Working It: Sexy Office Tease  Getting my first job straight out of university was easy. I knew the job was mine the minute I sat down for the interview. Across the table…

Naughty English Schoolgirls

Naughty English Schoolgirls: Boarders, Biology and Blowjobs…

How These Naughty English Schoolgirls Survived a Stuffy Girls’ Boarding School English boarding schools are notoriously stuffy. Sent away at a tender age, the offspring of the aristocracy, the old money and…

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