Emily PSK

Emily has always had the best of everything and it started with her education at her stuffy English boarding school, where she learned how naughty girls always got what they wanted. Sophisticated and intelligent, she has a Bachelor's in Fucking and a Masters in Sucking. She is well-travelled and well-read and combined with her exciting background, vivid imagination and her desire to shock, you cannot fail to be gripped by her tales of filth and debauchery... especially when you hear that English accent

Caught Peeing Outdoors

Caught Peeing Outdoors: Fulfilling My Peeing Fantasy

Caught Peeing Outdoors! We are currently under national lockdown here in the UK and I have just moved back. So there’s not much to do on these cold and dreary days and…

Favourite Fucking Positions

Favourite Fucking Positions: My Top Ten Filthy Faves

Favourite Fucking Positions – Let Me Share Mine I am curious – what are your favourite fucking positions? I have quite a few favourite fucking positions – some are pretty normal and…

Sexy Incestuous Desires

Sexy Incestuous Desires With My Kissing Cousin Johnny

Kissing Cousins’ Sexy Incestuous Desires My cousin Johnny and I have been fucking since we were teenagers. We really are the ultimate kissing cousins. Two decades later and we are still at…

Pussy Licking Heaven

Pussy Licking Heaven: Get Down On Your Knees For Me!

Get Down On Your Knees And Enter Pussy Licking Heaven! Gentlemen, if you really want to know your way to my heart, get down on your knees for me and enter pussy…

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