Dana PSK

Dana is a Sexy ,flirty Latina , bisexual and bilingual incest loving cutie. She may be super sweet and petite but this Spanish cutie knows how to rock your world! Her favorite calls are; Incest,Age play,Masturbation,Listener, Confessor,Strap on Play. Bratty Sister, Bathroom Sports, Rape role play, Confession Calls, Your partner in crime.
  • Dana has many lesbian sex stories

    Lesbian Sex Stories ; My Cousin’s Sexy Secret

    Another One Of My Hot Lesbian Sex Stories But This Involved Incest As well I have a few lesbian sex stories. I’ve played with girls before, once in a while I like some pussy as well as cock. Recently I visited my cousin over Thanksgiving, and she admitted to...
  • Dana likes watching people having sex

    People Having Sex ;Pervy Christmas Party And Too Much Eggnog

    People Having Sex In Every Room  At Our Office Party People having sex at an office Christmas party is nothing new. but I certainly hadn’t planned on doing that when I went to mine the other night. I’d had my eye on this new intern for several weeks, he...
  • funny sex stories with Dana

    Funny Sex Stories : I Saw His Cock And Fell In Love

    This Is One Of The Funny Sex Stories I Can Remember I have some funny sex stories. Not a doubt, most people have several in fact of things that turned embarrassing in one way or another. This friend of my brothers was always coming on to me but I...
  • Dana Tells hot cousin sex stories

    Cousin Sex Stories;Horny Holiday With The Cousins

    Cousin Sex Stories Every Thanksgiving One of my favorite cousin sex stories took place during Thanksgiving, well after the meal. I wonder if this year there will be a repeat o f the naughty activities? I shall have to wait and see! Some family members I only get to...
  • Dana loves sex movies

    Sex Movies ;Sexy Movies To Fuck To

    We Really Are Addicted To Porn Who among us doesn’t like sex movies? Porn is hot, and makes my sex life even hotter. Since it gets me all hot and bothered before my boyfriend and myself fuck. He always watched a lot of porn. So I started to watch...
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    Sex Positions; Flexible Fucking And Hot Positions

    When I was in school, one of my favorite things I did was be a member of the gymnastics team. I was always incredibly flexible and of course as I got older, guys wanted to know just how this could work into trying out some of the more complicated...
  • Dana was a kinky college girl

    College Girl; Kinky College Girls Make Money

    As A College Girl I Was Always In Need Of Some Extra Money When I was in college, I was really strapped for money, as many other students were. My professor at the time heard me bemoaning this fact and asked me to stay after class. And that he...
  • kinky sex stories with Dana

    Kinky Sex Stories; Who Was That Masked Man?

    This Was A Mystery And Was One Of  Kinky Sex Stories I Still Wonder About We all have some kinky sex stories, but I’ve got a kinky mystery on my hands. I’d picked out these really sexy costumes for Halloween for my boyfriend and myself. And I came home...
  • fantasy sex stories with Dana

    Fantasy Sex Stories; You Sexy Beast

    It Was The Perfect Night To Watch A Scary Movie I love this time of year, the colored, falling leaves, the pumpkins all around, and of course Halloween. Each year once it gets half way into the month of October, the Halloween movies and horror flicks are on t.v....