Dana PSK

Dana is a Sexy ,flirty Latina , bisexual and bilingual incest loving cutie. She may be super sweet and petite but this Spanish cutie knows how to rock your world! Her favorite calls are; Incest,Age play,Masturbation,Listener, Confessor,Strap on Play. Bratty Sister, Bathroom Sports, Rape role play, Confession Calls, Your partner in crime.
  • Dana likes pregnancy fetish fantasies

    Pregnancy Fetish ; He Wants To Knock Me Up

    My Boyfriend Has A Pregnancy Fetish Recently my boyfriend confessed a fetish of his, and surprisingly, I’ve found I kind of like it too. And that’s pregnancy fetish. The ironic thing is, I don’t really want kids of my own yet. But the whole idea of being knocked up...
  • hardcore sex with Dana

    Hardcore Sex ; Beating The Landlord

    My Roommate And I Had Fallen on Some Hard Times Financially My roommate and I had fallen on some hard times financially. We were several months behind on our rent, dodging the landlord every time we went in or came out. We knew eviction was just around the corner,...
  • panty fetish revenge with Dana

    Panty Fetish ; The Panty Thief Revenge

    I had a feeling my brother’s friend was the thief stealing my panties I had a feeling my brother’s friend who had been staying with us was the thief stealing my panties. I’d had one pair after the other go missing and I had a feeling he had a...
  • Dana likes fetishes

    Fetishes ; We Tried Different Fetishes Til I Found Out What He Loved

    The guy I’ve been dating was a little boring in the bedroom The guy I’ve been dating was a little boring in the bedroom. But something made me think there was something he wasn’t sharing with me. Maybe he had a kink he was jus t too embarrassed to...
  • dana has hot lesbian sex stories

    Lesbian Sex ; Sex On The Beach

    I Was Ready For Long Weekend In The Caribbean Recently I went away for a long weekend to a resort in the Caribbean. All the cold has taken its toll on me. So I got a cheap last minute package and was welcomed when I got off the plane...
  • Dana has a lot of babysitter sex stories

    Babysitter Sex Stories ; Cum Slut Babysitter

    I Used To Be A Teen Tease When I Babysat I was reading some babysitter sex stories the other night online. And it reminded me of when I was in high school and I babysat a lot for money. And how a few of the dads were such good...
  • dana has dirty cheating sex stories

    Cheating sex stories : Fuck Buddies

    Most Of Us Have Cheating Sex Stories Many of us have cheating sex stories in our past. Some even in our present. I’ve always had a high libido, so I have usually cheated on most boyfriend’s I’ve had since they simply couldn’t keep up with me sexually. My boyfriend...
  • Dana plays sex games

    Sex Games ; What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

    We Were Out Of Luck And Out Of Money When one goes to Vegas they expect to play games, but not sex games necessarily. Well my friend and I recently did just that actually. We had been certain we were going to hit the big time and we gambled...
  • brother sister sex story about Dana

    Brother Sister Sex Story ; Being Watched By My Brother

    It All Started When I Let My Step Brother Move In With Me One of my naughtier adventures is being part of a brother sister sex story. I’d lived on my own a while, but due to expenses I needed a roommate. And my younger step brother asked if...