Dana PSK

Dana is a Sexy ,flirty Latina , bisexual and bilingual incest loving cutie. She may be super sweet and petite but this Spanish cutie knows how to rock your world! Her favorite calls are; Incest,Age play,Masturbation,Listener, Confessor,Strap on Play. Bratty Sister, Bathroom Sports, Rape role play, Confession Calls, Your partner in crime.
  • My Boy fiend was a cuckold

    Cuckold ; The Cuckold Encounter

    I don’t know why I keep finding little dick guys to date I don’t know why I keep finding little dick guys to date. But it seems the last few have certainly been undersized in the dick department. They have all had one thing in common though as well...
  • Dana loves guy that have a foot fetish

    Foot Fetish : Foot Fetish Money Pig

    He Has A Foot Fetish And I Love To Satisfy Him I’m lucky enough to have a caller that is a money pig. Oh if only they all were, it would be wonderful for my bank account! He has a foot fetish, which I actually kind of like, as...
  • Oral sex is Dana's specialty

    Oral Sex : Sucking My Way To The Top

    I Was Determined To Get That Promotion A few summers ago I was working as a secretary at a large corporate company. And there was a position opening up I wanted, but there were many other more qualified candidates than myself. So I wanted to know how I could...
  • Dana Has Sex slave stories

    Sex Slave Stories : I Was His Willing Little Sex Slave

    He Was Really Into Sex Slave Stories This new man I’ve been seeing is kind of dominant and I like it. He’s had me do all kinds of role play things and act out fantasies with him. I like being submissive at times, so when he suggested I be...
  • Dana tells dirty teacher sex stories

    Teacher Sex Stories : Shocking The Teacher And Making The Grade

    Teacher Sex Stories Come In Many Different Varieties Teacher sex stories come in many different varieties. I was thinking back on my school days recently. And how this one teacher I really liked and kind of had the hots for. I did something naughty and wasn’t sure what if...
  • Dana tells very erotic sex stories

    Erotic Sex Stories ; Rub Me All Over And I’ll Rub You

    Erotic Sex Stories Get Us All Hot Erotic sex stories can certainly get us all aroused and feeling hot and bothered. Like something that happened to me recently. I’d read about this new day spa that had opened up on the outskirts of town and heard many wonderful things...
  • Dana likes rough sex

    Rough Sex ; Fucked Hard And Dirty

    We Love To Have Rough Sex And He’s The Jealous Type My current boyfriend is a bit of an odd combination. We love to have rough sex and he’s the jealous type. So it surprised me when he said he enjoyed hearing about my promiscuous past. Since most guys...
  • Dana loves threesome sex stories

    Threesome Sex Stories ; Threesome With A Surprise

    I Like Threesomes Very Much I like threesomes very much. I’ve had several, some very hot threesome sex stories I’ve had in my past. And the guy that’s my current fuck buddy is a bit wild, he’s always surprising me, which he did recently. He had me come over...
  • Dana has many hot teen sex stories

    Teen Sex Stories ; My Very Hot Neighbor Was A Tease

    Most of us have some hot, teen sex stories Most of us have some hot, teen sex stories. But one of the favorite ones I had in my youth was this sexy neighbor I had. I had a real crush on him and he worked from home, so he...