RECENT kinky kingdom stories

fucking santa

Fucking Santa in the Mall in Front of Everyone!

Fucking Santa is definitely getting me on the naughty list Fucking Santa wasn’...

foot job footsie

Foot Job Footsie Under The Thanksgiving Table For Uncle Dick

Foot Job for uncle Dick right underneath everyone’s nose Foot job fun duri...

cream pie crystal

Creampie Secret Walk-of-Shame: Getting Home After the Gangbang

Creampie secret on the subway ride home. Whether you’re a slutty girl or a...

An uncomfortable looking male chastity device
A brother and sister wearing matching shirts that say "Brother" and "Sister."

Fucking my Brother as One Last Test of Loyalty to the Cult: Part 2

Fucking my brother to save us all. Fucking my brother was something I could no l...

Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister Go Undercover(s) To Get To the Bottom of an Incest Cult: Part 1

Brother and sister infiltrate a weird sex cult. My brother, Doug, and I have bee...

Chocolate Truffles on a Table

Candy from Strangers; a Cautionary Tale on Halloween for Guys

Candy from strangers is a no-no. Candy from strangers and the taking thereof is ...

teen virgin crystal

Teen Virgin Gets His Diary Read Out Loud By His Mom In Front of Her Friends

Teen virgin gets outed in front of milfs Being labeled a “teen virgin̶...

used condom crystal

Used Condoms Found in your Room After a House Party…Still on the Cock

Used condoms has Mark extremely turned on Used condoms go in the trash.  At lea...

lesbians fuck

Lesbians Fuck With Each Other in the Most Embarrassing Ways

 Lesbians fuck with each other Lesbians fuck around all the time.  I don’t l...

cum eating crystal

Cum Eating – Training My Wimpy Neighbor to Love Cum Down To The Last Drop

Cum eating awakens something in my neighbor Cum eating is the tipping point for ...

cock shrinking crystal

Cock shrinking – Sorry, I Shrunk Your Cock, But It’s Not TOO bad!

Cock shrinking spell mishap Cock shrinking isn’t exactly something someone req...

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