Casey PSK

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  • Casey loves a great sex story

    Sex Story;The Naughty Young Man Next Door

    He Was My Naughty Young Handyman I have an interesting sex story that happened to me not too long ago. My younger neighbor, he’s a nice guy, but he can’t seem to hold a job down too well. So I give him odd jobs now and the n and...
  • forced sex fantasy with Casey

    Forced Sex; Break Room Gang Bang

    I Guess You Could Say That My Teasing Went Too Far I’m a waitress at a nice restaurant and there’s some pretty good looking bus boys and waiters that also work here. I love to tease them and sometimes “forget” to wear panties and bend over so they can...
  • panty fetish with C.J.

    Panty Fetish; My Cousin The Panty Fetish Freak

    I Caught My Cousin Beating Off With My Panties Wrapped Around His Cock When I was in my teens my cousins often came to visit for the weekend and slept over. My female cousin was like a sister to me, and my male cousin I liked a lot as...
  • c.j. has blackmail sex stories

    Blackmail Sex Stories;Revenge Of The Coworkers

    Blackmail sex Stories And Revenge Of The Coworkers We all have people we work with that are total assholes that we want to get revenge on. Well this one tool I work with was recently put in his place by myself and a few coworkers of mine . He...
  • anal sex with C.J.

    Anal Sex: Easing Into Anal Made It Feel Much Better

    Anal Sex Wasn’t My Favorite At First I’ve never really been into anal sex. I tried it a few times years ago and it wasn’t really comfortable, so I just decided to forget about it. This new guy I’ve been seeing though is very much into anal sex. And...
  • Casey has crazy sex stories

    Crazy Sex Stories; Wild Sex At The Halloween Party

    Wild Sex At The Halloween Party I’ve got lots of crazy sex stories, I’m sure most of us do. But I went to this early Halloween party this weekend and had a fabulous time. The hostess had requested all guests dress as some sort of animal. I went as...
  • C.J. loves oral sex

    Oral Sex; Casey Needs A Promotion And Her Boss Needs A Blow Job

     I Needed A Promotion I used to work in real estate for a while and saw many properties. And even did appraisals for a while. So when my current boss was looking to buy a second home out of state for vacations, he asked if I could go with...
  • CJ has the best sex stories

    Best Sex Stories; The Pool House Encounter

    Fun At The End Of Summer Pool Party Some of the best sex stories can be the spontaneous ones. Ones that happen when you had no clue they were going to unfold as they did. I was at an end of summer pool party last weekend and I knew...
  • C.j. has hot threesome sex stories

    Threesome Sex Stories; Threesome With His Sister

    A Threesome Sex Stories Are Hotter When Incest Is Involved I have a few threesome sex stories in my past, many of us do. But for the first time in a few years, I had another recently and it was hot as hell. My boyfriend had told me before...