Casey PSK

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  • Casey has cheating sex stories

    Cheating Sex Stories ; Pretty As A Picture

    Cheating sex stories can be fun Cheating sex stories can be fun. I’ve had several in my own life, since I’m not the best at remaining faithful when in relationships. One of my girlfriends had done this neat thing to give her boyfriend. These boudoir photographs she’d had taken...
  • interracial sex stories and Casey

    Interracial Sex Stories ; Great Big Black Cock Was Amazing

    I Was So Curious About This Guy I don’t have many interracial sex stories to tell. But this one guy I worked with for a while had been sent over by the head office since he was very good at his job. And he got sent around to the...
  • BDSM fetishes is C.J.'S favorite

    Fetishes ; Exploring Fetishes At A Long Hot Orgy

    I Loved To Explore Different Fetishes One of my dark fantasies is to be used by several men. I’d shared this with my boyfriend and the idea turned him on. he had some unusual fetishes and I kind of liked some of them. A few weeks later he told...
  • being watched while having sex

    Sex ; His Brother Was A Peeping Tom

    I Knew He Was Watching Me Blow His Brother Recently my boyfriend and myself when to visit his brother for the weekend. He has a lovely rural property and I wanted to see all it had to offer. We settled in the first night and as the house is...
  • Casey loves Bi cuckold experiences

    Bi cuckold ; Shaking Things Up

    I’ve Always Loved The Idea Of Watching Two Guys Play I’ve always enjoyed gay porn. I find watching two guys together a lot hotter than straight couples. So when a friend of mine mentioned that he was bi curious and how much he’d been fantasizing about sucking his first...
  • Casey Has A First time sex story

    First Time Sex Story ; The Delivery Boy Gets His First Time With Me

    First Time Sex Story With My Delivery Boy This one young guy that is a delivery boy for the pharmacy I use. He’s really sweet, so cute, I’ve flirted with him m any times, and he usually blushes, but I think he likes me too. I think he was...
  • Crazy sex stories with Casey

    Crazy Sex Stories ; Caught Speeding And The Randy Cop

    I Was Smoking Weed And Speeding I have some crazy sex stories in my past, as many of us do. And I had one recently that was really hot. I had been pretty high on some weed as well. And I was driving a bit fast and got pulled...
  • Threesome sex stories turn Casey on

    Threesome Sex Stories ; Casual Friends And A Hot Threesome

    They Were Just Two Friends Of Mine Until.. I’m a bit of a wildchild, I’ve done all kinds of sexual things for the sake of experimentation. One of the things I did recently was have another threesome. I’ve ha d a few before.The threesome sex stories in my past...
  • Casey tells cheating sex stories

    Cheating Sex Stories ; His Sexy Younger Brother

     Cheating Sex Stories With My Boyfriend’s Brother I was at my boyfriends over the holidays. His younger brother was visiting him and staying since their wasn’t really room at their parents smaller place since they downsized. He was a sweet kid, good looking too. He went to college a...