Carol PSK

Hello Gentlemen, I’m Carol, a classy, mature California woman with an insatiable appetite for men, young and old. Nothing turns me on more than to know I can make a man rock hard with my smoky, sexy voice. Loud love maker, full of moans and love to hear the same from you! Extremely descriptive so let my talented tongue paint a sexy picture for you. I want to tell you what I would do with you from head to toe with my hungry tongue, luscious lips, long fingers, and juicy pussy. Hearing a man cum brings me exquisite pleasure and I want nothing more than you do the same for you, my sexy man.
  • sex

    Sex, Nude Resort and Relaxation

    Who doesn’t crave sex? When my last boyfriend suggested a vacation at a clothing optional resort, I wasn’t sure what to think, but I kept an open mind. I adapted quickly and comfortably. All around us, everywhere we looked, there was every kind of public fucking imaginable.  We were...
  • Panty Fetish

    Your Panty Fetish is Mine to Rule

    The first step with a panty fetish is to accrue a delicious assortment of panties. Myself, I have two or three styles in each color, with matching bras. I want to train my own sluts for my pleasure. I love an assortment of all things, as I do the...
  • My Hot Sex Encounter With a Friend of my Son

    Hot Sex in the Cold

    My Hot Sex Encounter With one of my son’s Friends. Last Winter, out of the Blue, one of my son’s close friends sent me a message on facebook and asked if he could call me. Out of concern, I gave him my number and waited for Mikey to call....

    Revealing my Fetish for a Certain Kind of Man

    I thought today might be a great time to confess to one fetish of my own. Considering that we’re celebrating the Nation’s Independence today and how the fourth of July creates all kinds of fireworks; I have a fetish that lights me up. I LOVE Men in the Military,...
  • Adult Sex Story

    Another Adult Sex Story: Predators in the Woods

    I love telling a good adult sex story and this one is true! One of my male friends and I love to roleplay, making up our own adult sex story, and play any chance we get. We love to surprise each other. I came up with an idea for that evening, as...
  • Is it Wrong to Fuck my Mom? Is it Wrong for me to Fuck my Son?

    Fuck my Mom, I do.

    Is it Wrong to Fuck my Mom? I taught my stepson that showing is mom love, could never be wrong. Yesterday, my stepson, James, came home with a long face and I could tell he needed cheering up.  “I need to fuck my Mom,” he almost begged. “Tell me...
  • Smoking Fetish

    Smoking Fetish? Let me Blow Smoke Rings around Your Dick

    Smoking Fetish? I can Wrap my lips Around that too. I guess you could say that I’ve had a smoking fetish for many moons. I’ve smoked since I was a teenager, thinking that having that long, all white slim cigarettes between my red lips made me look sophisticated, classy, rebellious, even. Standing...
  • Incest Sex Story

    My First Incest Sex Story

    I’ve yet to tell an incest sex story; so I suppose it’s time.  Didn’t you think I would have incest sex story? I think we all have. From playing doctor to just childish curiosity, we’ve probably all participated in family fun. I was born much later than any of...
  • Public Sex

    Public Sex: Roadside ASSistance

    Public sex? Oh yes! Public sex? My first time was last Halloween eve, I was on the highway when I heard a bump. One of my tires had blown out. I pulled b the side of the road and thought “Oh, good and I need to be dressed like...