Carol PSK

Hello Gentlemen, I’m Carol, a classy, mature California woman with an insatiable appetite for men, young and old. Nothing turns me on more than to know I can make a man rock hard with my smoky, sexy voice. Loud love maker, full of moans and love to hear the same from you! Extremely descriptive so let my talented tongue paint a sexy picture for you. I want to tell you what I would do with you from head to toe with my hungry tongue, luscious lips, long fingers, and juicy pussy. Hearing a man cum brings me exquisite pleasure and I want nothing more than you do the same for you, my sexy man.
  • Fetish

    Fetish Phone Sex: What’s a Fetish?

    I am often asked, “Do you do fetishes?” My reply is always, “What’s a Fetish?” I take calls that most women don’t dare.  Anything that brings another person pleasure always turns me on! So, what is a fetish? A form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an...
  • Fantasy Sex Stories

    Fantasy Sex Stories: Forbidden Fantasy Sex Stories

    We all have those forbidden fantasy sex stories, right? One of mine really crosses the line. Fantasy Sex Stories: My kitchen sink had been dripping and I finally noticed a puddle in my kitchen. There was a gentleman in our community, Ralph, that I know did repairs for so...
  • black sex

     Black Sex and The BBC: the hunt for the big, black, beautiful cock

    Black Sex and The BBC: the hunt for the big, black, beautiful cock. I imagine that most woman devote their pussies to the pursuit and acquisition of strong, powerful black men for the one and only Black Sex.  After all, any decent preying Cougar knows the value of deep...
  • Milf Sex Stories

    Milf Sex Stories – Why this Sexy Milf loves Neighbors

    Milf Sex Stories – Why I love Neighbors Milf Sex Stories: Neighbors are great don’t you agree? From my doorway and past experiences, hell yes! They let you borrow things, look out for your house when your away, or tell you if your dog is loose-or better yet catch...