Brooke PSK

Brooke is a one of a kind phone sex expert. Starting off as a good Catholic girl her dirty mind got the best of her and now she is as kinky as it gets with no limits. Her sweet personality and sexy voice will reel you in, but her vivid, kinky imagination will keep you wanting more.
  • squirting

    Squirting All Over My Boyfriend’s Cock and Making Him Watch

    What guy wouldn’t love to have a woman squirting all over his dick?! Apparently squirting isn’t very common. I thought something was wrong with me the first time it happened. After learning what exactly was going on I found out that being a squirter was pretty rare. A lot...
  • Sucking

    Sucking Cock has Always Been One of My Favorite Things

    I love sucking cock!! I started sucking cock as a teen. Though I wasn’t very good at it at first, I was determined to become better. My boyfriend at that time was older than me and tried to give me tips on what to do. I decided at that...
  • threesome

    Threesome after Our Girls Night Gets Very Interesting

    We didn’t go into my room with the intention of a threesome. As we started going at it my friend in our bed decided to make it a threesome. You can read how it started here if you haven’t yet. All we meant to do was escape the people...
  • club

    Club Night with the Girls Turns Into a Hot Threesome

    We went out to the club and ended up bringing home a couple guys for an after party! The club was already busy when we got there. It was hard to find a table so I walked the club and found a couple guys in a booth not far...
  • cream pie

    Cream Pie Pussy Turned My Fiance On Like Crazy

    The strangers left him with my cream pie. After they turned my pussy into a cream pie for my fiancé they made him lick it all up. If you haven’t already, you should read part one and two of this hot story!! They could tell that he was turned...
  • attacked

    Attacked in My Own Home- Surprise Rape Cuckold Part 2

    My fiancé watched as I was attacked. I was being attacked by strangers that were let into our house after posing as employees from the gas company. Thinking I would be saved by my fiancé when he got back upstairs with the other guy, I went along with what...
  • attacked

    Attacked in My Own Home- Surprise Rape Cuckold

    I couldn’t believe I was attacked in my house! My fiancé and I never thought we’d be attacked in our own home. We were spending some quality time together on Saturday evening when there was a knock on the door. The two guys that were standing there introduced themselves...
  • fantasies

    Fantasies are nothing to be Ashamed of! Confess to Brooke!

    I want to know all of your fantasies! Everyone has fantasies. There are so many out there and yet we find ourselves being embarrassed by what we fantasize about. I don’t think fantasies are something to be ashamed of or even scared to talk about. I started out as...
  • virginity

    Virginity Lost – Her First Experience with Sex

    She was nervous about losing her virginity. Her virginity was something that she had prided herself on holding on to. She knew that the day would come when she would finally take that plunge but she didn’t expect it to come so soon. It was the night of her...