Brooke PSK

Brooke is a one of a kind phone sex expert. Starting off as a good Catholic girl her dirty mind got the best of her and now she is as kinky as it gets with no limits. Her sweet personality and sexy voice will reel you in, but her vivid, kinky imagination will keep you wanting more.
  • attacked

    Attacked in My Own Home- Surprise Rape Cuckold

    I couldn’t believe I was attacked in my house! My fiancé and I never thought we’d be attacked in our own home. We were spending some quality time together on Saturday evening when there was a knock on the door. The two guys that were standing there introduced themselves...
  • fantasies

    Fantasies are nothing to be Ashamed of! Confess to Brooke!

    I want to know all of your fantasies! Everyone has fantasies. There are so many out there and yet we find ourselves being embarrassed by what we fantasize about. I don’t think fantasies are something to be ashamed of or even scared to talk about. I started out as...
  • virginity

    Virginity Lost – Her First Experience with Sex

    She was nervous about losing her virginity. Her virginity was something that she had prided herself on holding on to. She knew that the day would come when she would finally take that plunge but she didn’t expect it to come so soon. It was the night of her...
  • sissy

    Sissy Boyfriend Loves to Watch Me Pick Up Other Guys

    That sissy bitch knows he can’t please me! I didn’t know that my boyfriend was such a little sissy bitch until our relationship progressed. The day I found out how small his cock was, was the beginning of a very interesting relationship. Now I had complete control and he...
  • watching

    Watching Me With Another Man Gets My Boyfriend Hot

    My boyfriend loves watching me with another man. We were at the bar watching all of the people around us. My boyfriend got up to go to the bathroom knowing that once I was alone someone would approach. Sure enough, not even two minutes after he got up a...
  • mechanic

    Mechanic Tried to Show Me What Was Going on Under the Hood

    My mechanic tried to explain things but he showed me so much more. I had to take my car to the mechanic. When my car started giving me issues I took it into a mechanic that my friend recommended. The guy seemed really nice when I met him. He...
  • Big Game

    Big Game Party Hostess Gives Everyone a Good Time

    The Big Game party got a little out of hand! My boyfriend had a Big Game party so I decided to be the nice girlfriend and be everyone’s hostess. I was a good little waitress, getting them drinks and bringing out more food when the plates got empty. Even...
  • forced

    Forced To Suck His Cock While on My Knees and I Loved It!

    He forced me to suck his cock. I loved when he forced me to do things. I could tell by the look in his eyes when I walked in the house that he was in a mood. It doesn’t matter who or what sets him off I’m always the...
  • daddy

    Daddy Came Home to Find My Pussy Covered In Cum

    My daddy made me promise not to fuck anyone. I’ve been playing with my daddy for quite awhile now. I know that he doesn’t like for me to have sex with anyone else but sometimes that’s hard. I met this guy and he was just too hot not to...