Brooke PSK

Brooke is a one of a kind phone sex expert. Starting off as a good Catholic girl her dirty mind got the best of her and now she is as kinky as it gets with no limits. Her sweet personality and sexy voice will reel you in, but her vivid, kinky imagination will keep you wanting more.
  • spanking

    Spanking My Ass Made Me Cum SO Hard!

    I love a good spanking! I have always loved a good spanking during sex. The sting that their hand leaves on my ass feels so fucking good and makes me cum even harder. Never have I ever had someone not penetrate me during a spanking though. Not until Mark....
  • prostate

    Prostate Massage Sneak Attack – How I Made Him Explode!

    I was determined to play with his prostate. My boyfriend’s prostate was not anything I ever thought I’d get to play with but I was fucking determined! He had always been the straight, vanilla kind of guy so when I even brought up playing with his ass he freaked...
  • cheating

    Cheating On My Long Term Boyfriend Turns Around – Part 2

    He found out I was cheating. So my long term boyfriend caught me cheating and decided to surprise me with the info in part one of this bolg. Oh but not by telling me. No, he blindfolded me and let the guy I was cheating fuck me. Who the...
  • cheating

    Cheating On My Long Term Boyfriend Gets Turned Around

    I thought I had gotten away with cheating. I had been cheating on my long term boyfriend for about a year. I wasn’t at the point that I wanted to leave him but I had some really strong feelings for the guy I had been seeing. When I got...
  • cum

    Cum Was Not What He Expected in His Mouth

    I made my boyfriend swallow his own cum. I love the taste of cum. The explosion of cum in my mouth when I’m sucking cock is like my reward for a job well done. I have told my boyfriend how much I loved it and tried to get him...
  • roadhead

    Roadhead is the Best Way to Make Car Rides More Exciting!

    There’s nothing like roadhead to break up a boring car ride! I love giving roadhead! It doesn’t matter how long or short the trip is. The feeling of a guy losing control but trying to stay in control enough to drive is hot as fuck to me! Just last...
  • sleeping

    Sleeping Should Never Stop My Boyfriend from Playing With Me

    I was sleeping when my boyfriend took advantage of me. I have never let sleeping stop anything. I told my boyfriend the same thing. If I was asleep and he was in the mood he could play with me. It actually turned me on a lot to have someone...
  • creampie

    Creampie Cleanup for my Naughty Boyfriend

    I went to the store and brought home a creampie! My boyfriend and I have role played about me bringing him home a creampie to clean up and fuck but I never did it with him for real. That is until the night I fucked a stranger in the...
  • cucking

    Cucking My Boyfriend’s Wife Was SO Fucking HOT

    She was getting turned on from me cucking her. My boyfriend’s wife was sitting in the chair where I told her to stay while we were cucking her. From the mirror I continued to watch her face as he fucked me from behind. The look on her face slowly...