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Sexy Sissy Slut Husband

Sexy Sissy Slut Husband: Turn At A Company Party

It was just after the holiday’s and My husband’s Holiday work party was coming up. Who knew this was going to be the event that turned My Sexy Sissy Slut husband into what…

Hot K9 Slut

Hot K9 Slut Gets Made To Take A Gangbang In The Pound

I was Volunteering at the Animal Shelter. I did it on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. It was so short staffed I often I would be cleaning out cages at night by my…

Teen Sister Sex Story

My Teen Sister Sex Story: Her First Time Taking BBC

It was Sunday morning When My Teen Sister Sex Story Happened. Mom had drug Dad to church and I had faked being sick yet another Sunday to miss church. I hated going to…

Impregnation Porn Comics

Impregnation Porn Comics: How Smurfette lost her Virtue

This Impregnation Porn Comics Story starts in a Far Far away land. It was a Smurfy day in Smurf village. It all started out normal. Brainy was reading new books he got from…

Amature Beastiality

Amature Beastiality: Watching My Brother Take K9 Dick

My Amature Beastiality Stories started when I was young. I couldn’t help but be curious once I saw my brother bent over taking doggy dick on the floor one night. It was hot to…

impregnating friends wife

Impregnating Friends Wife Making It A Jolly Christmas!

It was the Holiday work Christmas party. Mike was a true Hottie.  He already had the reputation of a person who was impregnating friends wife before. Tall, Dark & Handsome. Looking in his Big Blue Eyes I…

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