Bella PSK

Bella is your cum slut party girl who loves ALL role playing and extreme age play. She's a true switch, sweet and submissive one minute and a dynamic commanding Mistress the next. What's better then sex and talking dirty?? Not bang it out with Bella and cum HARD. Anything limits and NEVER any taboos! Call Bella at 1(877)274-0616 or find her at
  • Threesome Sex Stories

    Threesome Sex Stories I Have The Best Girlfriend In The World!

    Threesome Sex Stories are so hot! Having Threesome Sex Stories are especially hot with me because I have such sexy friends. I got back together with an old ex of mine and I guess we’re sort of dating again. I’m definitely not going to just date him though, I...
  • Anal Sex

    Anal Sex He Tore My Ass Up Last Night In Bed

    Anal Sex can be amazing! I don’t have Anal Sex very often but when I do I remember it for days. Damn, Terry tore my ass up good last night. I can barely sit down and every time I move I have to try not to gasp. I need...
  • Sex Toys

    Sex Toys And Buying My Friend a Vibrator To Play With!

    I love my Sex Toys! Sex Toys aren’t only for “naughty girls.” I’ve been friends with Nadine for years. We get along great but she’s a “good girl” and she’d freak if she knew the real me. I like her so I only tell her a few things about...
  • Dirty Sex Stories

    Dirty Sex Stories He Loves Rimming My Ass And Getting Kinky

    I love Dirty Sex Stories! Somebody likes Dirty Sex Stories and the taste of ass and I know who it is!   He gets in touch now and again, begging me to let him eat my ass. He’s such a loser and I have fun listening to how desperate he is...
  • Incest Sex Story

    An Incest Sex Story Saying Goodnight To My Daddy

    I always have an Incest Sex Story to tell. This Incest Sex Story is about me and my Daddy. There’s nothing better than ending the night with a good fucking then snuggling up to Daddy as I drift off to sleep. He’s been really busy lately with work and...
  • Sex Toys

    Sex Toys And Making A Rude Date Fuck His Fleshlight

    Sex Toys are usually used for fun. Fleshlights are sex Toys that I also use to get revenge. Some guys are such assholes! I hate it when I meet a guy that I think is going to be a good fuck but then he turns out to be a total...
  • Dirty Sex Stories

    Dirty Sex Stories Shaved Pussy’s Are For Fingering

    I love Dirty Sex Stories. I’ll do almost anything to get Dirty Sex Stories from a guy.  A lot of guys love a nice shaved pussy and I totally get it; it’s so much sexier. I love running my fingers over my soft, silky skin then dipping them past...
  • Cuckold

    An Online Loser Becomes My Cuckold Sex Toy In The Bedroom

    I found the biggest Cuckold loser ever online, I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off when I saw him. He never planned on a cuckold hook up, but that’s what he got. He has a profile on a hookup site but I’m guessing I’m the only one who’s messaged...
  • Hardcore Sex

    Hardcore Sex And Turning My Sissy Into A Prostitute

    I’m not the only one who loves Hardcore Sex. I have a slutty sissy friend who loves Hardcore Sex too. Cal aka Callie is a slutty sissy who loves dressing up like a whore and fucking older men. She really has a thing for ugly fucks, like guys I’d...