Aileen Psk

Just your un-friendly neighborhood humiliatrix! Some people call Aileen "bossy" but she prefers to think of herself as "assertive." Aside from being drop dead gorgeous and a Scorpio, Aileen's Gender & Sexuality studies degree gives her a special edge in understanding (and deftly undermining) the male psyche. When she isn't sitting next to the phone, Aileen is probably playing her banjo, reading something obscure & intellectual, or laughing about the last time she humiliated you. Favorite domination calls: Forced Fem & Sissification, Bitchy Girlfriend, Forced Intox, Forced Bi, Mistress/Slave, Verbal Abuse, Cuckold, Pegging, CBT, Body Worship, Extreme BDSM, Hardcore Humiliation, Castration Fantasy Other favorites include: Sex Therapy, Girlfriend Experience, Secrets & Confessions, Mutual Masturbation, Edging, Sapiosexual, Smoking Fetish, "Weird" / Unusual Fetish + Kink, Taboo Role Play, Just Talk . . . just to name a few. Open to ANYTHING!
  • mind control sex stories femdom phonesex domination phone sex extreme fetish taboo fantasy no limits no taboo


    I could tell you some mind control sex stories that would blow your mind — and your load. Tomorrow is my three year phonesex-iversary, and in my time at PSK I’ve accumulated (and told) some pretty fucking extreme mind control sex stories. Humiliation phone sex is the name of my (sadistic, deranged...
  • femdom fetish

    CBT + JOI = your new favorite way for me to DOMINATE you

    Femdom fetish JOI sensation play recipe #4229: a tube of icy hot, some toothpaste, and a bottle of Listerine. Your desire for femdom fetish phone sex will likely lead you to domination-style JOI eventually. If you enjoy moderate to intense sensation play while jerking off, these guided masturbation instructions...
  • forced sex accomplice play phonesex fantasy

    Whores like getting raped

    My forced sex fantasy = taboo accomplice play phone sex with you (and the whore I’m going to help you rape) I think almost everyone has some kind of forced sex fantasy. How twisted is your coercive masturbation fodder secret? It turns me on to hear your darkest, most...
  • interactive sex stories femdom phonesex domination phone sex

    Choose your own femdom adventure

    Let’s make our own kinky interactive sex stories. What are interactive sex stories? I feel like every phonesex call I have is an interactive sex story. Here are some of my favorite role plays to play as your (sensual or brutal) dominatrix: Forced exhibitionism role play / Blackmail Phone...
  • hot sex

    Stimulate my intellect, stimulate me sexually

    2(sapiosexuals * mutually interested parties) + phone sex = hot sex When I think of hot sex, I think of getting freaky with somebody who doesn’t just turn me on superficially. I think of dropping my panties for someone who wants to rub nasties and rub brains. Well okay, metaphorically speaking...
  • weird sex fetishes phone sex

    Is your fantasy or fetish “weird”? The weirder the BETTER!

    I love hearing about weird sex fetishes. Part of the fun of possessing what might be deemed as one of these “weird sex fetishes” is revealing it. The moment of confessing is highly arousing to the proverbial pervert (myself included). Hearing about these fringe kinks from clients always excites me. Recently,...
  • how to have sex

    I still remember my first introduction to what “sex” was

    I still remember my first lesson on “how to have sex.” I guess she didn’t really teach me “how to have sex” entirely, but I remember the afternoon in my childhood basement when I walked in on my friend mashing a naked Barbie and Ken together. “What are you...
  • fetish porn

    What’s your guilty fetish porn pleasure?

    What kind of fetish porn do you watch? The first porn I ever watched was foot fetish porn. Millenial that I am, I figured out using things like “browser history” long before my dad did . . . and what do you know, a tour through his recently visited...
  • bi cuckold phone sex no taboos fetish cuckolding role play phonesex

    Your surprise anniversary present

    You wanted to experiment; you’re getting a coerced bi cuckold. What says “Happy Anniversary” like a (“forced,” if you INSIST on calling it that) bi cuckold? Nothing! You had no idea how much it excited me when you confessed in a moment of (oh-so vulnerable, aroused) passion last week...