Aileen Psk

Just your un-friendly neighborhood humiliatrix! Some people call Aileen "bossy" but she prefers to think of herself as "assertive." Aside from being drop dead gorgeous and a Scorpio, Aileen's Gender & Sexuality studies degree gives her a special edge in understanding (and deftly undermining) the male psyche. When she isn't sitting next to the phone, Aileen is probably playing her banjo, reading something obscure & intellectual, or laughing about the last time she humiliated you. Favorite domination calls: Forced Fem & Sissification, Bitchy Girlfriend, Forced Intox, Forced Bi, Mistress/Slave, Verbal Abuse, Cuckold, Pegging, CBT, Body Worship, Extreme BDSM, Hardcore Humiliation, Castration Fantasy Other favorites include: Sex Therapy, Girlfriend Experience, Secrets & Confessions, Mutual Masturbation, Edging, Sapiosexual, Smoking Fetish, "Weird" / Unusual Fetish + Kink, Taboo Role Play, Just Talk . . . just to name a few. Open to ANYTHING!
  • lesbian impregnation

    He came inside both of us during our threesome

    His lesbian impregnation fantasy (and my secret wish) came true this weekend. A guy friend of mine texted me last week telling me he’d really liked my lesbian impregnation blog from awhile back. I had no idea he read my blogs! Flattered and taken aback, I texted him back...
  • CFNM phone sex domination humiliation

    CFNM / Clothed Female, Naked Male: An Austerity Measure/Exercise in (YOUR) Vulnerability!

    CFNM = clothed female, naked male = your secret fantasy of being dominated by a demure-seeming woman. I think part of the appeal of CFNM as a fantasy scenario for men is being dominated by a woman who might otherwise seem traditionally submissive. You know, demure and sweet . ....
  • sex robot

    Futuristic Fuck With Your Ultimate Fantasy Simulation Sex Robot

    Ever wish you had your own personal sex robot? I am your ultimate fantasy simulation sex robot. Everything about my design was modeled on your desires. I am your everything: your slut, your whore, your slut, your whore, your dominatrix, your slave, your mistress, your goddess. I’ll have to...
  • hardcore domination phonesex

    Hardcore Domination Phonesex

    Looking for hardcore domination phonesex with the meanest Mistress of them all? Jerking off and hearing a woman moan doesn’t cut it for a freak like you — you need hardcore domination phonesex with a Mistress who isn’t afraid to push your limits. I’m the ballbusting bitch you’ve been...
  • virgin impregnation accomplice play phone sex

    Knocking Up My Little Sister — Accomplice Play Phone Sex Impregnation Fantasy

    Virgin impregnation accomplice at your service — wanna get my little sister pregnant? Your virgin impregnation fantasy involves a sweet, demure, unsuspecting teen who doesn’t know how bad she wants your cock yet. I think I know the perfect little pink pussy for you to fill with your seed....
  • dominant wife phone sex

    Female Led Relationship Marital Bliss: Dominant Wife Phone Sex with Aileen

    I’m your dominant wife dream cum true. As your dominant wife, I have little patience for traditional gender roles in a marriage. You and I both know the narrow, monotonous confines of “man and wife” are destined to fail anyway. It’s fucking inevitable. Thanks to me, we enjoy the...
  • impregnation fantasy phone sex free sex story

    Fuck in vitro, I want you to naturally inseminate me AND my girlfriend

    My impregnation fantasy = you knocking up me and my girlfriend. I love the hot, nasty impregnation fantasy sex stories I get to hear from my callers. What better way to show my appreciation than to confess a naughty impregnation fantasy of my very own?? It’s been awhile since either...
  • extreme accomplice play phone sex hardcore phonesex

    EXTREME Taboo Accomplice Play Phone Sex

    You don’t have to keep those sick thoughts to yourself anymore during our extreme accomplice play phone sex call. How hardcore is your extreme accomplice play fantasy? I want to hear your nastiest, sickest, most twisted masturbation secret — or secrets. And then I want to role play them with...
  • Humiliation therapy phone sex


    Humiliation therapy phone sex makes you feel “bad” in a good way. Phone sex is the perfect “medium” for receiving the humiliation therapy you crave desperately, i.e. treatment you need. Everyone else depends on you to be “strong” or to “be a man.” Only I can see through your sad...