Aileen Psk

Just your un-friendly neighborhood humiliatrix! Some people call Aileen "bossy" but she prefers to think of herself as "assertive." Aside from being drop dead gorgeous and a Scorpio, Aileen's Gender & Sexuality studies degree gives her a special edge in understanding (and deftly undermining) the male psyche. When she isn't sitting next to the phone, Aileen is probably playing her banjo, reading something obscure & intellectual, or laughing about the last time she humiliated you. Favorite domination calls: Forced Fem & Sissification, Bitchy Girlfriend, Forced Intox, Forced Bi, Mistress/Slave, Verbal Abuse, Cuckold, Pegging, CBT, Body Worship, Extreme BDSM, Hardcore Humiliation, Castration Fantasy Other favorites include: Sex Therapy, Girlfriend Experience, Secrets & Confessions, Mutual Masturbation, Edging, Sapiosexual, Smoking Fetish, "Weird" / Unusual Fetish + Kink, Taboo Role Play, Just Talk . . . just to name a few. Open to ANYTHING!
  • lesbian foot fetish fantasy taboo kink dirty confessions sex story erotica


    A lesbian foot fetish can take lots of (kinky) forms. What images does the phrase “lesbian foot fetish” conjure in your dirty mind? Lesbians have fetishes, too. Much to my delight, I found out recently that my girlfriend and I both have more than a little bit of a...
  • weird fetish armpit sniffing

    Armpit Sniffers Anonymous

    Do you have a “weird fetish”? I have what some people would consider a weird fetish. My dirty secret turn on: armpit sniffing. Nothing gets me all hot and bothered like burying my face underneath a sweaty, hairy armpit sans deodorant. After years of keeping my olfactory kink somewhat...
  • crazy sex stories castration

    Castration Fantasy Q & A

    Hardcore sex stories theme of the hour (and my personal favorite): castration. You think you’ve heard hardcore sex stories until you’ve heard recountings of real femdom sessions. Castration fantasizers, curl up. It’s time for a little Q & A. Hopefully it clears up all your pesky, lingering questions! What’s...
  • erotic literature

    “The Spanking Game”

    Erotic literature for the discerning submissive. Today’s Erotic Literature for the Discerning Submissive is brought to you by the delightful afternoon I spent with one of my long lost pets. I’ll refer to him here as “Biggest Loser”( or “BL” for short). BL never fails to put on a...
  • what is phone sex

    Looking for a phone sex-pert?

    There’s no right answer to the age old question, “what is phone sex?” My fledging night as a “talker” definitely involved some pre-showtime butterflies as my mind circled around, asking “what is phone sex?” on repeat. Luckily for me, my first caller was so smooth and so experienced it...
  • aunt phone sex

    It’s not your fault your aunt is such a babe, right??

    Aunt phone sex with me = your taboo incest fantasy cum true. What is aunt phone sex? Well, that depends on what kind of aunt you’ve been jerking off to since you started puberty. Come on now, don’t pretend you haven’t touched yourself while thinking about me all these...
  • erotic literature

    Erotic literature turns me on

    I love erotic literature. Erotic literature is a lot more likely to turn me on than porn. Call me pretentious (or just call me a pervert), but I’ve had to dog-ear many pages over the years to take a little break and get my vibrator out. And it’s not...
  • crazy sex stories

    Sex cults?

    No one will believe the crazy sex stories you tell after (read: IF) you escape from my sex cult. You think those girls coming forward with crazy sex stories about R. Kelly’s sex cult are wild? Ha! That’s nothing compared to what you’d be subjected to under my cult Mistress/leader rule....
  • audio sex stories

    Audio sex stories turn me on

    Phone sex, i.e. audio sex stories = my exxxpertise. Being a phone sex operator is like having a personal (and personalized) subscription to all the best (and filthiest) audio sex stories. Think of me as a choose-your-own-adventure XXX audiobook! Phonesex = audio sex stories with NO limits and NO...