Aileen Psk

Just your un-friendly neighborhood humiliatrix! Some people call Aileen "bossy" but she prefers to think of herself as "assertive." Aside from being drop dead gorgeous and a Scorpio, Aileen's Gender & Sexuality studies degree gives her a special edge in understanding (and deftly undermining) the male psyche. When she isn't sitting next to the phone, Aileen is probably playing her banjo, reading something obscure & intellectual, or laughing about the last time she humiliated you. Favorite domination calls: Forced Fem & Sissification, Bitchy Girlfriend, Forced Intox, Forced Bi, Mistress/Slave, Verbal Abuse, Cuckold, Pegging, CBT, Body Worship, Extreme BDSM, Hardcore Humiliation, Castration Fantasy Other favorites include: Sex Therapy, Girlfriend Experience, Secrets & Confessions, Mutual Masturbation, Edging, Sapiosexual, Smoking Fetish, "Weird" / Unusual Fetish + Kink, Taboo Role Play, Just Talk . . . just to name a few. Open to ANYTHING!
  • kinky-sex-stories

    Drunk car sex after the punk show, pt. 1

    Last night I added another hot, opportunistic fuck to my kinky sex stories “archives.” Kinky sex stories were the last thing on my mind when the power went out in my neighborhood right before I would usually log in to Phone Sex Kingdom last night. “Damn it!” I joke-shouted at...
  • list of fetishes blog Aileen 1-888-792-6198

    Phone sex fetish smut smorgasbord

    A non-comprehensive list of fetishes that really turn me on. My exxxtra-arousing list of fetishes this week is especially fucking hot to me because, guess what: they’re my fetishes in real life, too. I’ve mentioned some of these naughty niche interests in past blogs, but here’s my fresh take...
  • fetish piss blog Aileen 1-888-792-6198

    You’re thirsty for my sweet, steaming hot piss

    I’d love to quench your forbidden femdom fetish thirst with my delicious piss. No fetish is too “taboo,” too “dirty” or too “fringe” for my depraved slut tastes. Femdom phonesex is my forte, and performing “humiliating” acts upon your surrendered, submissive self is my passion. I’m as excited about...
  • shemale cuckold


    The only thing that turns me on more than a cuckold is a shemale cuckold. A shemale cuckold always seems to somehow up the humiliation ante. Not only are you taking that big fat cock (or watching your wife/GF take it), but . . . despite being a tranny,...
  • wedgie fetish blog phone sex cameltoe Aileen 1-888-792-6198

    Playful, kinky wedgie mischief is fun

    What’s your wedgie fetish? Front? Back? Both? It’s okay, I know you have a secret wedgie fetish. How could you not want to see these cute little panties cinched tight up between and up my cute little butt cheeks? What’s not to like about watching me pull my almost see-through undies...
  • cuckold husband phone sex blog BBC cuck humiliation verbal abuse femdom phonesex domination

    There’s only ONE kind of man I’d EVER walk down the aisle towards

    The only “man” I’d ever say “I do” for would be a cuckold husband. Officially, I am not into the whole “marriage” thing. But you know, I could POSSIBLY, maybe stand to recite “’til death do us part” vows if they were exchanged with a cuckold husband. Knowing we...
  • public sex blog Aileen 1-888-792-6198

    Fucking outside = fucking fun

    Summer’s officially here — and so is my annual craving for public sex. Thinking about (semi, specifically) public sex gets me all hot and bothered. “Outdoorsy” is usually the last thing I’d consider myself, but something about taking a hike and finding a secluded spot for secret naughty fun...
  • cuckold humiliation phone sex Aileen 1-888-792-6198


    Cuckold humiliation makes your (useless) dick hard. Do you love cuckold humiliation? Whether your “cock” is little or just lifeless, I’m going to remind you EXACTLY how and why you’re fucking impotent regardless. What really cracks me up is when a new cuck phones in to my sex hotline and...
  • fetish wrestling blog

    Refereeing women’s wrestling = my dream job

    I knew he had a wrestling fetish — but he didn’t know I had one, too. There’s nothing about sexy play-fighting, especially a wrestling fetish that doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a fun, kinky way to get sweaty (and sweat all over your partner or partners) before the real workout...