Sweet Adriana

Adriana's flirtatiousness has gotten her in a lot of trouble ever since she was much younger. She has, since then, loved being the center of attention to all men that surround her. Adriana uses her sweet voice to lure men into the taboo, now that she is a phone sex princess. She is the ideal bilingual babe that is up to try anything at least once. Her hobbies are shopping, gaming, and teasing older men. Sweet Adriana Call and talk to me live 1-866-324-5498
  • Teasing Sex Offenders

    I Love Teasing Pervs!

    Messing With Sex Offenders Is My Past Time! I love to mind fuck perverts. It’s one of those talents that just comes naturally to me. You see I love looking for sex offenders in my area and to my surprise, there was one living right in front of my...
  • Erotic Literature Love Letters From Your GF Adriana

    Passionate Thoughts From The Perfect Girlfriend

    Erotic Literature From Your GF! I’ve read erotic literature before and now I know the passion it needs to write it. Those stories inspired me to write this just for you. As I am laying in bed wide awake I can not stop thinking about your hands. That is how...
  • Cheating Sex Stories with Your Naughty Neighbor Adriana

    Car Sex With My Cheating Neighbor

    Cheating Sex Stories with Naughty Neighbor Adriana You love cheating sex stories, I know you do! That’s why I couldn’t wait to tell you about the naughty thing that I did this weekend. It involves car sex and my hot married neighbor. You see him and I have had...
  • Strap-on Anal Sex with Daddy!

    Fucking Daddy With My Strap-on Dildo!

    Bend Over For Some Strap-on Anal Sex Daddy! A lot of you know that this past Monday was my birthday and there was only one thing I really wanted. I wanted to get really naughty and have some anal sex with Daddy. But I wanted the roles to be...
  • Lipstick Fetish Fantasies with Adriana

    I’ve Got The Right Shade Of Lipstick For Your Cock!

    Do you have a lipstick fetish? My luscious lips do nothing more than make you think of all your lipstick fetish fantasies. I know they do. So let me make them all a phone sex reality. Close your eyes and think about me, don’t think about what I am...
  • Bratty Babysitter Sex Stories with Adriana

    Did You Really Think You Could Control This Bratty Babysitter?

    Craving Some Babysitter Sex Stories? Warning: This isn’t one of those naive babysitter sex stories! Sitting by on the couch waiting for Mr. Barnes to get home was what I would do every single Friday night. I always wondered if he realized just how much of a tease I...
  • Pantyhose Fetish

    Silky Smooth Pantyhose!

    Let’s Talk About Your Pantyhose Fetish I know you have one. I can see the way you look at me when I walk around wearing nothing but them. You have a pantyhose fetish and you are looking to satisfy your craving for my silky smooth legs in them. Watch...
  • Cuckold Videos For My New Boyfriend

    Press Record Pathetic Little Cuckold!

    Homemade Cuckold Videos For My Boyfriend My new boyfriend loves cuckold videos. The funny thing is that he isn’ even trying to hide it. One night when I slept over his place I went through the history on his computer and realized he has an affinity for big black...
  • Teen Sex with Big Cock!

    I’m Addicted To My Neighbor’s Cock

    Teen Sex Story Ripped Off Straight From My Diary Dear Diary, teen sex is exactly what my neighbor has been craving. I know it, I know for sure that he is addicted to my teen pussy just as much as I am addicted to his big cock. I had...