Sweet Adriana

Adriana's flirtatiousness has gotten her in a lot of trouble ever since she was much younger. She has, since then, loved being the center of attention to all men that surround her. Adriana uses her sweet voice to lure men into the taboo, now that she is a phone sex princess. She is the ideal bilingual babe that is up to try anything at least once. Her hobbies are shopping, gaming, and teasing older men. Sweet Adriana Call and talk to me live 1-866-324-5498
  • Latina Cuckold with Bilingual Babe Adriana

    Latinas Do Cuckold Better

    Latina Cuckold With Bilingual Babe Adriana I know you and I have been dating for awhile but there something I need to tell you. I am not satisfied. Your cock is too small for me. Think about it, when was the last time you actually made me cum while...
  • Sex Positions: Adriana's Favorites For Cumming Hard

    My Favorite Sex Positions!

    Wanna Know What Sex Positions Make Me Cum Hard? You know I love fucking. But not all fucking is the same. Depending on the mood, there are different sex positions that get me over the edge. Here’s my favorite three that are sure to make me cream right your...
  • College Girl Porn with Adriana

    The Making of a College Porn!

    College Girl Porn with Adriana Jungle juice is the start of every great college girl porn. What is jungle juice you ask? Well, there are tons of versions but it’s basically every kind of alcohol mixed with sweet drinks. The result of it is college girls willing to do...
  • Adult Sex Stories About Vanilla Loving

    Vanilla Night Does The Body Right

    Adult Sex Stories Of All Things Passionate Most of the adult sex stories, or at least the ones I’ve written before, are a bit taboo. I mean, it’s not my fault that I am a bit of a freak. A few nights ago my latest hookup came to hang...
  • Public Sex Stories At The Mall

    Dressing Room Vibrator Fun

    Public Sex Stories At The Mall You guys know I love to tell you all about my public sex stories. Though I don’t have many I have been pushing myself lately. It is just so hot doing something you are not supposed to. So this weekend I did something crazy....
  • Tight Teen Pussy Fingered In Bus!

    Getting Wet On My Way To A Soccer Tournament!

    Fingering My Tight Teen Pussy A lot of you may not know but I excelled at sports when I was in high school. I played a bit of volleyball, and of course some soccer. It was so much fun being on over night trips, playing our little hearts out...
  • Family Sex Stories As Told By A Dirty Little Cum Slut.

    Daddy Makes Me His Cum Slut!

    Family Sex Stories As Told By A Dirty Little Cum Slut Sometimes I can be quite annoying, I know that for a fact. But I never thought I would annoy someone to the point of what happened. Let alone with Daddy. It was a Monday morning and I was...
  • Funny Sex Stories About Tinder Tiny Dick Hookups

    Tiny Dick Tinder Hookups!

    Funny Sex Stories About My Random Hookups Everyone should know Tinder by now, if you don’t, you are missing you for sure. Sometimes though, it does make for some pretty funny sex stories. A few weeks ago I was swiping right and left when one guy, in particular, caught...
  • Teacher sex stories about the self-proclaimed deepthroat teen queen

    The Deepthroat Teen Queen

    Teacher Sex Stories Tell All A girl’s reputation in high school is everything, and mine was being the deepthroat queen. Every boyfriend I had at the time knew that I was the best. I could take cock like if my life depended on it and it started a few...