Sweet Adriana

Adriana's flirtatiousness has gotten her in a lot of trouble ever since she was much younger. She has, since then, loved being the center of attention to all men that surround her. Adriana uses her sweet voice to lure men into the taboo, now that she is a phone sex princess. She is the ideal bilingual babe that is up to try anything at least once. Her hobbies are shopping, gaming, and teasing older men. Sweet Adriana Call and talk to me live 1-866-324-5498
  • High School Sex Stories Of A Creampie Addict

    Daddy’s Slutty Little School Girl

    The High School Sex Stories of a Cream Pie Addict Daddy knows I am a little slut so almost every day once I get home from school he makes me tell him all my naughty high school sex stories. He loves to hear about all the dumb boys who...
  • The Best Sex Stories Are Those Told By Your Gf Adriana

    Spoil Me This Holiday Season!

    The Best Sex Stories From Your Gf Adriana I don’t want lingerie, I don’t want jewelry, I don’t want an expensive holiday vacation. All I want for Christmas is you. No nagging, just pure ecstasy is what makes this one of my best sex stories for you. Close your...
  • Anal Sex Stories with my favorite pervert

    My Favorite Perv Loves To Sniff My Ass!

    Anal Sex Stories With My Favorite Pervert! I know you all enjoy my anal sex stories, and don’t worry I have tons. Recently though I’ve been enjoying more and more to have my tight little hole played with. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it before but now I...
  • Live Sex Is All Adriana Has Been Craving!

    I’m Addicted To Watching My Boyfriend Pound Sluts

    Hot Live Sex Is All I’ve Been Craving! I know what you are thinking, “I thought she loves threesomes”. Believe me, I do but sometimes when you date someone so fucking sexy, you have to share them with you being involved, right? That is exactly what I’ve been loving...
  • Hot Sexmas Anal Sex with Adriana & Corey


    Sexmas Anal Sex with Adriana & Corey The playful spankings began getting a bit harder and harder. Though we were definitely on something when I looked at Corey’s ass it was bright red so I felt like I had to comfort it. So I started by kissing it, and...
  • Daddy Daughter Rough Incest Sex Stories by Adriana

    Daddy Can Have Me Whenever He Wants

    Hardcore Incest Sex Stories For Your Taboo Needs! Teasing girls like me deserve dick, we deserve dick all day every day. At least that’s what Daddy thinks, even if there’s a full house he always finds a way to give me what I need. I guess you can say...
  • Anal Sex Toys Are Adri's New Addiction

    Addicted To Buttplugs!

    I’m Addicted To Sex Toys Phone sex and sex toys go hand in hand. Everyone knows that! I love browsing my favorite sex shop and seeing what’s new. Recently I’ve been a naughty little anal slut. I started fingering my ass as much as possible, sometimes even during calls...
  • Car Sex Stories with My Hot Lyft Driver

    My Lyft Driver Was Looking Too Good

    Car Sex Stories With My Lyft Driver Everyone uses some sort of taxi app. I use it quite often because if you know me, you know I hate driving. Usually, the drivers are quite nice but I try not to make conversation until yesterday. Yesterday I met one driver...
  • College Girl Creampie Adriana

    Double Teamed By My Bestie’s Dad & Her Uncle

    College Girl Creampie Fantasies There’s nothing better than a tight teen pussy, don’t you think? A tight teen college girl creampie might just that, wouldn’t it? At least that’s what my friend’s dad and her uncle thought. You see, as a girl, I was always taught, never get drunk...