Audio Sex Stories & WTF Did She Just Say? Get The Full Story.

Audio sex stories have landed here in Phone Sex Kingdom land gentleman!

Audio sex stories are coming to you via Adriana & my’s podcast called WTF Did She Just Say? We plan to interview each girl on The Kinky Crew and find out if they have any kinky things they wanna confess like I did.

It’s true, I have my own dirty confessions. When I do my adult chats between calls guys wonder what is real and what is fantasy. If you didn’t think a girl like me could have my own bag of filthy and embarrassing stories, you’re in for a surprise.

My story/confession is how I found out I enjoy fisting. I haven’t taken his full hand yet mind you, but one night when he was licking my pussy he decided I was lubed up enough to take more than a few fingers. When I say a few fingers, I mean all fucking 5 and some palm!

The orgasm that built over a span of 30 minutes was truly something. My pussy spasmed and squirted all over the bed. I really had no clue that he had that much of himself in my pussy. Often times my Dom will film our fuck sessions, so when he showed me the playback I was shocked to find out how I achieved my orgasm.

The other confession you have to listen to the podcast for if you’re curious enough. I think you should all know that we are doing a confessions segment on the podcast twice a month and would LOVE to have you all send us your dirty little secrets. All anonymous¬†of course!

Turn your secret into hot audio sex stories for us all to enjoy! Get extra FREE phone sex minutes when you do!

Next time you call a girl on my Crew tell them your sexual secrets…

audio sex stories


Hello to all you horny men! My name is Alyson, your taboo princess. Get to know my sexy fiery redheaded self by checking out my blogs & listening to my podcast! One thing you find out quick with me, is that I sound so young and sweet, but that sweetness has some heat to it. I like to be as fun and playful as the next...but I like to fulfill my need to be sadistic and dominating as well. I like both sides of my personality licked...step into my playground of fantasy & fun! Hit me up! 888-376-6524 or click to find out more info on my sexy ass

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