Are you an ass man?  Well, I’m not your cookie cutter girl. I’m one of a kind and perfect in every way! I’m the perfect piece of ass that all men want and adore.  Most women want to be me and all the men want me. I’m sexy, dominate, witty and very confident, as you can tell. Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful – hate yourself cause your man wants me.

I love my carefree lifestyle – so many men so little time. Why would I ever take myself off the market? Most men love, adore and worship me. So when Alex asked, “Will you marry me?” I burst out laughing. “You are the woman of my dreams and I want you to be mine.” he whimpered.   This was totally unexpected. Anyone who knows me, understands I have criteria for all my men. “How do you anticipate on making me happy? I asked him.

You know you can’t satisfy me.” I said in amusement.  Alex’s lacked in a variety of areas, especially in the dick size department. Up for “a little” no pun intended little dick humiliation? I couldn’t help taunting him.  “You want to put a ring on my finger? I’m sure we could make an agreement. Let’s start by putting your little cock in a chastity and giving me the key.” I blurted out in enjoyment.

At this point, I think he would have agreed to anything.  He loved worshiping my perfect ass and wanted me at no expense.  So handing over the key to his libido was a huge gesture of commitment, as big as a diamond. The opportunities to tease and test Alex were endless. He understood that his sole purpose was to lead, love, honor and obey me and cater to all my interests and needs.

It was a Friday night, I couldn’t resist the temptation of putting his caged cock to the test. I arrived home a little after 3 am with my pussy and ass filled with another man’s cum. Alex’s cock was throbbing and bursting with anticipation of what was to come. Slowly I slipped into the bed and whispered into his ear “I’ve been very naughty and I have a surprise for you.”

Without a second thought, I stood above him teasing and torturing his throbbing cock. My panties were saturated and my body was covered in the dried remains of another man. I couldn’t resist sliding my ass and pussy across his stiff caged cock and up onto his hungry tongue. He lingered between my creamy thighs. Licking from side to side the trail of dried gizz. He couldn’t resist me. His hunger grew at the thought of another man’s cock filling my ass and pussy. I fed Mark’s cum into his mouth as I whispered “Eat it. Suck his cum out of me. What kind of man would get turned on by sucking another man’s cum out of his Fiance’s pussy? Swallow his cum, you little wimp.

Does it make your little dickie all hard to eat a real man’s cum? Does it turn you on to know that someone else has fucked me, and you’ll never again get to do it?” <wicked lil laugh> It was driving him crazy, he knew it was his obligation and privilege to clean the remains from my pussy. This was just the beginning of our cuckold engagement.  He understood the arrangement and that the cuckold lifestyle was a commitment for life.  Alex wanted all of me, especially my perfect ass and pussy filled with cum. Tease and Denial would be the very thing that would pull him into the arrangement of being my cuckold lover.

Would you like to be my cuckold lover? Licking and cleaning my ass and pussy will only be part of your obligations as my cuckie.  Let’s create our own fantasy or let me tease you with my personal cuckolding experiences.

Let’s explore all your XXX needs, as we explore all your ass fetish desires together!

Ready to explore your cuckold needs combining them with Tease and Denial.  You always want more when you are a Hungry Submissive Cuckold. Are you ready to have your limits pushed? Let’s get in touch with your submissive side together, as I push all your boundaries.

Ready for free phone sex minutes ADDED to your paid call? FIRST TIME CALLERS ONLY – Mention ASS 5, when calling me. Anything goes No Taboos Phone Sex I’m waiting to begin our sexual adventure. Do you want to talk about your “SECRET” kinky experiences? Maybe REAL Life experience? I promise not to tell.  It will be our little world to explore together. Bring it to the table – I’m an anything goes kinda girl. I have no boundaries and neither should you.  Let me teach you the Pleasures of Kinky Fetish Phone Sex with No Limits, as we explore all your hidden desires with masturbation phone sex.



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Raven PSK

Welcome to my naughty world of hidden desires. I’m very open-minded and love all taboo fetishes and fantasies. My kinky early years established the foundation to my no boundaries personality. I love taboo role-playing from naughty young vixen to sultry goddess of tease and please. I'm an anything goes kinda girl...Don’t be intimidated my captivating stories. "Actions speak louder than words." My blogs are just a window into my secret world. All my hidden desires are waiting to escape for your pleasure. Let's push our boundaries together --- Call me 866-391-3835 ---- Let's share. Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination.

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