Cuckold sex stories – Fucking My Big Black Stud While Sissy Watches*

Cuckold sex stories – Fucking My Big Black Stud While Sissy Watches

Cuckold sex stories are always the best, as you would know if you have read my other Cuckold sex stories,  and here is a good one.  I hope you enjoy it!

Once again, you are sitting in the corner wanting to stroke your little cock, watching your wife fuck a BBC.  Your eyes are glued to his big glistening 11″ cock slide in and out of my wet pussy.

Thinking back, you can still taste my juices from a half hour ago.  The shame and humiliation of preparing your wife to fuck his big black cock got you hard.

His laughter had filled the room.  He stroked his black cock, finally giving you permission to lick your own wife’s pussy.    Then,  you hardened as he watched you crawled between my legs, begging to lick my cunt.

What man would ever let his wife fuck a big black cock in front of him?  What man would lick and suck a BBC to get it ready to fuck his wife?  Seriously,  what man would lick the cum out of his wife after a BBC came inside of her?

No man at all would allow that.

Cuckold sex stories -Only a little sissy faggot like you would get hard doing that.

Years ago, when I married you, despite your small pathetic cock, I thought you were a man.   However, now I know better.  I know you are just a little pantie wearing sissy that begged BBC to let you suck and lick them.  Two weeks ago, you even got on your hands and knees, wigged you ass like a cock whore, and begged my Stud to fuck you.

First, you sucked on his balls while your fingers played with his asshole.  The finger ran over the little bumps at the entrance before sliding it deep inside him.  Then, you woke you sissy mouth up to his cock.  At the head, you put your tongue in his piss slit and licked the pre-cum right off.

After a while, he laid you on your back like a girl, put his BBC up to your little boy pussy and shoved it in.  You screamed.  I got wet, straddled your face and put my pussy over your mouth.  My Big Black Stud just kept fucking you harder.

It only took a moment for you to cum like a whore.

For this reason, you will never fuck me again.  Now, you will always be the sissy, never the stud.


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