Feet Fetish – My Feet Makes His Cock Hard

Feet Fetish  – My Feet Make His Cock Hard Feet Fetish is hot.  Actually, all my fetish blogs are hot as you will know if you read my  Incest Sex...
Feet Fetish
Feet Fetish

Feet Fetish  – My Feet Make His Cock Hard

Feet Fetish is hot.  Actually, all my fetish blogs are hot as you will know if you read my  Incest Sex Story.  What makes it even better is it is a free sex story!  So, I am writing you a blog about my latest adventure.

Ordinarily, I shoe shop at the local mall.  However,  today I saw an old-fashioned shoe store and just had to stop.  It was beautiful inside, just like stepping back in time to the day’s when they had overstuffed chairs and plush surroundings.

I selected a pair of shoes, sit down, and the sexy salesman arrives to assist.  Sitting on the old fashioned shoe stool, he takes my calf in his hand and pulls my foot up, sliding my shoe off.  My dress climbs up my thigh as my leg raises and I know he can see my thong.

First, caressing my foot, he then lowers it and takes my other leg.  As I watch, I see his cock getting hard under his slacks.  With my barefoot, I slide it over his cock, wondering what he will do.   His face flushes, and he moans.  Then, I bring both feet up to the side of his cock firmly trapping it between them.

The only thing separating his hard throbbing cock from my soft, lotioned and pedicured feet are his slacks.

After a moment, I begin to rub my feet up and down while using my toes to massage the cock.  Soon, I could see precum staining the front of his slacks.

But, I wanted to feel that hard cock against my feet so said: “Pull your cock out.”

When his cock was out of his pants, I continued to rub my feet all over it until I had an idea.

 I love a man that will worship my feet.

With that thought in mind, I lifted my foot and pointed it at his mouth.  He grabbed my heel brought it to his mouth and started to lick the foot and suck my toes like he would my hard nipples.

With his other hand, he rubbed my other foot against his cock, precum dripping from the head.  Pulling the foot from his mouth, I slid my toe over the pre cum and lifted it back to his mouth.  He sucked in every drop.

As he licked and sucked his precum off my toes, I reached under my dress and fingered my wet pussy.

Lowering both feet back to his cock, I rub it on them while fingering my cunt.  My finger is deep in my pussy, and I rub his cock between my feet faster.  Then, we both start to cum.  My pussy juice is squirting just as his cum shoots out all over my feet.

Smiling, I lift my foot up to his mouth and he licks up every drop of his cum off.

Afterward, I picked up the new shoes and walked to the register.

I will be coming back here the next time I need to go shoe shopping.


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